Questions by Swarthmore Edited by George Huang and Joseph Wu Tossups 1. Tough best known today as a novelist, he made his fortune with his short stories, such as "the rich boy," "Babylon Revisited," and "The Diamond as Big as the Ritz," collected in volumes like Flappers and Philosophers. FTP, name this American author, whose unfinished masterwork was entitled The Last Tycoon. Answer: F. Scott _FITZGERALD_ 2. Arriving in Paris in 1778, he announced that he had discovered a fluid which penetrated and surrounded all bodies. He held sessions for patients in which he "used" this fluid to put them into trances or epileptic-like fits. Today, his name is the origin of a verb meaning "to hypnotize, spellbind, or fascinate." For ten points, name this Austrian physician who proposed a theory of animal magnetism. Answer: Franz Anton _MESMER_ 3. He was called "The Morning Star of the Reformation," because this reformer attacked Church doctrine long before it was chic. He condemned monasticism and denied transubstantiation. FTP, name this Englishman, who started the first English translation of the Bible, and whose followers were known as Lollards. Answer: John _WYCLIFFE_ 4. Despite the awful failure of Space: Above and Beyond, television moguls hope that the X-Files' Chris Carter will strike gold again. His new show will feature Lance Henriksen as a telepathic investigator in a creepy Northwestern town. FTP, name this upcoming series, which seems to be 4 years ahead of its time. Answer: _MILENNIUM_ 5. It was first published in 1798 in seven parts. The title character in this long poem grabs the narrator en route to a wedding feast and tells him how his crewmates were slain by a skeleton ship, because of his sin of killing an albatross. FTP, name this Samuel Taylor Coleridge work. Answer: _RIME OF THE ANCIENT MARINER_ 6. In Greek mythology, she was the mother of Clytemnestra, Helen, and the twins Castor and Pollux. She is best known, however, for the cygnine form Zeus took to seduce her. FTP, name this woman, the subject of paintings by Michelangelo and Veronese, and a poem by Yeats, who was swept away by a divine swan. Answer: _LEDA_ 7. In humans, when there are no outside cues, they are about 25 hours long; the presence of a light source, or zeitgeber, seems to fine-tune them so that they correspond with reality. FTP, give the name for these rhythms, like sleepiness and wakefulness, that guide animals from day to day. Answer: _CIRCADIAN_ rhythms 8. WARNING: TWO ANSWERS REQUIRED. A hotly -contested senate race pits a liberal 2-term Democratic senator (known for his work on the BCCI scandal and his support of the crime bill) against a popular incumbent governor, a pro-choice and fiscally conservative Republican. For ten points, name the two major- party senate candidates in Massachusetts. Answer: _JOHN KERRY_ (prompt on Kerry), William F. _WELD_ 9. It is a toroidal apparatus for containing plasma by means two magnetic fields; a strong magnetic field surrounding a vacuum chamber, and a weak magnetic field created by an intense electric current through the plasma. It is often used in nuclear fusion. FTP, give this 7-letter word, an amalgam of the Russian for "toroidal magnetic chamber". Answer: _TOKAMAK_ 10. He was a nineteenth century congressman from South Carolina, whose most famous act led to his censure by the House. He became a hero in his home district, which elected him to Congress again when he resigned. For ten points, name the man who became so angry at Senator Charles Sumner for denouncing his uncle that he beat the Massachusetts senator nearly to death. Answer: Preston _BROOKS_ 11. Denying the reality of thoughts and cognition, its principles were based on Pavlov's studies of dogs. Holding that all actions could be explained in terms of punishments and rewards, practitioners of this school of psychology looked to pigeons and rats as models of human thought. FTP, name this school, whose best-known proponent was B. F. Skinner. Answer: _BEHAVIORISM_ 12. Table Mountain towers over this city, which was its country's largest seaport until it was passed by Durban about 15 years ago. The first white settlement on the spot was founded in 1652, and the Castle of Good Hope, built soon afterward by the Dutch, is the country's oldest monument. For ten points, name this city, one of the three capitals of South Africa, vying for the 2004 Summer Olympic games. Answer: _CAPE TOWN_ 13. Benjamin Bathurst was a gentleman, a diplomat, and a suspected Napoleonic-era British secret agent. Judge Crater was a well-respected and well-known 1930's-era lawman. Ambrose Bierce was an author known for his vicious satire. Amelia Aerhart was a famous female flier. FTP, what trait do they all share? Answer: _THEY ALL DISAPPEARED WITHOUT A TRACE_ 14. Because of unbalanced molecular cohesive forces near the top of liquid bodies, they appears to be covered by a thin elastic membrane. FAQTP, name this property of liquids that allows one to skip rocks, or allows water striders to stride across lakes. Answer: _SURFACE TENSION_ 15. During his years in the U.S. House of Representatives, he was known as a progressive and a friend of labor, but by 1920 (when he wanted the Democratic nomination for president) liberals derided him as a red-baiting opportunist. For ten points, name this Swarthmore alum and attorney general under Woodrow Wilson, who launched the Red Scare of 1919. Answer: A. Mitchell _PALMER_ 16. It began by exploring the lands of Cron, following in the footsteps of the great explorer Corak. Later installments from this New World Computing product moved through Gates to Another World to Xeen, and the Darkside of Xeen. FTP, name this long-lived computer fantasy game series, whose name is a pathetic rip- off of Dungeons and Dragons. Answer: _MIGHT AND MAGIC_ 17. In economics, a good example of this type of good is national security; something the government needs to provide, since if it doesn't, no one can make a profit from it. For a quick ten points, give the economic term for a good that is nonrival in consumption, and which cannot be kept from people who don't pay for it. Answer: _PURE PUBLIC GOOD_ (Prompt on public good) 18. A contemporary of Aristotle, he was known for his refusal to participate in Athenian politics. He held that one should live in such a way as to reduce pain and anxiety and to maximize psychic tranquillity and pleasure. FTP, name this philosopher, whose name is now given to gourmets and hedonists. Answer: _EPICURUS_ 19. The earliest form of the sonnet is named after this man, its earliest major practitioner. A scholar of Greek and Latin as well as a poet, he was rowned with a laurel in Rome in 1341. FTP, name this author of the Scattered Lyrics, whose dominant theme was Laura. Answer: _PETRARCH_ or Francesco Petrarca 20. In the last few minutes of the game, he ran a brilliant dribble along the goal line, and had he not handballed the soccer ball, would have scored the winning goal in regulation. Nonetheless, his team, the D.C. United, won the inaugural MLS championship in overtime. FTP, name this soccer player, the first MVP of the MLS Cup. Answer: Marco _ETCHEBERRY_ 21. In a recent interview, this presidential candidate revealed that he's not even talking with his campaign managers! Attempting to run his campaign with under $5,000, this left-winger advocates the socialization of medicine, nuclear disarmament, and, of course, ever-vigilant government monitoring of corporations. FTP, name this Green Party nominee and consumer advocate, author of "Unsafe at any Speed." Answer: Ralph _NADER_ 22. By plotting a star's brightness against its surface temperature, aiding greatly in the classification of stars. FTP, name this astronomical chart, named for its two creators. Answer: _HERTZSPRUNG-RUSSELL_ diagram (or H-R diagram) Bonuses 1. From 1700 to 1721, the bulk of the reign of Peter the Great, Russia, Sweden, Denmark/Norway, and Poland were engaged in a conflict that signalled the decline of Swedish military power and the rise of Russia. a. First, FTP, name the war b. For another ten points, what brilliant tactician led the Swedish to victory after victory in the early years of the war? c. For another ten points, at what battle did the forces of Peter the Great finally defeat the Swedes, ending their invasion of Russia? Answer: a) the _GREAT NORTHERN WAR_ (also accept: the _SECOND NORTHERN WAR_) b) _CHARLES XII_ c) _POLTAVA_ 2. Name the organ, 30-20-10 30: It is a compound racemose gland, analogous in its structure to the salivary glands, though softer and less compactly arranged than those organs. 20: It is situated transversely across the posterior wall of the abdomen, at the back of the epigastric and left hypochondriac regions. It's from 5-6 inches long, about a half inch thick, and an inch and a half in breadth. 10: It produces insulin. Answer: _PANCREAS_ 3. Given the NHL trophy, tell me who receives it for five points each, and five more for all correct. c. Hart Trophy d. Vezina e. James Norris f. Lady Bing g. Art Ross Answer: a) _MVP_ b) _LEADING GOALKEEPER_ c) _DEFENSEMEN_ d) _SPORTSMANSHIP_ e) _LEADI NG SCORER_ 4. Answer the following question's about Boris Yeltsin's health and the state of Kremlin politics FTP each. a. Yeltsin was recently examined by what famed, octogenarian, U.S. heart surgeon? b. What general and security chief recently charged that acutal decisionmaking in the Kremlin was being done not by Yeltsin, but by subordinates taking advantage of the president's ill health and then was recently ousted? c. What is the name of the presidential chief of staff (and former privatization minister) who has been accused of signing official documents with a stamp of Yeltsin's name, w/o the president's permission? Answer: a) Michael _DEBAKEY_ b) Aleksandr _LEBED_ c) Anatolii _CHUBAIS_ 5. Answer the following questions about scientology for the stated number of points. a. Scientology was developed by a former science fiction writer and explained in an extraordinarily popular self-help book. Name them, for five points each. b. Scientology holds that there is a collection of "bad thoughts" that engrain themself on you and make you weak of mind. FTP each, name these "bad thoughts," and give the name of the state in which you've eliminated all your bad thoughts. Answer: a) _DIANETICS_, L. Ron _HUBBARD_ b) _ENGRAMS_, _CLEAR_ 6. Answer the following questions about proposed -but unenacted- legislation concerning the Mexican War for 15 points each: f. Proposed by a then-obscure opponent of the war, Rep. Abraham Lincoln, these measures would have required President Polk to provide the House with proof that the war had begun with the shedding of American blood on American soil. g. This measure, passed by the House and killed in the Senate several, would have banned slavery on all land taken from Mexico. Answer: a) _SPOT RESOLUTIONS_ b) _WILMOT PROVISO_ 7. Given the composer and # of a symphony, give the name by which it is more commonly known for five each and five more for all correct. g. Schubert's 8th h. Beethovenís 9th i. Brucknerís 4th j. Tchaikovskyís 6th k. Mendelssohnís 3rd Answer: a) _UNFINISHED_ b) _CHORAL_ c) _ROMANTIC_ d) _PATHETIQUE_ e) _SCOTTISH_ 8. Identify the novel, 30-20-10 30: It's about sentient lightbulbs, psychics, and the powerful Jamf and I.G. Farben pharmaceuticals corporation. 20: It's about an international drug smuggler trying to smuggle primo hash through a postwar Germany under, and the sexual escapades of a boatload of international perverts. 10: It's about the adventures of Tyrone Slothrop, aka Rocketman, as he attempts to track down a mystic V2 missile. Answer: _GRAVITY'S RAINBOW_ by Thomas Pynchon 9. Identify the following types of solar activity for ten points each: a. Dark areas of the solar surface, averaging twice the diameter of the earth and containing intense magnetic fields. b. Eruptions on the solar surface, visible as red protrusions during eclipses and apparently caused by the sun's magnetic fields. c. More violent eruptions, resulting in the emission of X-rays and ultraviolent radiation (which can affect radion signals on earth); they reach their maximum in a few minutes, and decay within an hour. Answer: a) _SUNSPOTS_ b) _PROMINENCES_ c) solar _FLARES_ 10. Identify the following figures prominent in developmental psychology FTP each. a. After working with Binet to develop the IQ test, this Swiss researcher developed a stage theory of children's development, focusing on concepts like object permanence and conservation of liquids and solids. b. Working in the early Soviet Union, he focused on the "developmental gap" between children, and on how one child teaches others; his work was later suppressed by the Soviet government. c. Working in the field of ethical development, this researcher developed stages of moral maturity that he believed evrry child worked through. Answer: a) Jean _PIAGET_ b) _VYGOTSKY_ c) Lawrence _KOHLBERG_ 11. Given a weapon wielded by a God, give, for five points each, the type of weapon it was and, for ten points, the deity who wielded it. k. Gungnir l. Mjolnir Answer: a) weapon: _SPEAR_, god: _ODIN_ or _WOTAN_ b) weapon: _HAMMER_, god _THOR_ or _DONAR_ 12. Boy, is Dilbert funny. For the stated number of points, name these recurring Dilbert characters. a. For five points, Dilbert's balding loser coworker with coke-bottle glasses. b. For ten points, Dilbert's male dinosaur buddy. c. For fifteen points, Dilbert's girlfriend. Answer: a) _WALLY_ b) _BOB_ c) _LIZ_ 13. Only two presidents this century received the nomination of their party for president or vice president five times each. m. First, for five points, name them. n. FDR and Nixon had something else in common: each gave a well-known speech about his dog. For ten points each, name these two canine presidential pets. Answer: a) Franklin Delano _ROOSEVELT_ (prompt on Roosevelt), Richard Milhous _NIXON_ b) _FALA_, _CHECKERS_ 14. 30-20-10, name the author. 30: She may have been the lover of Fujiwara no Michinaga, who was the power behind the throne for much of the early Heian period. 20: In her diary, she bitterly criticized her bolder rival and fellow author, Sei Shonagon. 10: The heroine of her great novel, _The Tale of Genji_, shares her name. Answer: _MURASAKI_ Shibiku 15. Name these seemingly unrelated movies from a brief description FTP each. o. In this movie the Hong Kong Cavaliers aided the title character in defeating Emil Lizardo. Wherever you go there you are. p. Charles Bronson stared in this 1974 movie about an architect who turns vigilante when his wife and daughter are raped. q. This 1985 film is known for several cameos by other directors. In it, Michelle Pfeiffer must dispose of six emeralds stolen from the Shah of Iran. Answer: a) The Adventures of _BUCKAROO BONZAI_ across the Eighth Dimension b) _DEATH WISH_ c) _INTO THE NIGHT_ Note: The common thread is that Jeff Goldblum is in all these movies. 16. In plants, chlorophyll interacts with proteins to allow the capture of light. Chlorophyll best captures light of a particular wavelength between yellow and red. Chlorophyll "A" and chlorophyll "B" have different optimal wavelengths for capture. p. First, FTP, name them. q. Secondly, for another ten points, chloroplasts contain additional yellow and orange pigments to capture other wavelengths of light. FTP, name these subsidiary pigments. Answer: a) _680_ and _700 ANGSTROMS_ b) _CAROTENOIDS_ 17. Its not cycling season, but we thought weíd throw in a cycling bonus for fun. For ten points, name any three of the for cycling legends who won the Tour de France five times. Answer: (any three of these) Miguel _INDURAIN_, Jaques _ANQUETIL_, Eddy _MERCKX_, Bernard _HINAULT_ 18. Charles Dickens wrote many great novels. Answer these questions about one of his greatest novels for the stated number of points each. r. First, for five points, name this novel centered around the unending probate case of Jarndyce vs. Jarndyce. s. Secondly, for ten points, name the orphan ward who narrates much of Bleak House and finds her mother near the very end. t. Finally, for fifteen points, name one of the cousins of John Jarndyce who foolishly spends too much time trying to resolve Jarndyce vs. Jarndyce and eventually dies the day the case is resolved. Answer: a) _BLEAK HOUSE_ b) _ESTHER SUMMERSON_ c) _RICHARD CARSTONE_ 19. For ten points each, name these political figures of the Roman Republic: a. Two brothers active in Roman politics strove for agrarian reform, were elected tribunes, and were murdered by mobs. For ten points, give their common name. b. This orator began his career by fighting corruption in Sicily, and argued throughout his career for the interests of the aristocracy; he is known today mainly for his eloquence c. This statesman was a fierce opponent of Carthage; he ended every speech with the words "Carthage must be destroyed." Answer: a) _GRACCHUS_ or _GRACCHI_ b) Marcus Tullius _CICERO_ c) _CATO THE ELDER_ 20. Given a highest point in a state, give the state for ten points each. t. Mount Ranier u. Black Mesa v. Mount Elbert Answer: a) _WASHINGTON_ b) _OKLAHOMA_ c) _COLORADO_ 21. The House ethics committee and a special counsel have recently been looking into charges against Speaker Newt Gingrich. Answer the following questions, FTPE: u. Some of the complaints stem from alleged improper spending by what political action committee once headed by Gingrich? v. What Connecticut rep and ethics committee chair has been accused of trying to delay serious consideration of the charges until after the election? w. Finally, what special counsel recently announced that he was broadening his investigation of Gingrich? Answer: a) _GO-PAC_ b) Nancy _JOHNSON_ c) James _COLE_ 22. Given the name of a famous work of art, give the painter FTPE: a. The Third of May, 1808: The Execution of the Defenders of Madrid b. series of woodcuts, including The Apocalypse, the Great Passion, and The Life of the Virgin c. The Last Judgment, The Descent from the Cross Answer: a) _GOYA_ b) Albrecht _DURER_ c) Peter Paul _RUBENS_