Wildcard Round By: B. Joughin, J. Keiger, A. Miliano, L. Vadlamudi, F. Hsu, S. Bowman, S. Oh, M. Defigueiredo and J. Wu Edited by Joseph Wu Tossups 1. In the 1950's, he developed the technique of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance for the spectroscopic analysis of substances. In the field of medicine, his technique came to be known as Magnetic Resonance Imaging, or MRI, to avoid the negative connotation of the word "nuclear". For ten points, name this Swiss-born U.S. physicist. Answer: Felix _BLOCH_ 2. In 1895 he sued John Douglass, the marquess of Queensberry for criminal libel after the Douglas walked into his private club and publicly called him a homosexual for the his dealings with Douglass' son. The playwright lost the suit and then was found guilty of indecency and spent two years in prison with hard labor. For ten points name this playwright, who wrote only one novel, "The Picture of Dorian Gray." Answer: Oscar _WILDE_ 3. He is the only president known to have played the role of Desdemona in _Othello_. His dying word was "water." He died in bankruptcy on July 23, 1885, and was interred in Riverside Park, in a red brick vault, which was, twelve years later replaced by an imposing Doric monument that's now a New York landmark. FTP, name this eighteenth president and Civil War hero. Answer: Ulysses S. _GRANT_ 4. This electronics company, founded in 1939 and incorporated in 1947, started from the invention and production of a device called a variable frequency oscillation generator. FTP, name this major company started by two Stanford graduates and headquartered in Palo Alto, California known for their printers and medical equipment. Answer: _HEWLETT-PACKARD_ or _HP_ 5. This 1946 movie, starring Rex Harrison and Irene Dunne, was the story of a 19th Century English governess who accepts a job in looking after the 67 children of the monarch of Thailand. It was later remade as the popular musical starring Yul Brenner, The King and I. FTP name the movie. Answer: _ANNA AND THE KING OF SIAM_ 6. This national park was known as Lafayette National Park from its establishment in 1919 until 1929. It consists of half of Mount Desert Island, parts of Isle au Haut, several other smaller islets, and the tip of the Schoodic Peninsula on the mainaland. For ten points, name this national park, which contains the highest point on the eastern seaboard. Answer: _ACADIA_ National Park 7. He had only one hand, the other having been bitten off by the wolf Fenrir. At Ragnarok, it is said that this son of Odin will kill and by killed by Garm, the hound of Hell. FTP, give this Norse god of war's name, from which the word Tuesday is derived. Answer: _TYR_ or _TIU_ 8. After neighbors downstairs complained that water was leaking through the ceiling, police broke in and found this 88-year-old dead in his bath in September of 1995. FTP, name this man who turned down an appointment to West Point to study agronomy and plant genetics at Purdue, and devoted his ife to developing a hybrid gourment popcorn. Answer: Orville _REDENBACKER_ 9. This noted author dropped out of the military academy after keeping unauthorized books in his dormitory room. He also lived as reporter and reviewer, was a drug addict and married his thirteen year old cousin. FTP name this author of the Cask of Amontillado and the Fall of the House of Usher. Answer: Edgar Allen _POE_ 10. This mathematical value was known to Babylonians and results from dividing a line segment of length A into a longer part X and a shorter part A minus X so that the ratio of A to X equals the ratio of X to A minus X. When A minus X equals one, this value is approximately equal to 1.61803. FTP, name this constant usually given by the Greek letter phi. Answer: _GOLDEN RATIO_ 11. This realist French painter was born in 1819 and taught himself by copying paintings in the Louvre. He saved many paintings from ruin during the 1871Commune of Paris but fled to Switzerland after being accused of allowing the destruction of one of Napoleon's war monuments. FTP, name this painter of The Stone Breakers, Burial at Ornans, and The Artist's Studio. Answer: Gustave _COURBET_ 12. In July, 1995, Bill Clinton signed a highly controversial bill. It was immediately protested by the European Union and the Canadian government. It would allow U.S citizens to sue foreign companies for profiting from property confiscated by the Cuban government. FTP, name this law co-sponsored by Jessie Helms. Answer: _HELMS BURTON ACT_ 13. Aesma Daeva, Aka Manah, Indra, Saurva, Tawrich and Zarich are Archdemons who were said to have caused plagues and diseases, and fought every form of religion. The word "Devil" is derived from the collective name for these demons "Daevas". FTP name the religion in whose mythology you would find these demons. Answer: _ZOROASTRIANISM_ 14. The main product of protein degradation, this was the first organic compound to be chemically synthesized. Its IUPAC name is amino-methanamide. FTP, name this white crystalline compound that is the main component of urine. Answer: _UREA_ 15. First settled by the French as Carillon (car-ee-own) in the 17th century, this peninsula was on the edge of the French posessions in the new world. A fort was built here to protect against the British from both Lake Champlain or Lake George. Captured by the British in 1759, FTP, name this fort, captured by the Americans in 1775, which eventually supplied the Americans with enough firepower to drive the British from Boston. Answer: Fort _TICONDEROGA_ 16. This Swiss oceanographic engineer wrote the books "Seven Miles Down" and "The Sun Beneath the Sea". In 1960, accompanied by U.S. Navy Lieutenant Don Walsh, he made an historic voyage. FTP, name the man who piloted the bathyscape "Trieste" to the bottom of the Challenger Deep, in the Marianas Trench. Answer: Jacques _PICCARD_ 17. She is 38 years old, an actor and an author, but is best known for her musical efforts. FTP, name this woman, who wants to keep her daughter out of the public eye, raise Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon as a ìgood Catholicî, but published a book entitled "Sex" and a song called "Like a Prayer." Answer: _MADONNA_ 18. In 1919 he gained his first major diplomatic experience as a member of the Reparations commission at the Versailles Conference. He negotiated the peace treaty with Japan in 1951 and felt that when necessary, the country must go to the brink of war to achieve its goal of disrupting Communism wherever it appeared. FTP, name this secretary of state under Eisenhower from 1953-59. Answer: John Foster _DULLES_ 19. Michaelangelo was carving another one of these just before his death. In the eleventh century, it was the most characteristic type of a new form of religious imagery, designed to serve private devotion. What it depicts is never mentioned in the Bible, and its name is derived from the Latin word for piety. FTP, name these sculptures, representing the Virgin grieving over a dead Christ. Answer: _PIETA_ 20. Her works incorporate the themes of the dual impulses torward exploration and cultivation, excitement and safety, and art and domesticity. Her most renowned work is a novel, set in New Mexico, and is based on the life of Father Lateur and his work with peasants. FTP, name this author of Death comes for the Archbishop. Answer: Willa _CATHER_ 21. The fate of this Canadian political party is indicative of how quickly fortunes can change. As recently as 2 years ago, it controlled the provincial legislatures of Ontario, British Columbia and Saskatchewan - three of the most populous provinces. Now, they control just 7 seats in the 265 seat House of Commons and are not even considered an official party. FTP, name this leftist party whose platform is based on socialism. Answer: _NEW DEMOCRATIC PARTY_ or _NDP_ 22. Remember the game show "Let's Make a Deal"? Well, at the end of every show, Monty Hall would ask a contestant to pick one of three doors, only one of which contains a prize. Monty then reveals one of the other doors which does not contain the prize. The contestant is then given the choice of whether to stay with his original pick or switch. Surprisingly, you actually have a better chance of winning if you switch. FTP, what are your chances of winning if you switch doors. Answer: _2/3_ or _67%_ Overtime #1 23. Also known as o-sulfobenzoic amide, it is normally used as its soluble sodium salt. It is not absorbed by the body, and is used in low calorie foods and diabetes. FTP, what is this sweetening agent, first synthesized here at Hopkins by Ira Remsen, 550 times sweeter than sucrose, and is believed to be a carcinogen? Answer: _SACCHARIN_ 24. It is a plateau, averaging 2000 ft in height, and culminating in icefields, the most notable of which is the Vatnajokull. Its chief river is the Jokulsa and its highest point is Mt. Hekla, which is one of the volcanoes on the island still active today. FTP, what is this island country separated from Greenland by the Denmark strait? Answer: _ICELAND_ 25. He was the illegitimate son of an Irish landowner, became close friends with George Bernard Shaw, and received advice on writing from both Shaw and Forster. FTP, identify this man, the author of The Seven Pillars of Wisdom, who was portrayed by Peter OíToole in the magnificent Oscar winning movie bearing his name Answer: T.E. _LAWRENCE_ (of Arabia) Overtime #2 26. His harsh education at Mr. Creakle's school led to a job pasting labels on bottles. Eventually he studied law, got a job with a firm in London, and married Dora Spenlow. After his wife's death he realized he had always loved Agnes Wickfield, and enlists Mr. Micawber's help to aid her in foiling the plots of Uriah Heep. Such are the happenings of, for ten points, what semi- autobiographical title character of Charles Dickens? Answer: _DAVID COPPERFIELD_ 27. A member of his own cabinet was quoted as saying that "His conscience is clear because he never uses it." He has stated that "Autonomy is the most the Palestinians can hope for so long as I have any say." FTP, name this former Defense Minister who, as the new Prime Minister has earned sever criticism from many ardent supporters of Israel. Answer: Benjamin _NETANYAHU_ 28. _Young Man of Manhattan_, _Hat Check Girls_, _Suicide Fleet_, _The Gay Divorcee_, and _Swingtime_ are among the films of this actress and dancer who won a Best Actress Oscar (tm) for her role in _Kitty Foyle_. FTP, name this dancer who mad ten films with Fred Astaire and who died in 1995. Answer: Ginger _ROGERS_ Bonuses 1. Hopkins is known for its DNA research so we thought weíd throw a DNA bonus in for kicks. FTP each, tell which type of DNA is described. a. This type is an alternative form of a right handed helix. It is fatter than normal DNA b. This type is left handed. c. This type is the most commonly found in cells and is a right handed helix Answer: a) _A-DNA_ b) _Z-DNA_ c) _B-DNA_ 2. 30-20-10. Identify the philosopher and author by the quotes. 30: "Man is not the sum of what he has but the totality of what he does not yet have, of what he might have." 20: "Culture doesn't save anything or anyone, it doesn't justify." 10: "Hell is- other people!" Answer: Jean Paul _SARTRE_ 3. For ten points each, name the first NBA draft picks of the following years on a 10-5 basis. a. 10: Picked in 1996 out of Georgetown 5: He was picked the Philadelphia 76ers. b. 10: Picked in 1984 out of Houston 5: He led his Houston Rockets to two world championships c. 10: Picked in 1990 by Syracuse 5: This frequently injured and whiny player was traded to Philadelphia for Shawn Bradley Answer: a) Allen _IVERSON_ b) Hakeem _OLAJAWON_ c) Derrick _COLEMAN_ 4. 30-20-10. Name the author from his works: 30: "Mr. Pim Passes By", "The Dover Road" 20: "When We Were Young", "Now We Are Six" 10: "Winnie-the-Pooh", "The House at Pooh Corner" Answer: Alan Alexander _MILNE_ 5. Everyone knows that the German S.S. was in charge of carrying out the Holocaust. Answer these questions about the S.S. FTP each. e. First, give the two German words that are abbreviated by S.S. f. Secondly, give the English translation of those words. g. Finally, name the man who commanded the S.S. Answer: a) _SCHUTZ-STAFFEL_ b) PROTECTIVE SQUADRON_ c) Heinrich _HIMMLER_ 6. In 1991 a copy of Detective 27, a comic book issued in 1939, sold at auction for a record $55,000 to a Mr. Harold M. Anderson. This comic book is special because it is the first time that this popular superhero is introduced to the public. f. First, for fifteen points, name the superhero, the subject of Detective 27. g. Secondly, for fifteen points, name the two actors who have portrayed Batman and the actor who will be portraying Batman in the upcoming movies. Answer: a) _BATMAN_ b) Michael _KEATON_, Val _KILMER_ , George _CLOONEY_ 7. No other town has had as many elements named after it as Ytterby. For 5 points each, and a bonus ten for all correct, what are the 4 elements named after Ytterby. Answer: _YTTERBIUM_, _YTTRIUM_, TERBIUM_, _ERBIUM_ 8. For five points each and five more for all correct, given a President of the United States, name his state of birth. a. James Madison b. Dwight D. Eisenhower c. James K. Polk d. Richard Nixon e. Theodore Roosevelt Answer: a) _VIRGINIA_ b) _TEXAS_ c) _NORTH CAROLINA_ d) _CALIFORNIA_ e) _NEW YORK_ 9. It's time to remember your Nobel Chemists, everybody. For ten points each answer the following questions about the aforementioned topic. a. He won in 1958 for his work on proteins, especially insulin b. She won in 1964 for her work on x-raying important biochemical structures. c. In 1995, Sherwood Roland, Mario Molina, and Paul Crutzen won for their study of what aspect of the environment? Answer: a) Frederick _SANGER_ b) Dorothy _HODGKIN_ c) the _OZONE _ 10. Life probably wouldn't be as complex today if not for the myriad we have come to depend on. But it sure makes doing things a lot easier, thanks to the brilliance of inventors. For five points each, and five more for all correct, given the invention, name the inventor. j. Spinning jenny k. Electric battery l. Reaper m. Open column thermometer n. Aqualung Answer: a) James _HARGREAVES_ b) Alessandro _VOLTA_ c) Cyrus _McCORMACK_ d) Galileo _GALILEI_ e) Jaques Yves _COUSTEAU_ 11. Abbreviations signify some of the world's most important organizations. For ten points each, I'll name the abbreviation, and you tell me what it stands for. k. Interpol l. OAS m. EFTA Answer: a) _INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL POLICE ORGANIZATION_ b) _ORGANIZATION FOR AMERICAN STATES_ c) _EUROPEAN FREE TRADE ASSOCIATION_ 12. Are you up on your recent African American History? Well let's see if you can name the African Americans in the news this year. l. For 5 points, name the only black candidate for president that ran this year. m. For 10 points, name the current president of the NAACP. c. For 15 points, name the Harvard University Divinity School Professor who authored _Race Matters_ Answer: a) Alan _KEYES_ b) Kweisi _MFUME_ c) Cornel _WEST_ 13. In the past 30 years, only 4 television shows have had episodes win the Hugo award for best dramatic presentation in science fiction. For 15 points each, name the only 2 non Star Trek shows. Answer: _THE TWILIGHT ZONE_, _BABYLON 5_ 14. Let's test your knowledge of Arthurian legend. a. First, for 5 points, what was the name of Arthur's sword. b. Secondly, FTP, what was Arthur's last name. c. And finally, for 15 points, give the name of the island to which Arthur went to after his death. Answer: a) _EXCALIBUR_ b) _PENDRAGON_ c) _AVALON_ 15. In 1924 Richard Loeb and Nathan Leopold were found guilty of murdering Loeb's fourteen year old cousin. Due to eloquent speeches before the court, they avoided the death penalty. o. First, FTP, who was the lawyer that delivered those eloquent speeches? p. Secondly, FTP, name the fourteen year old boy who was found in a culvert beside some railroad tracks. q. Finally, FTP, which of the two murderers died in prison? Answer: a) Clarence _DARROW_ b) Bobby _FRANKS_ c) Richard _LOEB_ 16. First, for ten points each, given a brief plot and the actors who starred in these popular musical films, name them. p. A cowboy and a hired hand vie for the affections of a pretty farm girl. Starring Gordon MacRae, Shirley Jones, and Rod Steiger. q. An American navy nurse and a Frenchman fall in love during World War II. Starring Mitzi Gaynor and Rosanno Brazzi. r. Finally, for ten points, name the famous pair who scored both musicals. Answer: a) _OKLAHOMA!_ b) _SOUTH PACIFIC_ c) _RODGERS and HAMMERSTEIN_ 17. Although liver is really disgusting to eat, it plays an important function in the human body. Answer these questions about liver function for the stated number of points. q. First, for five points, what fat emulsification liquid does the liver synthesize, about 0.5 liters per day? r. Secondly, for ten points, the various bile ducts combine to form which duct, which then splits off to form the cystic duct and the common bile ducts? s. Finally, for fifteen points, what is the physiological term for liver cells? Answer: a) _BILE_ b) _HEPATIC DUCT_ c) _HEPATOCYTES_ 18. 30-20-10: Name the year given the clues from European history 30: Adolph Eichmann is hanged in Israel for his Nazi atrocities 20: France transfers sovereignty to the new republic of Algeria 10: Pope John XXIII convenes the Second Vatican Council Answer: _1962_ 19. More Asian geography for you. Given the riverís source and the body of water it flows into, name the river for ten points each. s. It starts from the Himalayas and flows 1800 miles to the Arabian Sea. t. It starts from Tibetan Highlands and flows 2500 miles to the South China Sea. u. It begins at the confluence of the Nmai and Mali rivers in Burma and flows 1300 miles to the Bay of Bengal. Answer: a) _INDUS_ b) _MEKONG_ c) _IRRAWADY_ 20. The Cold War produced some of themost memorable Supreme Court cases. Identify these landmark Supreme Court cases for fifteen points each. t. This 1951 case affirmed the convictions of Communist leaders for violating statutes under the Smith Act and modified the clear and present danger test stating that the clear and present danger test could not punish speech unless it posed an immediate threat of a serious substantive evil. u. This 1957 case overturned the convictions of 9 people accused of plotting to overthrow the government and stated in order to convict, the government must prove that the defendant advocated action to overthrow the government immediately, or at some later date. Answer: a) _DENNIS vs. UNITED STATES_ b) _YATES vs. UNITED STATES_ 21. The 1996 Emmys produced some interesting and unpredictable results. Given the category, name the winner of that category for ten points each. u. Best supporting actor - comedy v. Best supporting actor - drama w. Best writing - comedy Answer: a) Rip _TORN_ (The Larry Sanders Show) b) Ray _WALSTON_ (Picket Fences) c) _FRASIER_ 22. Its fun with probability time! Given a six sided dice, answer these questions for the stated number of points. v. First, for five points, what is the probability that you will roll a 6? w. Secondly, for five points, what is the probability that you will roll a prime number? x. Thirdly, for ten points, what is the expected value of the roll? y. Finally, for ten points, what is the variance of the roll? Answer: a) _1/6_ b) _1/2_ c) _3.5_ d) _91/36_