Yale A

Yale A Penn Bowl VIII:
Yale A

1. Its name is derived from a term meaning "way of the gods." Unlike Buddhism, it believes that the material world is good. It is characterized by a belief in kami, the spirit that inhabits all things in heaven and earth. FTP, name this eastern religion whose sacred texts are the Kojiki and the Nihon Shoki .
ANSWER: Shinto ism

2. He graduated from Oregon State Agricultural College in 1922. He introduced the ideas of hybrid bonds and the partial ionic character of covalent bonds, as well as a scale for relative electronegativities. Much later, he introduced the idea that consuming enormous quantities of vitamin C was a good idea. FTP, name this chemist who lost the race for the double helix, but won two different Nobel Prizes.
ANSWER: Linus Carl Pauling

3. He was Chilean consul in Buenos Aires from 1933-34, but you probably know him better for other things. Born Neftali Ricardo Reyes Basoalto in 1904, he published his first book Crepusculario in 1923. He would follow that up with collections like Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair and One Hundred Sonnets . FTP, name this poet who won the 1971 Nobel Prize in Literature and became the subject of the film Il Postino .
ANSWER: Pablo Neruda or Neftali Ricardo Reyes Basoalto

4. Frank Nighbor won the first of these trophies, and Howie Morenz dominated the early years by winning three of the next eight. Maurice Richard won it just once, but Gordie Howe captued it six times. Wayne Gretzky won it eight times in a row, and Dominik Hasek [HAH-shik] has captured the last two. FTP, name this trophy, presented to the most valuable player of the NHL.
ANSWER: Hart trophy [prompt on "NHL MVP"]

5. Born in 1386 in Florence, he learned his art as an apprentice to Ghiberti, as well as by studying in Rome and Siena. His early artwork, like the statues in the niches of Or San Michele, display a definite humanist influence. He also invented the schiacciato [ski-AH-chee-ah-toh] technique, which helped achieve flowing lines and perspective in relief sculpture. FTP, name the man famous for Gattamelata and a bronze David .
ANSWER: Donatello or Donnato di Betto Bardi

6. He lived during the 9th century BC in Ascra. His two extant works, both major epics, illustrate the nature of everyday life in ancient Greece and touch on such diverse matters as the intricacies of the law, the toils of farming, and the origins of the gods. FTP, name this famous figure of ancient Greek literature, author of Works and Days and the Theogony.
ANSWER: Hesiod or Hesiod os

7. "Now please launch something new in space for the next anniversary of our revolution!," Khrushchev told Sergey Korolev in 1957. Having a spare Sputnik handy, he decided to put this, known in Russian as Kudryavka [koo-dri-YAHV-kah]--into it as well, before launching it. FTP, name this animal, dubbed "Muttnik" by the US press, the first living organism launched into space.
ANSWER: Laika or Barker or Husky [accept Kudryavka on early buzz]

8. Born to Swedish and Greek-Cypriot parents, this British balladeer changed his name to Yusuf Islam after his conversion in 1977. Unfortunately for music fans, he retreated from his previous work and has denounced much of his earlier work. FTP, name this singer/songwriter of "Peace Train" and "Cat's Cradle."
ANSWER: Cat Stevens [accept Yusuf Islam on early buzz]

9. Beginning in 1954 with one product, a cork bulletin board, this company has grown to be the premier manufacturer of many visual communication materials, such as letter boards, white boards, and accessories. Headquartered in Skokie, Illinois, it was recently acquired by the General Binding Corporation. FTP, name this company, manufacturer of your favorite classroom eraser, featured in The Usual Suspects.
ANSWER: Quartet , Inc.

10. Preheat oven to 450 F. Cream 1/4 cup butter and 1 cup brown sugar then beat in 3 eggs. Stir in 1 cup Carya illinoensis [ih-lee-no-EHN-sis], 1/2 cup light corn syrup, 1 teaspoon vanilla, and 1/2 teaspoon salt. Fill pie shell and bake for 40 minutes. These are the directions to prepare, FTP, what well-liked Southern pie?
ANSWER: how to make a pecan pie [puh-KAHN or pee-KAN]

11. You land in Malindi, and drive up the coast to spend the night in Lamu. The next day you start the long drive north to Wajir, but realize after a couple hours that you actually wanted to go south to Mombasa. But you take a wrong turn, and next thing you know you are in Eldoret. Finally, FTP, in what country are you in if you decide to just get a map in Nairobi.

12. She first starred as Tosca in 1941. Then Zenatello put her in his production of La Giaconda and her career took off. Despite frequent vocal problems that would trouble her throughout her life, her authoritative performances of roles like Aïda and Brünnhilde made her a star before she died in Paris in 1977. FTP, name the opera diva whose musical genius and reportedly difficult temperment made her known as La Divina.
ANSWER: Maria Callas or Maria Cecilia Sophia Anna Kalogeropoulos

13. Founded at the same time as Troy, this coastal city on the Meles river was a center of trade, a Byzantine provinicial capital, and the mythical birthplace of Homer. It was also the site of a brutal massacre of its Greek inhabitants in 1922 at the hands of Turkish soldiers. FTP, name this city, home of NATO's southern command and Turkey's third largest city.
ANSWER: Izmir [IHZ-meer] or Smyrna

14. Ino hated her stepson, Phrixus [FRIK-sis], so she convinced her husband Athamas to sacrifice Phrixus to alleviate a famine. Phrixus's mother, Nephele [NEH-fuh-lee] sent Chrysomallus [krih-soh-MAH-lihs], which carried Phrixus to safety in Colchis. A thankful Phrixus sacrificed Chrysomallus, a ram, and hung part of it up in Ares' grove. FTP, name this object, sought by Jason and the Argonauts.
ANSWER: the Golden Fleece

15. Oxford expelled this future scholar-explorer in 1842. The first European to enter the forbidden city of Harar, Ethiopia, he also discovered Lake Tanganyika. He wrote 43 volumes on his travels and 30 volumes of translated Eastern works, including many tomes of erotica. FTP, name this translator who attacked the sexual conventions of his day and brought The Arabian Nights to the West.
ANSWER: Sir Richard Francis Burton

16. This painting technique surfaced in the 1400s and helps record in varying degrees the distortion that one perceives when an person or thing is seen at a distance or an unusual angle. The illusion of reality violates or modifies the picture plane. Most of the time, one applies the method to a single object or part of that object. FTP, name this technique, well illustrated in Andrea Mantegna's work The Mourning over the Dead Christ .
ANSWER: foreshorten ing

17. Mixing the bones from one of their thighs or elbows was thought to protect bridges. It was believed that sleeping next to one could rejuvenate an old man, such as King David in the Bible. The belief that their presence warded off demons is the origin of bridesmaids at weddings. FTP, who are these people, a necessary member of any unicorn-capturing expedition?
ANSWER: virgin s

18. This Ming Dynasty play takes up 22 hours if performed in its entirety. In imperial China, most actors would only perform excerpts of it. The story has a cast of over 100 characters including scholars, courtesans, and Mongol invaders. Strangely, the playwright Tang Xianzu wrote this story of doomed love and clashing cultures at the same time Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet . FTP, name this famous Chinese drama.
ANSWER: The Peony Pavilion

19. Unmarried Chinese women could never walk the streets in public, even to see a matchmaker. Ordinary Chinese people would never be admitted to the Imperial Palace, and no woman would ever touch--let alone hug--the emperor. And even if dragons did exist, they probably wouldn't sound like Eddie Murphy. FTP, name the 1998 Disney movie that contains these inaccuracies, starring a crossdressing woman warrior.

20. Short-term memory can hold five to nine bits of information. It's hard to change this, but you can hold more information by increasing the size of the bits. For example, you might remember the series of numbers 8, 9, 8, 4, 5, 6, 1 as "898" and "4561." FTP, what is the name of this technique, which can help you remember a phone number?
ANSWER: chunk ing

21. This 1959 jazz album helped introduce the concept of modal playing into the musical mainstream. The Miles Davis quintet improvised on loose musical sketches throughout the record and saxophonists John Coltrane and Cannonball Adderly contribute some of their finest recorded performances. FTP, name this classic collection of songs that includes such standards as "So What" and "All Blues."
ANSWER: Kind of Blue

22. As governor of the Indiana territory, this Virginian stripped local Indians of millions of acres using firesticks and firewater. His brutal, unscrupulous techniques earned Tecumseh's ire, but they also helped him become President. FTP, name this do-nothing President, who should have been careful at his Inauguration.
ANSWER: W illiam Henry Harrison

23. Though recently proven false, Gunther IV, the world's richest dog, was cited as one of those interested in this superstar's $30 million Florida mansion. Gunther's trust refuted the allegations, but it does not mean that this man's house is off the market. FTP, name this co-owner of Planet Hollywood and star of Rambo.
ANSWER: Sylvester "Sly" Stallone

24. It explains why liquid nitrogen forms beads on the floor and why you can dip a wet hand into molten lead and not get burned. It may partially explain why people can walk across hot coals. In this effect, when a liquid is placed next to a much hotter surface, some of it vaporizes, creating a layer of vapor protecting the rest of the liquid. FTP, name this effect that doesn't involve snazzy leather shorts or a bridge in Norse myth.
ANSWER: Leidenfrost effect or film boil ing

25. This West Virginian and Yale Law graduate began his political career in the Department of Defense in 1960. He later served in and resigned from the Johnson and Carter administrations, over their political decisions. He served as deputy peace negotiator with Vietnam, worked unsuccessfully to release the Embassy hostages in Iran, and was a UN Envoy to Bosnia. FTP, name this former Secretary of State.
ANSWER: Cyrus Roberts Vance

26. Born in Leptis Magna, this future emperor seized power with his command of the Pannonian legions, following the chaos after the murder of Commodus. Decreasing the power of the Senate, his reign was relatively peaceful. Conquering Mesopotamia, he died further afield than any other emperor, near present-day York. FTP, name this "harsh seventh" Roman Emperor, founder of an eponymous dynasty.
ANSWER: Lucius Septimius Severus Pertinax [prompt on "Pertinax"]

27. Xho [EX-ho]. Bgl [bagel]. Xba [EX-ba]. Sca [ska]. Pst [p-s-t]. Nco [n-c-o]. Hin d [HIN-dee]. Eco [EE-ko]. These are all examples of partial names for these, and are generally followed by a number indicating the specific protein to which they refer. FTP, give the general name for these basic tools of molecular biology which cleave DNA at sequence-specific sites.
ANSWER: restriction enzyme s [prompt on "enzyme"]

28. Born in La Haye, he attended a Jesuit school for eight years. He studied law at the University of Poitiers, but never practiced. After several years in various armies, he settled in the Netherlands and devoted his life to philosophy. He rejected traditional methods of Scholasticism and used rational inductive methods, through which he formulated his proof of God's existence. FTP, name this philosopher who said Cogito ergo sum .
ANSWER: René Descartes

29. The Australians call their version the Maegun [MAY-gun]. The Chinese call theirs the Type 56. First produced in 1948, it has a gas-operated, rotating-bolt design with an effective range of 300 meters. Its reliability has driven many nations to buy mass quantities or produce their own versions. FTP, name this Soviet weapon designed by Kalashnikov, which can fire up to 100 shells per minute.
ANSWER: the AK-47 [accept Kalashnikov model 1947 on early buzz]

30. Finish the following well-known lyrical stanza from the Beastie Boys song "Intergalactic." You will get kudos for a good imitation of Ad Rock's voice. "I am known to do the wop / Also known for the Flinstone Flop / Tammy D getting biz on the crop." FTP, "Beastie Boys known to let the beat "
ANSWER: "mmmmm Drop?! " [HN: proper pronunciation is "drrrrrr-opp?!"] Penn Bowl VIII:
Yale A

1. Answer these questions which may or may not be related, 10 points each.
a. This Islamic term both means and refers to "the oneness of God"
ANSWER: tawheed [TAU-heed; not "shahadah ", which does not mean oneness]
b. The Qur'an states the Ram of Pride spared this son of Ibrahim (Abraham).
ANSWER: Isma'il [iss-MY-eel; grudgingly accept Ishmael ]
c. This city in present-day Uzbekistan was the capital of Tamerlane's empire.
ANSWER: Samarkand or Samarqand

2. Kabbalists and chemists unite! Identify the following as archangel, organic synthesis, both or neither, for the stated number of points.
[5] GabrielANSWER: both
[5] Ilmiel [ill-me-el]ANSWER: neither
[10] Uriel [ur-ee-el]ANSWER: archangel
[10] MichaelANSWER: both

3. Name the state from counties, 10 points each.
a. Middlesex, Tolland, Windham
ANSWER: Connecticut [not "New Jersey", which doesn't have a Tolland Co.]
b. Colquitt, Troup, Bacon, Wayne, Newton
ANSWER: Georgia
c. Colfax, Rio Arriba, Otero, Luna, McKinley
ANSWER: New Mexico

4. Answer these questions on crucifixion, 10 points each.
a. These accomplished but twisted seafarers invented crucifixion before 1000 BC.
ANSWER: Phoenicia ns
b. The bones of the hand can't support the body's weight. Instead, nails were usually hammered between these two bones in the arm.
ANSWER: radius and ulna
c. Some people were crucified upside down, which provided less dignity but faster unconsciousness. This famous saint was executed in this fashion.
ANSWER: Saint Peter

5. Answer these questions about composer Henry Purcell [PER-suhl], 10 points each.
a. Purcell's most famous work tells the story of this doomed pair of lovers.
ANSWER: Dido and Aeneas
b. Several of Purcell's odes were written for the feast day of this "bright" saint.
ANSWER: Saint Cecilia [Hail bright Cecilia and others]
c. Purcell also made three settings of this poem by Col. Henry Heveningham whose second line begins "sing on."
ANSWER: "If music be the food of love"

6. Answer these questions about definitions of SI units, 10 points each.
a. In one second, there are about 9 billion transitions between the hyperfine levels of this atom, mass number 133.
ANSWER: cesium or Cs
b. This unit's definition uses two parallel theoretical wires of infinite length and negligible cross-section one meter apart.
ANSWER: Ampère [prompt on "A" or "current"]
c. This unit's definition uses a black body with an area of 1/600,000 m2 [one six hundred thousandth of a square meter].
ANSWER: candela [prompt on "luminous intensity"]

7. Non-US citizens are taking it up the ass again. Answer these questions, for the stated number of points.
[5] Which government agency is jacking up its naturalization fees?
ANSWER: I mmigration and N aturalization S ervice
[10] Within 10%, what is the new application fee for American citizenship?
ANSWER: $202.50 to $247.50 [$225; the old fee was $95]
[10] Within 10%, how many people received citizenship in 1996?
ANSWER: 823,500 to 1,006,500 [915,000]

8. Forget that 64-bit stuff. Identify these old-school video game systems, 10 points each.
a. What did Nintendo market their original 8-bit NES system as in Japan?
ANSWER: The Family Computer or Famicom
b. This famous Atari system had fake wood trim. The blocky graphics were cutting-edge, but a glut of horrible games like ET killed it.
ANSWER: the 2600
c. This system had an adapter for Atari games and a cool optional steering wheel. Unfortunately, the company that made it went bankrupt over the failed ADAM.
ANSWER: Colecovision

9. Given the cool song titles, name the musical group, 10 points each.
a. "Brain Damage," "Shine on You Crazy Diamond," "A Pillow of Winds"
ANSWER: Pink Floyd
b. "Oliver's Army," "Pump It Up," "Watching the Detectives"
ANSWER: Elvis Costello and the Attractions
c. "The Stomp," "Brooklyn Zoo," "Shimmy Shimmy Ya"
ANSWER: O l' D irty B astard or Dirt McGirt or Osirus or Big Baby Jesus or Russell Jones

10. Name the interstate highway from the endpoints, 10 points each.
a. Normal, IL to Madison, WIANSWER: I-39
b. Mobile, AL to Gary, INANSWER: I-65
c. Concord, NH to Highgate Springs, VTANSWER: I-89

11. For the stated number of points, name the architect from the buildings.
[5] Convento Teresiano, El Capricho, Temple de la Sagrada Familia
ANSWER: Antoni Gaudí i Cornet or Antonio Gaudí y Cornet
[10] Villa Karma at Clarens, Steiner House and Salatsch Building in Vienna
ANSWER: Adolf Loos
[15] Baker House at MIT, Finnish Pavilion at the New York World's Fair 1938-39.
ANSWER: (Hugo) Alvar (Henrik) Aalto

12. Answer the following regarding the First Crusade, for the stated number of points.
[5] Which Pope, a French nobleman and former abbot at Cluny, invoked the First Crusade?
[5] Which Byzantine emperor, threatened by the advent of the Seljuk Turks, called upon Rome to help him through a crusade?
ANSWER: Alexios I or Alexios Comnenos
[2x10] Ten points each, name any two of the four states established in the Holy Land after the First Crusade.
ANSWER: Principality of Antioch , County of Edessa , Kingdom of Jerusalem , County of Tripoli

13. 30-20-10. Name the artist from paintings.
[30] Los Borrachos [boh-RAH-chohs], or The Feast of Bacchus
[20] Pope Innocent X
[10] The Surrender of Breda
ANSWER: Diego Rodríguez de Silva Velázquez

14. Answer the following questions about photography, 10 points each.
a. What is the two-letter phrase that refers to the shiny markings on the side of film rolls that encode their speed.
ANSWER: DX coding [not "ASA" or "ISO"]
b. This term refers to the aperture of the iris in the lens, with a higher number indicating a smaller aperture.
ANSWER: f -stop
c. What are the length and height, in inches, of a standard APS panoramic print?
ANSWER: 10" x 4"

15. It's time for that ol' black magic! Answer these voodoo questions, for the stated number of points.
[5] The term used to describe a deity, such as Legba, the deity of gates and crossroads.
[15] A voodoo priest who performs black magic, and is generally more interested in sorcery than healing.
ANSWER: bokor
[10] An evil force, similar to a "bogeyman," who causes evil deeds. It was later used to name a notorious police force.
ANSWER: Tonton Macoute

16. Name the philosopher from works. 15 points each.
a. A Discourse on Inequality, Letters from the Mountains, Essay on the Origins of Languages
ANSWER: Jean-Jacques Rousseau
b. Marriage and Morals, Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy.
ANSWER: Bertrand Russell

17. Answer these related questions, for the stated number of points.
[5] This is a market with just two suppliers.
ANSWER: duopoly
[10] In this type of duopoly, each firm sets a price, then produces according to demanded. If firm A charges more than firm B, Firm A will have zero demand.
ANSWER: Bertrand duopoly
[15] In this type of duopoly, both firms know the price function. Each firm chooses a quantity to produce without knowing how much the other firm will produce.
ANSWER: Cournot duopoly

18. I'm Opposite Reflex (Wo)man! I do what so-called "normal" people wouldn't: I love to plant my face on hot stoves. Answer these questions, for the stated number of points.
[10] I kick myself when this tendon, which normally elicits a knee-jerk reflex, is struck.
ANSWER: patellar tendon
[15] The presence of this reflex, in which stroking of the foot leads to extension of my big toe and splaying out of my other toes, told the doctors something was seriously wrong with me as a newborn.
ANSWER Babinski 's reflex or sign

19. Short and sweet: 5 each, 20 for all three, name the three novels in John Dos Passos' USA trilogy.
ANSWER: The 42nd Parallel , 1919 , The Big Money

20. Answer these questions on the life of Hernán Cortés, 10 points each.
a. Cortés launched his expedition against Mexico from this Cuban port, where he was mayor and notary.
ANSWER: Santiago
b. In his abduction of Montezuma, Cortés relied much on the help of this mistress.
ANSWER: Maria or Malinche
c. Faced with interference from jealous colonial colleagues, Cortés wrote five impassioned letters in the 1520s to this Spanish king.
ANSWER: King Charles V of Spain or Holy Roman Emperor Charles I

20. We know some of you've been putting a lot of drugs in your body--but do you know who made them? Given the drug, name the pharmaceutical company that makes it, 10 points each.
a. ClaritinANSWER: Schering-Plough , Inc.
b. ZantacANSWER: Glaxo -Wellcome Co.
c. MotrinANSWER: Johnson and Johnson Co., Inc.
21. For you incorrigible lushes, name these drinks, 10 points each.
a. This cocktail ingredient is a "cordial" liquor with anise seed or licorice flavor. Unfortunately, it's got wormwood, which the US government bans.
ANSWER: absinthe
b. "Tom" and "John" are varieties of this cocktail served over ice cubes in a frosted highball glass.
ANSWER: a Collins
c. This whiskey's flavor comes from malted barley, smoked over peat, a component of its mash.
ANSWER: scotch

22. Identify the person from some of their supposed last words, 10 points each.
a. "I have great fear you are going to suffer by my death. Jesus! Jesus!"
ANSWER: Joan of Arc or Jeanne d'Arc
b. "Stand away, fellow, from my diagram!"
ANSWER: Archimedes
c. "They're coming in much faster this time, I can't hold them!"
ANSWER: Biggs or Biggs Darklighter [from Star Wars ]

23. Identify the epic heroic pairs that descended into the underworld and usually emerged, conquering death, for the stated number of points.
[2x10] These two friends tried to rescue Persephone. When they sat down at Hades' dinner banquet, they forgot who and where they were. Name them, 10 points each.
ANSWER: Theseus and Pirithous [pir-i-tho-us]
[5] These two friends journeyed to the underworld and challenged Death to Battleship and Twister .
ANSWER Bill S. Preston, Esq. and Theodore "Ted " Logan [both required for points]

24. Given a famous work of contemporary Asian-American literature, name the writer, 10 points each.
a. Native Speaker ANSWER: Chang-Rae Lee
b. The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts ANSWER: Maxine Hong Kingston
c. Golden Child ANSWER: David Henry Hwang

25. Answer these questions on a mathematical theorem, 15 points each.
a. This person's theorem states that for every translation under which symmetry is preserved, there exists a related conservation law.
ANSWER: (Amalie) Emmy Noether [NOH-thuhr]
b. Conservation of this quantity corresponds to symmetry under rotation.
ANSWER: angular momentum [do not accept or prompt on "momentum"]

26. Name the college basketball team from its coach, for the stated number of points.
[5] Bill GuthridgeANSWER: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill or UNC
[10] Billy DonovanANSWER: University of Florida at Gainesville
[15] Charlie SpoonhourANSWER: University of St. Louis

26. Do you remember anything about the war in Nicaragua? For the stated number of points.
[5] Ollie North got in trouble for supplying this rebel group with arms.
ANSWER: contra s
[5] The contras sought to overthrow this Marxist regime led by Daniel Ortega.
ANSWER: Sandanista s
[15] Ortega lost the 1990 Nicaraguan presidential election to this wheelchair-bound woman, wife of one of his murdered political opponents.
ANSWER: Violetta Chimorro

28. Five famous film actors and actresses founded United Artists. Five points each, name them.
ANSWER: Mary Pickford , Charlie Chaplin , William S. Hart , Douglas Fairbanks , D(avid) W(ark) Griffith

29. Given an important supreme court case, name the year in which it was contested. 10 points for the exact answer, 5 points within 2 years.
a. Miranda v. Arizona ANSWER: 1966 [10]; 1964 to 1968 [5]
b. Roe v. Wade ANSWER: 1973 [10]; 1971 to 1975 [5]
c. Dred Scott v. Sanford ANSWER: 1856 [10]; 1854 to 1858 [5]

30. On top of everything else, Russia's in a dispute with the US over nuclear proliferation. For the stated number of points.
[10] The dispute involves this neighbor of Russia.
[15] Russia is currently engaged in a peaceful, IAEA-approved nuclear project building a nuclear reactor in this southern Iranian port.
ANSWER: Bushehr [boo-SHARE]

32. For the stated number of points, answer these questions on the remake of The Thin Red Line .
[5] Name the director.
ANSWER: Terrence Malick
[10] The Thin Red Line follows this army company during the Battle of Guadalcanal.
ANSWER: Army Rifle Company C harlie
[10] All of this Independence Day actor's scenes ended up on the cutting room floor.
ANSWER: Bill Pullman

33. YSAC can never get the hang of those initials. Can you? For the stated number of points, given the initial, give the name it stands for.
[5] F. Scott FitzgeraldANSWER: Francis [not "Frank"]
[10] T.S. EliotANSWER: Thomas Stearns
[15] W. H. AudenANSWER: Wystan Hugh

34. Answer the following about the end of World War II, for the stated number of points.
[5] At the end of fighting, which former Commander-in-Chief of the German Navy was Germany's chief of state?
ANSWER: Grand Admiral Karl Dönitz
[10] Name one of the three German officers who signed the final order of surrender on May 9, 1945.
ANSWER: Field Marshall Wilhelm Keitel , Adm. Georg von Friedeburg , or Gen. Hans Stumpff
[10] The final order of surrender was signed in this man's headquarters.
ANSWER: Marshal Georgy K. Zhukov