Princeton Penn Bowl VIII:

1. The author's Platonic idealism is brought low by reality; yet, "A day of gold from an age of iron/ Is all that life allows the luckiest sinner." The title character's love with "Nature's bride," Haidee, leads to her death in childbirth; Sultana Gulbeyaz buys him as a slave but cannot seduce him; and Don Alphonso nearly throttles him over his adulterous affair with Donna Julia. FTP, name this unfinished epic satire written by Lord Byron.
ANSWER: Don Juan [JOO-an]

2. This 1946 Humphrey Bogart/Lauren Bacall movie was remade in 1978, starring Robert Mitchum. Both were based on a Raymond Chandler novel; the original also includes a writing credit for William Faulkner. FTP, name this film in which Bogart, as Philip Marlowe, says "I haven't been here, you haven't seen me, and she hasn't been out of the house all evening."
ANSWER: The Big Sleep

3. The coiner of the term "self-fulfilling prophecy", he was a theorist who argued that one of the causes of social deviance was the fact that deviants accept culturally-valued goals but lack socially-approved means of
obtaining these goals. This anomie theory of crime was first outlined in, FTP, which sociologist's 1949 collection of essays titled Social Theory and Social Structure ?
ANSWER: Robert King Merton

4. Their name comes from the Latin for "reed." Edward the Black Prince used them at Crecy, and the Dulle Griete was used by the Dutch at Ghent. Henry Bessemer invented his steel-making process for them. FTP, name this weapon defined as one with a caliber greater than one inch and that has a firing mechanism, barrel, and breach.
ANSWER: cannon s [prompt on "cannonball"]

5. Its inactivation is called lyonization, which causes the lines of Blaschko in humans, and the calico cat's tortoiseshell coat. It also explains why all male calico cats have Klinefelter's syndrome. FTP, name this chromosome, one of which is turned into a heterochromatic "Barr body" in every mammalian female cell.
ANSWER: X chromosome [prompt on "Barr body" on early buzz]

6. The name's the same: the first name of the 16th century Italian printer who invented the small, cursive form of chancery script we now know as Italic, and, FTP, the computer company recently bought by Adobe that produced such graphics programs as PageMaker and Freehand.
ANSWER: Aldus Manutius

7. It is crisscrossed by over 50 mountain ranges, including the Crazy, Tobacco Root, Flathead, and Gallatin. Many river systems arise from these mountains, and it is the only state to have rivers draining to the Gulf of Mexico, the Pacific Ocean, and Hudson Bay. Its highest mountain is Granite Peak. FTP, name this state now most famous for Ted Kaczynski.
ANSWER: Montana

8. They came in three types. The Great Serpent is an effigy one. Temple ones such as Monk's and Cahokia were products of the Mississippian culture. And the Hopewell culture created the famous burial ones. FTP, name these Native American earthworks.
ANSWER: mound s

9. It is proscribed principally by section 10(b) of the Securities Exchange act of 1934. An example might be the COO of a widget company purchasing a "put" option on her company's stock if she were aware of a serious but unannounced defect in recently produced widgets. Most generally, it is the unlawful use of nonpublic information by a corporate executive. FTP, name this crime, for which Ivan Boesky was convicted.
ANSWER: insider trading

10. In December, its mayor compared his city--rather favorably--to Los Angeles on The Tonight Show . Local attractions in this city on the head of the Patapsco River, founded in 1729, include Mount Clair and the Flag House. FTP, where is Kurt Schmooke trying to live down his city's title as "syphilis and gonorrhea capital" of the US?
ANSWER: Baltimore , Maryland

11. Late in life, he became a hypochondriac and ceased writing following the critical response to two of his odes. The reaction had deeply disappointed him despite the quality of his earlier works such as "Hymn to Adversity" and "Sonnet on the Death of Mr. Richard West." FTP, name this 18th-century poet most famous for his "Elegy Written in a Country Church Yard."
ANSWER: Thomas Gray

12. According to Islamic tradition, Adam built it after receiving pardon for partaking of the forbidden fruit. In its northeast corner is a relic Gabriel gave Abraham and Isma'il--a white stone that became black from the sins of the millions who kissed it. FTP, name this building circled seven times by pilgrims on the hajj .
ANSWER: al-Kaaba

13. Abraham Gesner, a Canadian geologist named it after the Greek for "wax." Its use in apple ripening led to the discovery that ethylene is a plant hormone. The solvent used for DDT, it is most often used today in jet fuel. FTP, name this hydrocarbon, also called coal oil, that filled the lamps on Little House on the Prairie .
ANSWER: kerosene [accept coal oil on early buzz]

14. Rapper Heather B released the single "All Glocks Down" and had a minor role in Dead Presidents . Julie, the dancer from Alabama, continues to teach dancing and pursue acting. Model Eric produced several workout video tapes and was a TV show host on the same channel he first got his break on. These were three of the seven people in the first season of, FTP, what MTV experiment in social engineering?
ANSWER: The Real World

15. Inigo Jones's translation of his Four Books of Architecture made his style the basis for 18th century English Georgian architecture. Born in 1508, he studied Roman architecture and incorporated it into his designs for the Rotonda at Vicenza [vee-CHEN-zah]. FTP, name this Italian architect of the church of San Giorgio Maggiore [mah-zhee-OH-ray] at Venice, and the Palazzo Chiericati [puh-LOTS-o kee-air-uh-KAH-tee].
ANSWER: Andrea Palladio

16. His career was short at both ends: alcoholism led to his death, and despite being tutored by Thomas Hart Benton, he was just a bad artist until his 30s. His breakthrough work was a mural commissioned by Peggy Guggenheim in 1943. He tapped into such spontaneity that he completed the mural in 24 hours. FTP, name this artist of One, Blue Poles , and Lavender Mist who meticulously retouched his work after some paint-flinging.
ANSWER: Jackson Pollock

17. He protects the San Tome mine's output from Colonel Sotillo [so-TEE-yo]. When he realizes the silver he hid on Great Isabel island is believed lost, he secretly sells it. He marries Linda, the lighthouse keeper's daughter, to "explain" his frequent trips to the island. When his affair with Giselle, Linda's sister, is exposed, Linda's father shoots him. FTP, name this title character of a Joseph Conrad novel, nicknamed Gian'Battista.
ANSWER: Nostromo [accept Gian'Battista before "nicknamed"]

18. It has four parts: the Novels has proposed laws; the Digest is a casebook; the Codex is a collection of statutes; and the Institutes served as a legal textbook. Compiled from 527 to 565 by the ten wisest men of the Eastern Roman Empire, FTP, name this legal code collected in Corpus Juris Civilis , or The Body of Civil Law , named after the emperor who commissioned it.
ANSWER: Justinian Code [accept Corpus Juris Civilis or The Body of Civil Law on early buzz]

19. His operas include The Queen of Sheba and Romeo and Juliet. His most-performed song, set to the first prelude from Book I of Johann Sebastian Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier , is the "Ave Maria." FTP, name this French composer whose most famous opera is 1859's Faust .
ANSWER: Charles François Gounod

20. It crossed the Red, Washita, Canadian, Cimarron, and Arkansas Rivers, leaving its travelers so wet that some ranchers called them "sea lions." For ten points, name the trail with its endpoint at Abilene, Kansas, arguably the most famous cattle trail of the Old West.
ANSWER: Chisholm Trail

21. Anton Chekhov said that "if only those who liked it lived there, the island would be uninhabited." Once occupied by Gilyak and Ainu tribes, it was used as a penal colony by the Russian tsars before being taken over by imperial Japan and renamed Karafuto. FTP, name this long, narrow island between Hokkaido and the mouth of the Amur River.
ANSWER: Sakhalin Island

22. Samuel Johnson imitated his two best works--numbers one and three--in London and The Vanity of Human Wishes . The last seven read like verse letters, but the first nine of his 16 satires attack bitterly the morals and manners of 1st and 2nd century Rome. FTP, name this writer who coined the phrase mens sana in corpore sano-- "a sound mind in a sound body."
ANSWER: Juvenal

23. He spits on his enemies--including a Miami Herald reporter and a New York state Assembly speaker. He jerks his employees around: he fired New York Post editor, then rehired him days later. His business partners, he tries to have killed: he has been charged with offering $75,000 to have his former partner Stanley Stahl murdered. FTP, name this business mogul who pulled a million-dollar bait-and-switch with Paula Jones.
ANSWER: Abraham (Abe) Hirschfeld
24. After helping suppress the Boxer rebellion, he became Governor-General of New Zealand. During World War I, he directed the anti-submarine campaign, but he is best known for one battle. FTP, name this navel officer whose British Grand Fleet engaged the fleet of Admiral Reinhard von Scheer in the largest-ever clash of battleships, the Battle of Jutland [YOOT-land].
ANSWER: Sir John Jellicoe

25. Also called Strix occidentalis , it can have a wingspan of over 1 m. Found on the edges of the Western Sierra and Cascade ranges, the Rocky Mountain population is sometimes called a subspecies. Living almost exclusively in mature timber stands, this animal was used as a proxy by environmentalists to protect old growth forests. FTP, name this bird, the focus of clashes between loggers and environmentalists in the 80s.
ANSWER: spotted owl [accept Northern, California, or Rocky Mountain/Caurina]

26. The convex mirror reflects the entire scene. The dog represents faithfulness in marriage, while the candle shows the presence of God. Name the Italian merchant getting married, FTP, and you'll name the 1434 Jan van Eyck painting featuring these objects.
ANSWER: The Marriage of Giovanni Arnolfini and Giovanna Cenami

27. "Fatha" Earl Hines developed "trumpet-style" solos for it; other players include Graham Johnson and Leslie Howard. Important innovations in its design include Sebastian Erard's double escapement, John Broadwood's placement of the striking point, and Bartolommeo Cristofiori's invention of hammers to allow it a range of intensities. FTP, name this instrument Cristofiori called "harpsichord with soft and loud."
ANSWER: piano forte

28. It traces two opposed forces within ancient Greece: the neat, rational Apollonian versus the mysterious, chaotic Dionysiac. This treatise traces the decline of Greek tragedy from the excessively Apollonian Euripides and Socrates and its development from the Dionysiac chorus. FTP, name this long essay by Nietzsche, which looks to modern German music, particularly Richard Wagner's, as the impetus for a new tragic age.
ANSWER: The Birth of Tragedy out of the Spirit of Music or Die Geburt der Tragödie aus dem Geiste der Musik

29. He made his fortune from the "harmonious telegraph" that allowed simultaneous message transmission. However, he lost the legal battle over what Western Union claimed was "the most valuable single patent ever issued." FTP, name this American inventor who lost priority claims when, two hours before he filed his patent, Alexander Graham Bell filed his invention of the telephone.
ANSWER: Elisha Gray

30. Edward J. Larson won it in 1998 for Summer for the Gods . Other winners include Irwin Unger for The Greenback Era , William S. Sims for Victory at Sea , C. Vann Woodward for Mary Chestnut's Civil War , and Daniel J. Boorstin for The Americans: The Democratic Experience . FTP, name this prize endowed by Joseph Pulitzer.
ANSWER: Pulitzer Prize in History [prompt on early "Pulitzer"]


1. Given descriptions, name the Italian musical terms, 10 points each.
a. Literally meaning "a little more," this two-word phrase indicates a slight increase in speed.
ANSWER: più mosso [PEA-you or pyoo MOH-so]
b. From the Italian for "force," it means a sudden, strong accent.
ANSWER: sforzando
c. Meaning "sliding," it is featured in the first note of Rhapsody in Blue and is readily done by a trombone.
ANSWER: glissando

2. The Celtic languages are the smallest surviving branch of the Indo-European language family. Four of these languages are spoken today in the British Isles and part of France. Five points each, and five more for all correct, name them.
ANSWER: Welsh , Breton , Irish or Irish Gaelic , Scottish Gaelic

3. Identify the following thermodynamic cycles, 15 points each.
a. In theory, this is the cycle used in all cars, with two constant-volume processes and two isentropic [EYE-sehn-troh-pik] processes.
ANSWER: Otto cycle
b. This cycle is different from the Otto cycle because combustion occurs at constant pressure rather than constant volume.
ANSWER: Diesel cycle

4. Name these places in ancient Athens, 10 points each.
a. This marketplace was the city center.
b. A philosophical school was named for these meeting places, scattered across the Agora. Some are named after Attalus, Hermae, and Zeus.
ANSWER: Stoa [prompt on "Stoic"]
c. This large theater was near the Agora's center.
ANSWER: Odeion

5. Identify these terms from computer graphics, 10 points each.
a. This is the practice of juxtaposing very small dots of two different colors to fool the eye into seeing a third color.
ANSWER: dither ing
b. To properly render 2D and 3D images, this process throws out elements of an object outside the viewable window. If done improperly, you can see through walls.
ANSWER: clip ping
c. This kind of storage area is used in 3D animation to record the depths of every pixel in order to determine which is closest to the viewer and thus should be visible.
ANSWER: Z-buffer

6. Name these ancient African nations, 10 points each.
a. From its capital, Meroe, this Iron-Age kingdom fought Egypt over the Sudan.
ANSWER: Kush [prompt on "Axum"]
b. This kingdom of the Lake Chad region lasted over a millennium until Europeans conquered it in the 1800s.
ANSWER: Kanem-Bornu
c. It was firmly established in the upper Niger region by Sundiata, who converted the empire to Islam.

7. Name these places sought by Francisco Vasquez de Coronado, for the stated number of points.
[10] Coronado searched for these seven cites that supposedly were laden with gold.
ANSWER: Seven Cites of the Cibola
[15] Besides the Seven Cities of the Cibola, Coronado sought this other reputedly gold-laden city. Though he found several tribes bearing its name, Coronado never found the city.
ANSWER: Gran Quiviras (Prompt on "Quiviras")

8. Name these Viking leaders, 10 points each.
a. He was defeated by Harold of England at Stamford Bridge in 1066.
ANSWER: Harald Hardraada
b. This Danish king destroyed the English rule of Ethelred the Unready, but his son Knut consolidated the kingdoms.
ANSWER: Sven Forkbeard
c. Following Leif Ericson to Vinland, he outfitted a colonizing expedition equipped with three ships, 160 passengers, and livestock.
ANSWER: Thorfinn Karlsefni

9. 30-20-10. Name the ancient writer.
[30] A native of Halicarnassus in Asia Minor, he was born around 484 BC, probably lived in Athens where he met Sophocles.
[20] In his most famous work, he hoped to "preserve the memory of the past by putting on record the achievements both of our own and of the Asiatic peoples."
[10] His Histories described the wars between the Greeks and the Persians.
ANSWER: Herodotus

10. Identify the following demons from literature, 15 points each.
a. In The Pilgrim's Progress , this demon assaults Christian in the Valley of the Shadow of Death.
ANSWER: Apollyon
b. In The Screwtape Letters , Screwtape advises this demon--his nephew--on how to convert his human "patients."
ANSWER: Wormwood

11. Ten points each, answer these questions about Shakespeare's personal life.
a. His mother, who came from a prominent family, lent her name to one "edition" of the Bard's works.
ANSWER: Mary Arden
b. Name either of his two daughters.
ANSWER: Judith or Susannah
c. Name the person to whom his will bequeaths his "second-best bed."
ANSWER: Anne Hathaway [prompt on his "wife"]

12. Name these American philosophers from works, 10 points each.
a. The Realms of Being and The Sense of Beauty ANSWER: George Santayana
b. The Seven Storey Mountain ANSWER: Thomas Merton
c. The Varieties of Religious Experience and Pragmatism ANSWER: W illiam James

13. Answer the following questions about the 1986 World Series, for the stated number of points.
[2x5] These two teams competed for the title.
ANSWER: Boston or Red Sox and New York Mets [prompt on "New York"]
[15] In game 6, five errors were committed. The most heartbreaking was the ground ball which slipped through this Red Sox's first baseman's legs.
ANSWER: Bill Buckner

14. Answer these questions about coinage, for the stated number of points.
[15] The first coins, the electrum "staters," were minted in the 600s BC in what ancient country located in what is now Turkey?
[10] The Fugio cent was the first coin officially issued by this country.
ANSWER: U nited S tates of America

15. Answer these questions on work psychology, 15 points each.
a. This psychologist's 1911 Scientific Management discussed increasing productivity by treating factory workers as human machines that could be optimized and standardized.
ANSWER: Frederick Winslow Taylor
b. In one study of an Illinois power plant, both increasing and decreasing lighting improved output. It turns out the researchers were the positive motivator. Identify this spurious effect.
ANSWER: Hawthorne effect

16. How soon we forget. Name these July 1998 events, 10 points each.
a. This paranoid schizophrenic gunman killed two police officers in the Capitol.
ANSWER: Russell E. Weston , Jr.
b. In Billings, Montana, four leaders of this anti-government, anti-tax group were convicted of conspiring to defraud banks.
ANSWER: Montana Freemen
17. In October 1998, for the first time, a former Communist was elected to head Italy's government. For 15 points, name the ex-Communist who now heads the government, and for 10 points, name his predecessor, who lost a vote of confidence by one vote.
ANSWER: Massimo D'Alema [15], Romano Prodi [10]

18. Name these rulers of ancient Israel and Judah, 10 points each.
a. This competent ruler of Judah married his son to Jezebel's daughter. His name is a mild expletive.
ANSWER: Jehosaphat
b. He led a revolt against the Babylonians in 605 BC and died in the subsequent siege of Jerusalem.
ANSWER: Jehoiakim [jee HOY uh kim]
c. He gained the Israeli throne by killing King Jehoram, his entire family, and all the worshipers of Baal.

19. Ten points each, name these Sumerian deities.
a. This Sumerian storm god was born from the union of heaven and earth.
b. Name either of Enlil's parents, heaven or earth.
ANSWER: An [heaven] or Ki [earth]
c. This principal god pantheonically supplanted Enlil, the Sumerian god of water and wisdom who saved humanity from the great flood. His later Babylonian counterpart was Ea.

20. Time recently published its list of the 20 most-influential "Builders and Titans" of the century. 10 each.
a. She established the Prescriptives and Clinique product lines.
ANSWER: Estée Lauder
b. He was the first president of RCA and created the first radio network, NBC.
ANSWER: David Sarnoff
c. He led the first major auto strike and was elected president of the United Auto Workers in 1946.
ANSWER: Walter Reuther

21. In 1942, General Douglas MacArthur left the Philippines but vowed "I shall return." Ten points each.
a. This general replaced MacArthur as commander of the American forces there.
ANSWER: General Jonathan Wainwright
b. Under Wainwright's command, the Americans moved directly to the tip of this peninsula.
ANSWER: Bataan Peninsula
c. After leaving the Philippines, MacArthur's command was moved directly to this country.
ANSWER: Australia

22. Answer these questions on the Scottish poet who wrote "Ca' the yowes," for the stated number of points.
[5] Name him.
ANSWER: Robert Burns
[10] This Burns poem has the line, " The best-laid schemes o' Mice an' Men'"
ANSWER: "To a Mouse"
[15] This Burns poem claims, "O wad some Power the giftie gie us / To see oursels as others see us!"?
ANSWER: "To a Louse"

23. They're small. Really small. Five for one, 15 for two, and 30 for three, name the metric prefixes indicating 10-18, 10-21, and 10-24, that are symbolized by lowercase letters a, z, and y, respectively.
ANSWER: atto- , zepto- , yocto-

24. Given a painting, name the 20th century artist who painted it, 15 points each.
a. White Square on White Background ANSWER: Kazimir Malevich
b. Out for the Christmas Trees ANSWER: Anna Mary Robertson "Grandma" Moses

25. Answer these anatomy questions about my oral fixation, 10 points each.
a. The general term for a small fold of integument or mucous membrane that limits motion of a part, it describes the flap connecting tongue to oral floor.
ANSWER: frenulum linguae or lingual frenulum or fren [not "frenum"]
b. This dangly thingy hangs from the back of your throat.
ANSWER: palatine uvula or uvula of the palate
c. These passages connect the throat to the ear canal, allowing equalization of air pressure on both sides of the eardrum.
ANSWER: Eustachian or pharyngotympanic tube

26. Name the Woody Allen films from Woody's hijinks, 10 points each.
a. Woody finds a VW Beetle that starts on the first try after centuries of abandonment.
ANSWER: Sleeper
b. Woody drags out Marshall McLuhan, who tells a Columbia Film School professor, "You know nothing of my work."
ANSWER: Annie Hall
c. Woody gets into an argument with the teller and the bank manager over a note that they claim clearly says, "I have a gub."
ANSWER: Take the Money and Run

27. Given a work or works, name the architect, 10 points each.
a. BrasiliaANSWER: Oscar Niemeyer
b. Rock and Roll Hall of FameANSWER: Ieoh Ming Pei

28. Identify the specific organic isomer of the given formula described for the stated number of points.
[5] Formula C3 H8 O, with a hydroxyl group attached to the middle carbon of a three carbon chain
ANSWER: isopropyl alcohol or isopropanol or 2-propanol
[10] Formula C3 H4, including a triple bond
ANSWER: propyne [pro-PINE; ask for spelling if not clear, do not accept "propene"]
[15] Formula C5 H12, with four methyl groups attached to a central carbon atom
ANSWER: neopentane or 2,2-dimethylpropane

29. I'll give you a law of modern physics, and you give me the law from classical physics which follows from the correspondence principle. 15 points each.
a. Planck's blackbody radiation law
ANSWER: Wein 's law [not "Stefan-Boltzmann", which addresses intensity, not frequency]
b. The Lorentz law of motion, m (d2x /d_2) = f [m times d squared x d tau squared equals f ].
ANSWER: Newton's second law

30. Name these similarly-located dramas from minor characters for 15, or major characters for 5.
a. [15]Reverend Sykes, Mrs. Dubose, Sheriff Tate
[5] Atticus Finch, Calpurnia, Scout
ANSWER: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
b. [15]Gooper, Mae, Dr. Baugh
[5] Maggie, Brick, Big Daddy
ANSWER: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof by Tennessee Williams