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Case Western Reserve Penn Bowl VIII:
Case Western Reserve

1. One of his TV shows features studio music by Doc Gibbs and enthusiastic exclamations from the studio audience. The other is more sedate and traditional. Chosen as one of People 's 25 Most Intriguing People of 1998, he is famous for such catch phrases as "Happy, happy, happy," "Pork fat rules," "kick it up another notch," and "Bam! " FTP, name this host of two eponymous shows on the Food Network.
ANSWER: Emeril or Emeril Lagasse [luh-GAH-see]

2. Superscripted numbers indicate changes in tone, while apostrophes mark aspirations and phoneme separations. It includes 407 monosyllables and polysyllables. FTP, name this work of two Englishmen, a system of transliterating modern written Chinese for the West.
ANSWER: Wade-Giles Romanization

3. In 1856, chemist William Perkin accidentally made a violet dye from this aromatic compound, which was once used in rocket fuels. It can be produced by heating chlorobenzene under high pressure with ammonia or by catalytic reduction of nitrobenzene. FTP, name this aromatic compound with chemical formula C6H5NH2.
ANSWER: aniline or benzenamine

4. This mountain chain contains the Carter, Crawford, Dixville, Franconia, Kinsman, and Pinkham notches. It also has the Old Man of the Mountains, or the Great Stone Face, a natural feature of Profile Mountain. FTP, name this part of the Appalachian mountains stretching from Maine to New Hampshire.
ANSWER: White Mountains [prompt on "Appalachian"]

5. In 1900, at age 18, he gave public piano recitals in and around Frankfurt-am-Main. He performed the British and Australian premières of many works by Ravel and Debussy. His compositions include the whimsical In a Nutshell , the "imaginary ballet" The Warriors , as well as Handel in the Strand and Country Gardens. FTP, name this Australian composer.
ANSWER: George Percy (Aldridge) Grainger

6. Finally produced in London, but lasting only a month in 1991, this play, first copyrighted in 1941, featured a Czech newspaper editor helped by a saloon keeper. FTP, Murray Burnett and Joan Alison co-wrote what anti-Nazi play bought by Warner Brothers and rewritten by Howard Koch and Philip and Julius Epstein into the film Casablanca ?
ANSWER: Everybody Comes to Rick's [not "Casablanca"]

7. It is a 1930s company whose motto was: "the mail is more important than life itself." A French service, it delivered mail from France to South America, by plane. FTP, name this company, which shares its name with a retail clothing company, founded in 1987, with a distinct aviation theme.
ANSWER: Aéropostale [The airmail company was Compagnie Generale Aéropostale]

8. Bourne [born] in 1903, Hinsley in 1935, Heenan in 1963, and Manning in 1865 were some appointed to this post. In 1850, Nicholas Wiseman was the first to hold this title. The current holder is His Eminence Cardinal George Basil Hume, who was consecrated in 1976. FTP, name this pre-eminent English ecclesiastical office in the Roman Catholic Church.
ANSWER: Archbishop of Westminster or metropolitan of Westminster

9. This term was first used in 1932 in an essay by Henry-Russell Hitchcock and Philip Johnson and it can be used to identify such architecural works as the Seagram Building and the Savoye House. For ten points, name this architectural style characterized by rectilinear forms, which dominated skyscrapers of the mid-20th century.
ANSWER: International Style

10. Combined with love for a boy's father, it works to repress the hostility towards one's father and asexual love for one's mother in an Oedipal situation. Taking the form of a fantasized threat of retaliation by the father, FTP, name this Freudian counterpoint to a young girl's penis envy.
ANSWER: castration anxiety

11. This famous epic, finished in 1010, was presented to Sultan Mahmud of Ghazna, who insulted its author with an excessively small reward. This work, however, has been Iran's national epic ever since. FTP, name this book by Ferdousi [fair-DOW-see], one of the purest examples of Persian.
ANSWER: Shah Nameh or The Book of Kings or The Book of Shahs

12. It is unknown when it will occur, but when it does, it may corrupt or destroy trading records, retirement accounts, and investment-account balances. It may occur repeatedly as a value oscillates, so that investors may shy away as the market goes up. FTP, name this Wall Street equivalent to the Y2K problem, caused when an industrial average reaches 5 digits.
ANSWER: Dow 10,000 Problem or D10K Problem [not "Year 2000" or "Y2K"]

13. Caracalla created the antoninianus to supplement this object, which was only two to four percent pure by 300 AD. Symbolized by the letter X, it was originally equal to 10 asses, and later revalued to 16 asses. FTP, name this Roman silver coin.
ANSWER: denarius or denarii

14. It begins with the birth of Ellen Thatcher, who marries and divorces John Oglethorpe, a bisexual. Ellen then aborts the child of Stanwood Emery--who marries someone else while drunk--and ends up in a loveless marriage to lawyer George Baldwin. FTP, name this 1925 novel, also featuring Jimmy Herf, written by John Dos Passos.
ANSWER: Manhattan Transfer

15. Warning: two answers required! This duo is believed to be a pair of unmarried lovers in Kilmersdon village in the late 1400s. She died of childbirth a few months after he was killed by a boulder that broke away from Bad Stone Hill. FTP, name this duo, famous for their unsuccessful attempt to procure some water in a nursery rhyme.
ANSWER: Jack and Jill

16. Its Castalian spring was an inspiration to French poets such as Leconte de Lisle [luh-COHNT duh leel]. Sacred to the Dorians, the Corycian caves were sacred to both nymphs and Pan. It is also popular with developers, who built a ski resort on this twin-peaked mountain in 1977. FTP, name this mountain, sacred to Apollo, sometimes called the home of the Muses.
ANSWER: Mount Parnassus [note: Mt. Helicon is also said to be the Muses' home]

17. This country qualified for the 1998 World Cup by defeating Iran 3-2 in a game in Malaysia. It won on a "golden goal", the first sudden-death goal in World Cup qualifying history. FTP, name this co-host of the 2002 World Cup, which won on the leg of substitute Masayuki Okano.

18. The first was William Wheaton, an attorney, while the first professional was a boxer named William McLean. Two other early ones were Robert Ferguson and John Gaffney. The first to break the color line was Emmett Ashford in 1966. In 1956, Ed Rommel and Frank Umont were the first to wear eyeglasses. FTP, name this profession represented today by Richie Phillips.
ANSWER: (baseball) umpire s

19. As a result of these related events, Prince Von Metternich fled Vienna, Sardinia and Hungary got new constitutions, and Emperor Ferdinand of Austria abdicated. FTP, name this series of European uprisings, the best known of which resulted in the proclamation of the Second French Republic after King Louis Philippe fled.
ANSWER: Revolution s of 1848

20. In 1931, Paul Dirac said that one of these would explain why electric charges are multiples of the charge of an electron. It is a particle charged in a manner analogous to that of an electric charge. FTP, name this hypothetical form of dark matter termed a WIMP, or Weakly Interacting Massive Particle.
ANSWER: magnetic monopole [prompt on early "dark matter" or "WIMP"]

21. The first example of the title object causes a housewife to panic and drop a basket of food while a second one runs over her cat. Their existence is, at first, denied by Botard, even after he sees one. FTP, people turn into beasts in what drama, whose protagonist is Berenguer, by Eugene Ionesco?
ANSWER: The Rhinoceros or Le Rhinocéros

22. It's the "land of the honest people", or so the name would have us believe. Its peoples include the Mande and the Voltaic people. FTP, name this French-speaking country, with capital at Ouagadougou, formerly known as Upper Volta.
ANSWER: Burkina Faso

23. Closed to the public in 1963 because of an aggressive fungal attack, it has not been reopened. Instead, visitors can see a facsimile at this place discovered in 1940. A popular tourist site in post-WWII France, FTP, name this place in the Dordogne region of southern France, where prehistoric cave paintings were discovered.
ANSWER: Lascaux [LAH-scoh] caves or the Hall of Bulls

24. Its glandular tissue is connected to the dermis of the skin by Cooper's ligaments, and can resemble an orange skin when attacked by lymphatic cancer. A discoidal, hemispherical, or conical eminence in the adult nullipara, FTP, name this part of the body, most important for its production of milk.
ANSWER: mammary gland or breast

25. The best performance on this test wins the annual Loebner Prize. Contestants are limited to a single theme or topic as the subject of a conversation, since the use of multiple subjects usually ends in abject failure. FTP, name this test, that no AI programmer has achieved 100% on.
ANSWER: (Alan) Turing test or Turing's test

26. The name's the same. This Essex Class carrier, nicknamed the "Black Phantom" for its WWII night operations has the most MIG kills to its credit, and has been called the "Biggest Dick in WestPac" in its 3-war history. FTP, what name does it share with a merchant vessel skippered by John Paul Jones, that defeated the Serapis , and was named after a pseudonym of Benjamin Franklin?
ANSWER: Bonhomme Richard or Gentleman Richard

27. Of $230,000 in illegal campaign contributions he accepted, $50,000 was a loan from a Taiwanese citizen and $83,000 came from his engineering firm. Since he and his wife pleaded guilty to misdemeanors, not felonies, he planned to run for re-election, but lost in the primaries. FTP, name this California Republican, the first Korean-born congressman.
ANSWER: Rep. Jay Kim

28. It establishes the reign of reason, overcomes egoism, elevates the dignity of man, and upholds morality by the highest authority. It demands obedience from respect of reason, involving absolute necessity because it enjoins actions for their own sake. FTP, name this idea set forth in the Fundamental Principles of the Metaphysics of Morals by Immanuel Kant.
ANSWER: categorical imperative

29. Its creator described a black patch in the lower right corner as a vertical whose existence was for purely formal reasons. The 200 guinea price for this painting in the Detroit Institute of Arts was called outrageous for an "unfinished" painting. FTP, what picture of fireworks on the Thames caused John Ruskin to accuse James Whistler of flinging "a pot of paint . . . in the public's face?"
ANSWER: Nocturne in Black and Gold: The Falling Rocket

30. This country's last prime minister was Vu Van Mau, an advocate of nonviolence. Mau, the person who appealed by radio for all Americans to leave this country, had been named to the post by General Duong Van Minh. FTP, name this country with capital at Saigon, which was united with its northern neighbor in1976.
ANSWER: South Vietnam [do not prompt on "Vietnam"]

Penn Bowl VIII:
Case Western Reserve

1. Identify these ballet terms, for the stated number of points.
[10] This wooden rod is attached to the wall and used for support during exercises.
ANSWER: barre [bar]
[15] This French term, meaning "knock-kneed," refers to a certain body type.
ANSWER: jarreté [ZHA-re-tay]

2. Identify these thermodynamic concepts, 10 points each.
a. This type of equation relates pressure, volume, and temperature for a real gas.
ANSWER: equation of state
b. At this point, vapor, liquid, and solid are in equilibrium.
ANSWER: triple point
c. The triple point and this point are the ends of the vapor-pressure curve in a P-V-T 3 dimensional diagram.
ANSWER: critical point

3. 30-20-10. Give the common title.
[30] This 1517 painting by Hans Baldung, inscribed "there must you go," depicts a skeleton seizing a girl's hair and pointing to an open grave.
[20] This painting shares its name with a late Schubert string quartet.
[10] In this Roman Polanski movie, Sigourney Weaver plays a housewife convinced that Ben Kingsley, her neighbor, had once tortured and raped her.
ANSWER: Death and the Maiden

4. Identify these things related to a certain city, 10 points each.
a. This city's name comes from several words meaning "stone", "prickly pear", and "place."
ANSWER: Tenochtitlan
b. Tenochtitlan was the capital of the Aztecs, whose name means "people of" this bird.
ANSWER: heron
c. These words come from this Mexican language.
ANSWER: Nahuatl

5. 30-20-10. Give the common term.
[30] This term describes supporters of Holy Roman Emperor Conrad III against the dukes of Bavaria. It is derived from the name of a castle.
[20] In the 19th century, it was used by those who saw the pope as a barrier to Italian unity.
[10] It describes the Florentine faction supporting aristocrats against wealthy merchants.
ANSWER: Ghibelline [from Waiblingen]

6. Identify these nuclear test sites, 10 points each.
a. The first British thermonuclear test was on this island, May 15, 1957.
ANSWER: Christmas Island
b. This island was the site of the American BRAVO test.
ANSWER: Bikini Atoll
c. Israel conducted a nuclear test on this Indian Ocean island.
ANSWER: Putative Island

7. Identify these British poems from quotes, 10 points each.
a. "If they be two, they are two so/ As stiff twin compasses are two"
ANSWER: "A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning " by John Donne
b. "Turning and turning in the widening gyre/ The falcon cannot hear the falconer"
ANSWER: "The Second Coming " by William Butler Yeats
c. "A little learning is a dang'rous thing"
ANSWER: The Essay on Criticism by Alexander Pope

8. Identify these denizens of Oz, for ten points each.
a. General Jinjur took over Emerald City from this ruler.
ANSWER: The Scarecrow
b. This daughter of Pastoria is the rightful ruler of Oz.
c. He is the Yellow Knight of Oz.
ANSWER: Sir Hokus of Pokes

9. Identify these physical concepts, 15 points each.
a. A gas flowing through a small opening into a larger container so that its pressure falls will have its temperature decrease.
ANSWER: Joule-Kelvin or Joule-Thompson effect
b. This rule relates the direction of a force exerted on a wire, the direction of current flowing in the wire, and the direction of the magnetic field across which the wire is placed.
ANSWER: Fleming 's rule or left hand rule [not "right hand rule"; prompt on "Poynting"]

10. Identify the nickname or subtitle of these Haydn symphonies, 10 points each.
a. Marie Antoinette was said to adore Symphony No. 85 , known by this title.
ANSWER: Queen of France
b. Symphony No. 100 , this symphony with a "Turkish" sound has a belligerent second movement.
ANSWER: Military
c. Symphony No. 101 , whose second movement has been described as "tick-tocky."

11. On October 9, 1998, Israel named a new foreign minister. 10 points each.
a. Name the new foreign minister, the architect of the 1982 invasion of Lebanon.
ANSWER: Ariel Sharon
b. From January to October 9, this man held the foreign minister portfolio.
ANSWER: Benjamin Netanyahu

12. Recrimination holds that two people are at fault. Connivance holds that one person idly stood by and let an offense occur. Ten points each.
a. These are two traditional defenses against what procedure?
ANSWER: divorce
b. This traditional divorce defense claims that the offense was forgiven earlier.
ANSWER: condonation
c. This generic complaint of "mind games" was a ubiquitous complaint on the soon-to-be-revived Divorce Court .
ANSWER: mental cruelty

13. Name these Australian authors from their works, 10 points each.
a. "Waltzing Matilda."ANSWER: Andrew Barton "Banjo" Paterson
b. Voss, Riders in the Chariot ANSWER: Patrick White
c. Bring Larks and Heroes, Schindler's Ark ANSWER: Thomas Keneally

14. Identify the musicals from songs, 10 points each.
a. "The Lynching Blues", "The Whirligig Stomp", "The Uncle Huck-A-Buck Song"
ANSWER: Bring In 'Da Noise, Bring In 'Da Funk
b. "The Journey to the Heaviside Layer", "Mr. Mistoffolees"
c. "That Dirty Old Man", "Lovely", "Comedy Tonight", "The House of Marcus Lycus"
ANSWER: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

15. Answer these questions about symbiosis, 10 points each.
a. This is a parasite of a parasite, such as a protozoan living in the digestive tract of a flea living on a dog.
ANSWER: hyperparasite or hyperparasitism
b. In this interdependent type of mutualism, exhibited by some protozoans and termites, neither partner can survive without the other.
ANSWER: obligative or obligate mutualism/symbiosis
c. This symbiosis, between plant roots and fungi, is necessary for the establishment of certain plants, such as orchids.
ANSWER: mycorrhiza e [my-koh-RY-za]

16. Identify these Parisian landmarks, 10 points each.
a. This palace on the Seine holds the offices of the Ministry of Finance.
ANSWER: Louvre Palace
b. This church stands atop the hill called Montmartre.
ANSWER: Basilique du Sacre-Coeur or Basilica of the Sacred Heart
c. The Eiffel Tower is in this field.
ANSWER: Champ de Mars or Field of Mars

17. Identify these tech companies from 1998 ventures, 10 points each.
a. This company acquired Wired Digital and the HotBot search engine.
b. This company has content partners such as MSNBC and National Geographic for its free Instant Delivery service, which schedules printing of web pages.
ANSWER: Hewlett-Packard
c. With the US Postal Service, this company is developing ClickStamp, a program to sell metered postage over the Internet.
ANSWER: Pitney-Bowes Company

18. Answer these questions about igneous rock, 10 points each.
a. Igneous rocks are classified as acid, intermediate, basic, or ultrabasic, depending upon their content of this substance.
ANSWER: silica or SiO2 or silicon dioxide
b. This term describes igneous rock formed below the Earth's surface.
ANSWER: intrusive
c. This rock type is two-textured, with large crystals embedded in a matrix of very small crystals.
ANSWER: porphyry or porphyritic
19. Identify these Euripides plays, 10 points each.
a. The characters include Phares and his son Admetus.
ANSWER: Alcestis
b. Phaedra falls in love with the title character, who happens to be her husband's son.
ANSWER: Hippolytus
c. Hermione is jealous of the title character, a slave of Neoptolemus.
ANSWER: Andromache

20. Conjunction time! Conjoin these classical music terms with professional wrestlers, 10 points each.
a. A piano piece by Claude Debussy and a blonde who hangs out with the WWF Oddities.
ANSWER: Claire de Luna Vachon [Clair de Lune, Luna Vachon]
b. The four word title for Antonin Dvorak's Ninth Symphony and the organization that started when the Outsiders were joined by Hulk Hogan.
ANSWER: From the New World Order [From the New World, New World Order]
c. The wrestler who supposedly had an affair with Taka Michinoku's sister and a movement from Gustav Holst's The Planets .
ANSWER: Val Venis, the Bringer of Peace [Val Venis, Venus, the Bringer of Peace ]

21. Identify these philosophical terms, for ten points each.
a. In his Essay Concerning Human Understanding , John Locke compared the mind to this "white paper devoid of all characters."
ANSWER: tabula rasa
b. In John Rawls' theory of justice, decisions will be made fairly and impartially from behind this.
ANSWER: veil of ignorance
c. This materialistic theory--a form of which is associated with J.J.C. Smart--is an alternative to classical dualism which holds that mental events and brain activity are the same thing.
ANSWER: identity theory

22. Name these concepts of game theory, for the stated number of points.
[10] A group of players committed to a coordination of strategies
ANSWER: coalition
[15] It consists of all allocations with the property that no subgroup within the colaition can do better by deserting the coalition.
ANSWER: core

23. 30-20-10. Name the magazine.
[30] It can include the "Missing Persons" Puzzle, a word search in which clues lead to a person's name.
[20] Its editorial director is Nelson W. Aldrich, whose guest editor project began with Martin Scorsese in the February/March 1998 issue.
[10] It is "The Magazine of the Library of Congress."
ANSWER: Civilization

24. Give the national park where you would find the following features, 10 points each.
a. Mount McKinley ANSWER: Denali National Park
b. Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes ANSWER: Katmai National Park
c. Mount Whitney ANSWER: Sequoia National Park

25. Louis Leroy saw this painting at the first exhibition of the Société Anonyme des Artistes-Peintres [SOH-see-ay-tay AH-no-neem day AHR-teests PAN-tres] in 1874. 10 points each.
a. Name this Monet painting which coined a word.
ANSWER: Impression: Sunrise or Impression: soleil levant
b. Monet painted his garden in this city, where he bought a house in 1890 and later died.
ANSWER: Giverny
c. In 1889 and 1890, Monet painted a series of these trees on the banks of the river Epte.
ANSWER: poplar s

26. Identify these things having to do with broadcasting call letters, for the stated number of points.
[10] The international assignment of call letters was codified in a 1912 meeting in this city.
ANSWER: London
[2x5] At the conference, British stations were assigned to start with these two letters.
[10] In addition to W and KDA through KZZ, the US received use of stations beginning with this letter.
ANSWER: N [for Navy and Coast Guard stations]

27. This tradition takes its name from the Sanskrit word for "to conquer." 10 points each.
a. Name this non-Hindu religion which originated in India.
ANSWER: Jain ism
b. Jainism originated with this 6th century son of a chieftain, who renounced his status, practicing an ascetic life style and acquiring 11 disciples.
ANSWER: Vardhamana or Mahavira
c. Mahavira is considered the 24th and last of these revealers of the path of dharma , or Jina .
ANSWER: Tirthankara s

28. The LPGA has four majors. Five points each, 25 for all four, name them.
ANSWERS: Nabisco Dinah Shore ; McDonald's LPGA Championship ; US Women's Open Championship; du Maurier Classic

29. Their albums include It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back and Fear of a Black Planet . 10 points each.
a. Name the rappers behind these albums.
ANSWER: Public Enemy
b. The video for this song, used in Do the Right Thing , was partly filmed at Riker's Island.
ANSWER: "Fight the Power"
c. This rapper was dismissed from the group after a 1989 interview in which he made anti-Semitic remarks.
ANSWER: Professor Griff , Minister of Information or Richard Griffin

30. He seeks out a flood survivor named Utnapishtim in order to learn how to escape death, but the answer, a youthening plant, is taken by a snake. 10 points each.
a. Name this figure who may have ruled Uruk in the 3rd millenium BC.
ANSWER: Gilgamesh
b. To curb Gilgamesh's harsh rule, his friend Enikdu was created by this god.
c. This deity sent a bull to kill Gilgamesh; he and Enkidu slayed it instead.
ANSWER: Ishtar