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Harvard A Penn Bowl VIII:
Harvard A/Cornell

1. Its incidence in Britain skyrocketed after the Methuen treaty increased Portuguese port and Madeira imports. This is because alcohol dries out the body and prevents the removal of uric acid, allowing uric acid crystals to build up in small blood vessels and joints, most notably in the big toe. FTP, name this malady which had a famous dialogue with Benjamin Franklin.
ANSWER: gout

2. It is thought that his big toe could cure ailments of the spleen, and it is said that when his body was burned upon his death that his big toe miraculously survived. His invasion of Italy marked the first time that elephants had been used against the Romans. FTP, name this general whose costly victories of 280 BC made him return home to Epirus.
ANSWER: Pyrrhus of Epirus

3. When the president refused to sign it, killing by pocket veto on July 4th, its sponsors issued a manifesto attacking the President's "studied outrage" and defiance of Congressional authority. FTP, name this bill co-sponsored by an Ohio Senator and a Maryland Representative, which called for severe reconstruction of the south after the war, passed by Congress on July 2nd, 1864.
ANSWER: Wade-Davis Bill

4. Twelve thousand people are rumored to have attended a pre-première rehearsal of this work in Vauxhall Gardens in 1749. Patriotic in tone, it was composed to symbolize the end of the Silesian Wars. FTP, name
this late work of George Frideric Handel, which is most often played on Guy Fawkes' Day.
ANSWER: Music for the Royal Fireworks or Royal Fireworks Music

5. An 1887 act with this name granted $15,000 annually to each state in order to conduct agricultural research. 52 years later, another act of the same name prohibited federal officeholders in the executive branch from actively participating in election campaigns. FTP, give the shared name of these acts, sponsored by a congressman from Missouri and by a Senator from New Mexico, respectively.
ANSWER: Hatch Act(s)

6. Often paired with Anahita, he was born bearing a torch and a knife. In 307, Diocletian consecrated a temple to this god, often depicted wearing a short tunic and a Phrygian cap. Initiation into his religious cult involved being bound naked and covered with the blood of a sacrificial bull. FTP, name this Persian god of light worshiped among Roman soldiers during the 2nd century AD.
ANSWER: Mithra or Mithras or Mitra

7. Its title alludes to the author's son, to whom it is dedicated, and it's divided into ten books. The first book defines the general subject of the work as a practical science devoted to human happiness, and distinguishes between moral and intellectual virtues. The last three books analyze friendship and pleasure. FTP, identify this work compiled in the first century B.C. from notes left behind by the most famous pupil of Plato.
ANSWER: Nicomachian Ethics or Ethica Nicomachea or Ethics of Nicomachus

8. It attempted to reduce the threat of revolution, civil war, and the coup d'etat as methods of assuming power in Latin America by introducing a policy of collective nonrecognition aimed at denying legitimacy to governments who come to power by nondemocratic means. FTP, name this doctrine which was first proposed by an Ecuadorian diplomat in 1907.
ANSWER: Carlos R. Tobar Doctrine

9. Sgt. Major Morris came into possession of it upon the death of its first owner. Morris gave it to Mr. White, who shortly thereafter received a payment of 200 pounds for the death of his son Herbert. Its purpose was to show that "fate ruled people's lives, and that those who interfered with it did so to their sorrow." FTP, name this title object in a short-story by W. W. Jacobs.
ANSWER: "The Monkey's Paw "

10. For most of the last 400 years it has stood firmly fastened to the wall of a niche in the Octagonal Court, on a hill near St. Peter's in Rome. Sculpted in the second century by an unknown Roman artist, it lacks a left hand and half of the right arm and whatever items it once held in each. FTP, name this famous statue of the most Greek of Greek gods.
ANSWER: Apollo Belvedere

11. His historiography is known for deft characterizations of important figures, and for his attempts to draw moral lessons from historical events. Originally patronized by the emperor, he later fell from favor and was punished by castration. FTP, name this historian of Han China, whose most famous work is the Shi Ji or Records of the Grand Historian .
ANSWER: Sima Qian

12. Some lichens are very sensitive to concentrations of sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere, so that comparative examinations of certain lichens present in a given area can provide information as to the levels of sulfur dioxide pollution. FTP, name this kind of species which is sensitive to a particular environmental factor, or in chemistry, can tell you the pH of a solution.
ANSWER: indicator species

13. The first Jew elected to Oxford's All Souls College, he would later found his own college at Oxford. An encounter with Wittgenstein turned him from philosophy to political theory and the history of ideas. Those who knew many things, he called foxes; those who knew one big thing, he called hedgehogs. FTP, name this British intellectual who founded Wolfson college, Oxford.
ANSWER: Sir Isaiah Berlin

14. Spider Robinson's defense of this author is entitled "Rah, Rah, RAH!" A radical leftist in the 1930s, he ran unsuccessfully for the California State Assembly, defeated amidst accusations of radicalism and socialism. Disillusioned, he wrote works such as Farnham's Freehold , I Will Fear No Evil, and "Requiem." FTP, name this author, who wasn't called a radical socialist after Starship Troopers .
ANSWER: Robert Anson Heinlein

15. When this place is "revisited", its original discoverer, a man named Higgs, finds that his original departure from this place by balloon has been used by professors Hanky and Panky to impose a new religion in which Higgs is worshipped as the child of the Sun. FTP, name this strange imaginary dystopia, originally created in 1872 by Samuel Butler.
ANSWER: Erewhon

16. In his newest book, he claims advances in technology will quickly render the maintenance of privacy obsolete. His idea of making information open to everyone, rather than restricting it to the privileged classes is articulated in The Transparent Society. FTP, name this author of The Uplift War and Startide Rising ?
ANSWER: David Brin

17. He lost a massive fortune on a speculation gone awry, vanished shortly afterwards, then returned, leading impromptu tours of San Francisco's sewers and public works. In return, the citizens kept him housed and fed. He wrote to Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis, calling on them to halt the War Between the States, and offering to act as an arbiter. FTP, name this imperial personage.
ANSWER: Norton I , Emperor of the United States or Emperor Norton

18. He recently produced, wrote, and narrated a documentary series entitled Crown and Country where he explored important sites of English history, including Cambridge, Portsmouth, and Windsor Castle. It's fitting he should be an authority on Windsor Castle--his parents still live there. FTP, name this youngest son of Queen Elizabeth II, who recently got engaged to his longtime girlfriend Sophie Rhys-Jones.
ANSWER: Prince Edward Windsor
19. This soft silvery metallic element belongs to the lanthanide series and occurs in small quantities in bastanite and monazite. Two stable isotopes, 151 and 153, occur naturally, and experimental alloys of this metal have been tried for nuclear reactor parts; its oxide form is used in television screens. FTP, name this element discovered in 1889 by Sir William Crookes with atomic number 63, and named for a continent.
ANSWER: Eu ropium

20. Faced with an epidemic of witchcraft in the 15th century, German inquisitors found their preparation incomplete. Soon after their return from Rome, monks Heinrich Kramer and James Sprenger set about compiling a handbook which for nearly three centuries was the professional manual for witch hunters. FTP, name this work, completed in 1486, dedicated to Exodus 22:18, "You shall not suffer a witch to live."
ANSWER: Malleus Maleficarum or The Witches' Hammer [accept equivalents]

21. This important but narrow victory of the French over the Austrians enabled Napoleon to ensure his restored hegemony in Northern Italy, and guaranteed the re-establishment of the Cicalpine Republic. FTP, name this battle of June 14th, 1800.
ANSWER: Marengo

22. When this TCU quarterback was asked if one of his passes, early in the game, dropped in the end zone, might have changed the game's outcome of the game. He replied, "I suppose it would have made it 73-7." He seldom lost after that, however, as he lead his NFL team to two championships. FTP, name this Washington Redskins quarterback who led the league in passing, interceptions, and punting in 1943.
ANSWER: Sammy Baugh
23. During the heyday of McCarthyism, he refused to fire his subordinates who were suspected to be communists, saying "I will not turn my back on Alger Hiss". This quickly lead to calls for his resignation. FTP, name this major player in American politics, the Secretary of State under Harry Truman, famous for his memoirs, Present at the Creation.
ANSWER: Dean Gooderham Acheson

24. Its protagonist leaves home after the death of his grandfather and crosses the Rio Grande with a friend and a boy who calls himself Blevins. Experiences like working as a vaquero , falling in love with the ranchero's daughter Alejandra, and being thrown in prison make Mexico an eventful place eventful for John Grady Cole. FTP, name this first novel in Corman McCarthy's Border Trilogy, whose title is taken from a children's lullaby?
ANSWER: All the Pretty Horses

25. This mini-series had it all: virtual reality, mind-control, religious and political conspiracy, psychotropic drugs, media manipulation, a 60s soundtrack, Angie Dickinson, and even a cameo by William Gibson. With its glacial pacing, this 1993 three-part mini-series lacked only one thing--viewers. FTP, name this post-Twin Peaks mini-series whose executive producer could only be Oliver Stone.
ANSWER: Wild Palms

26. This system of units are a rationalized form of Gaussian units which are widely used in particle physics and relativity in preference to the SI units now employed for general purposes in more conventional physics. FTP, name this system of units for electric and magnetic quantities which are based upon c.g.s. electrostatic and electromagnetic units.
ANSWER: Heaviside-Lorentz units

27. When he's not the Chancellor of Liberty University in Lexington, VA, he's writing about the millenium in his book, Y2K: A Christian's Guide to the Millenium Bug where he half-jokingly suggests stockpiling ammo for the big night. FTP, name this still-controversial former televangelist.
ANSWER: Jerry Falwell

28. The inventor of this curve repeatedly attempted to remind politicians that neither he nor anyone else knew where the United States was on his creation. This didn't stop the government from using his theory to govern fiscal policy, with unfortunate results. FTP, name this curve, whose creator is rumored to have first drawn it on a cocktail party napkin.
ANSWER: Laffer curve

29. Over the last thirty-five years several different kinds of evil aliens have menaced science fiction's Doctor Who, but one biomechanical menace stand out amongst the rest. They are the survivors of a thousand-year long war of extermination between the Kaleds and the Thals, becoming ruthless conquerors with a distinctively monotonous battle-cry. FTP, name these popular mutant villains from the planet Skaro.
ANSWER: The Dalek s

30. Born in 1672, the youngest of 14 children, he worked as a ship's carpenter in Holland and studied gunnery in Prussia. When he returned home, he founded his country's first modern navy, and used it to win from Sweden territory along the Neva River, as well as Estonia and Latvia. FTP, name this Russian czar.
ANSWER: Peter the Great Penn Bowl VIII:
Harvard A/Cornell
1. Give the common name, 10 points each.
a. Julius Caesar's wife and Atticus Finch's housekeeper
ANSWER: Calpurnia
b. The patronymic of Agamemnon and Menelaus and the surname of Paul Muad'Dib
ANSWER: Atreides

2. Identify the following public offices in ancient Rome, 10 points each.
a. These officials were invested with kingly power for a one-year term; their emblem of office was the fasces.
ANSWER: consul s
b. Bodyguards of the consuls, these officials also acted as police.
ANSWER: lictor s
c. These officials had the power to veto any law the Senate passed; it was illegal to lay hands on them.
ANSWER: tribune s

3. Given the baseball record, name the player or team that holds it, for stated number of points.
[5] Team with most wins in a single regular season ANSWER: 1906 Cubs
[10] Most walks in a seasonANSWER: Babe Ruth
[15] Most doubles in a seasonANSWER: Earl Webb

4. 30-20-10. Name the year from events.
[30] Wagner's Tristan and Isolde premieres, Lewis Carroll publishes Alice's Adventures in Wonderland .
[20] Kekulé publishes the structure of benzene, Mendel enunciates his laws of heredity.
[10] Twain publishes "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County," the KKK is founded.
ANSWER: 1865

5. Identify these parts of a castle, 10 points each.
a. A gate of iron or iron-reinforced bars made to slide up and down in the jambs of a doorway.
ANSWER: portcullis
c. A secret cell reached only through a trapdoor above.
ANSWER: oubliette

6. For the stated number of points name these electromagnetic phenomena.
[5] Northern Hemisphere phenomenon caused by charged particles interacting with the ionosphere.
ANSWER: aurora borealis or the Northern lights
[10] A magnet spins and levitates above a superconductor.
ANSWER: Meissner effect
[15] A slight phase shift between two superconductors separated by an insulator causes a quantized potential to form between the superconductors
ANSWER: Josephson effect

7. 30-20-10. Name the ruler.
[30] At his christening, he earned the enmity of Archbishop Dunstan by defecating in the baptismal font.
[20] At 11, he ascended the throne after his elder brother's murder, and found himself the ruler of a country assailed by the Vikings, until in 1013, he fled to Normandy.
[10] Name this English king, called "Unraed" [OON-rayd] by his own people.
ANSWER: Ethelred the Unready

8. Identify these Muses for the stated number of points.
[5] The muse of history, and maybe commercials tooANSWER: Clio
[10] The muse of sacred song ANSWER: Polymnia or Polyhymnia
[10] The muse of comedyANSWER: Thalia

9. Ten points each, name these astronomical terms.
a. These objects with extremely high red shifts radiate immense amounts of energy. They are believed to be extremely young galaxies.
ANSWER: quasar s or quasi-stellar objects
b. Predicted by Einstein, it's caused by the presence of a large galaxy or other mass that bends light from a distant quasar near or along its line of sight.
ANSWER: gravitational lens
c. These deep sky objects travel outward quickly and uniformly from their point of origin. Their spherical shape fooled early astronomers.
ANSWER: planetary nebula or planetary nebulae

10. Answer these questions about swamps, for 10 points each.
a. This swamp lies on the border of Virginia and North Carolina.
ANSWER: Great Dismal Swamp
b. Name either of the two former Soviet republics containing the Pripet Marshes, the world's largest.
ANSWER: Belarus or Ukraine
c. Name either of the Asian countries containing the Sundarbans, the great mangrove swamp.
ANSWER: Bangladesh or India

11. Given a line from a Tom Lehrer song, name it, 10 points each.
a. "We'll murder them all amidst laughter and merriment, except for the few we take home to experiment."
ANSWER: "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park"
b. "You caught my nose in your left castanet, love, I can feel the pain yet love, each time I hear drums."
ANSWER: "The Masochism Tango "
c. "As someone once remarked to Schubert, take us to your lieder . [LEE-der]"
ANSWER: "Whatever Became of Hubert?"

12. In 1998, after 35 years of silence, the late Ted Hughes published a bestselling book of poetry that dealt with his late wife as well. For the stated number of points.
[10] Name his wife, known for a posthumously published novel.
ANSWER: Sylvia Plath
[15] Name Hughes's last book.
ANSWER: Birthday Letters

13. Ten points each, name these works by entomologist Edward O. Wilson.
a. Wilson won his first Pulitzer for what work explaining his theories on how evolutionary pressures effect human behavior?
ANSWER: On Human Nature
b. Wilson won his second Pulitzer for what simply titled work about the animals he spent his entire life studying?
ANSWER: The Ants
c. Wilson's newest, elegantly-titled book explains his theories that scientific studies of biological roots of human behavior will soon lead to a comprehensive theory of ethics and aesthetics.
ANSWER: Consilience

14. Name these terms related to rug-making, 10 points each.
a. These vertical threads are laid out on the loom at the beginning of making a rug.
ANSWER: warp s
b. These threads are passed between the warps to form the essential matrix of the carpet.
ANSWER: weft s [not "woofs"]
c. Give the collective name the threads that are knotted into this matrix, which gives the rug its third dimension, and forms the springy material which contains the color and pattern of the rug.
ANSWER: pile

15. Identify these Greeks who had weird relationships with snakes, 10 points each.
a. He rescued a nest of baby snakes, who licked his ears in gratitude. Thereafter, he could understand the speech of birds and animals.
ANSWER: Melampus
b. Zeus gave him the gift of prophecy. He became a woman after he killed a female snake, and he was changed back years later when he killed a male snake.
ANSWER: Teiresias
c. The serpents of Apollo licked the ears of this cursed daughter of Hecuba.
ANSWER: Cassandra

16. Identify these Evelyn Waugh novels, 10 points each.
a. Tony Last, owner of a Gothic mansion is enslaved by a mad old man who forces him to read Dickens every afternoon.
ANSWER: A Handful of Dust
b. Paul Pennyfeather is unjustly kicked out of Oxford and has harrowing experiences as a schoolteacher and gets involved with the white slave-trade business before returning to Oxford to study theology. ANSWER: Decline and Fall
c. Ryder, a college undergraduate, hangs out with Sebastian Marchmain at an estate which provides the title of the book.
ANSWER: Brideshead Revisited

17. Five points each, if you performed a chemical analysis of seawater, besides oxygen and hydrogen, name the six elements present in the greatest quantities by mass.
ANSWER: chlorine or Cl [55.5%], sodium or Na [30.61%], S ulfur [7.68%]
magnesium or Mg [3.69%], Ca lcium [1.16%], potassium or K [1.1%]

18. Given the work of literature, name the adult character who preys on an adolescent. 10 points each.
a. Lolita ANSWER: Humbert Humbert
b. Death in Venice ANSWER: Count von Aschenbach

19. A British Foreign Secretary declared his support for the establishment of a national home for Jews. For the stated number of points.
[5] Name this document.
ANSWER: Balfour Declaration
[15] The Balfour Declaration was made in a letter from Balfour to this leader of England's Jewish community.
ANSWER: Lionel Walter Rothschild
[10] The Declaration was made in this year.
ANSWER: 1917

20. Fifteen points each, name these Irish political parties.
a. Formed in 1933 by the merger of the League of Gaels, the National Center Party, and the quasi-Fascist Blueshirts, this centrist party's leaders include Garret FitzGerald.
ANSWER: Fine Gael or United Ireland Party
b. Founded in 1912, mainly by James Connolly, it's the traditional kingmaker of coalitions and is Ireland's only major leftist party.
ANSWER: Pairti Lucht Oibre or Labour Party

21. Identify the lyricist of these American song standards, 10 points each.
a. "Someone to Watch Over Me," "They All Laughed"
ANSWER: I ra Gershwin [prompt on Gershwin]
b. "You're the Top," "Night and Day"
ANSWER: Cole Porter
c. "Satin Doll," "That Old Black Magic"
ANSWER: Johnny Mercer

22. Answer the following questions on Andrew Johnson's impeachment, 10 points each.
[2x10] Johnson was accused of firing Edwin Stanton as Secretary of War in violation of the Tenure of Office Act. Ten points each, name the two men Johnson tried to appoint in Stanton's place.
ANSWER: (Hiram) Ulysses Simpson Grant and Lorenzo Thomas
[10] The Henry Hyde of 1868 was this Pennsylvania Congressman, who served as the head House Manager of the trial.
ANSWER: Thaddeus Stevens

23. Identify the following opera characters from their deaths, 10 points each.
a. She throws herself into the Tiber river when she learns her lover has been executed.
ANSWER: Floria Tosca
b. She is crushed by the shields of her stepfather's soldiers.
ANSWER: Salomé
c. She is stabbed by her jealous husband onstage while playing Columbine. When her lover Silvio rushes onstage, her husband stabs him too.
ANSWER: Nedda [in I Pagliacci ]

24. When Tim Duncan and Keith Van Horn were taken 1-2 in the 1997 NBA draft, it marked the first time two seniors were taken first and second since 1990. Five points per answer.
a. Name the first two picks in 1990, and the colleges they played for.
ANSWER: Derrick Coleman from Syracuse University
Gary Payton from Oregon State University [prompt on "OSU"]
b. Now name the teams that drafted them.
ANSWER: New Jersey or Nets , and Seattle or Sonics

25. Even if you're losing, it's not the end of the world. Ten points each, name the authors of these novels.
a. The End of the World News: An Entertainment, 1983
ANSWER: Anthony Burgess or John Anthony Burgess Wilson
b. The War of the End of the World, 1984
ANSWER: Mario Vargas Llosa
c. Love in the Ruins: The Adventures of a Bad Catholic at a Time Near the End of the World , 1973
ANSWER: Walker Percy

26. Identify the following High Renaissance paintings, 15 points each.
a. A woman in a bright red blowing drapery is standing in a shell being pulled through the water by two dolphins as three cherubs hover above her each taking aim with their bow and arrows; by Raphael.
ANSWER: Galatea
b. A youth kisses and fondles a naked woman. A boy is about to throw flowers on the couple. An old man tears away a curtain to reveal the pair. A man holds his head and screams in agony; by Bronzino.
ANSWER: Venus, Cupid, Folly and Time

27. Identify the common name, 10 points each.
a. In The Winter's Tale, the virtuous wife of Leontes. In Greek mythology, the only daughter of Menelaus and Helen.
ANSWER: Hermione
b. In A Midsummer Night's Dream , the proud and sophisticated fiancée of Theseus. In Greek mythology, she is also betrothed to Theseus.
ANSWER: Hippolyta
c. A tedious, pedantic schoolmaster in Love's Labours Lost and an Assyrian general who appears in Judith.
ANSWER: Holofernes

28. For the stated number of points, name the river given the source.
[5] Lake Itasca, Minnesota.
ANSWER: Mississippi River
[10] At the confluence of the Alaknanda and the Pa-chi-la-t'i rivers at Devaprayag.
ANSWER: Ganges River
[15] In the Guiana Higlands, on Sierra Parima.
ANSWER: Orinoco River

29. For the stated number of points, name these landlocked nations from a short description.
[5] This former Soviet Republic's capital city is Tashkent.
ANSWER: Uzbekistan
[10] This African nation, which gained independence from France in 1960, is bordered by 5 nations.
ANSWER: Central African Republic or République Africaine Centrale
[15] This European nation's principal river is the Dnestr.
ANSWER: Moldova or Moldovia

30. 30-20-10. Name the actor from roles.
[30] Andre, Ronnie and Julie, Robin of Locksley
[20] Scream 2, Apt Pupil, Urban Legend
[10] Dawson's Creek, The Mighty Ducks, D2: The Mighty Ducks, D3:The Mighty Ducks
ANSWER: Joshua Jackson