Questions by Maryland Mystery Machine edited by Joseph Wu Toss-ups 1. When afficted with scurvy, this protein cannot form fibers properly. This results in skin lesions, blood vessel fragility, and poor wound healing. This extracelluar protein is the major component of connective tissues such as bone, teeth, cartilage, tendon, and ligament. FTP, name this most abundant protein of vertebrates. Answer: _COLLAGEN_ 2. This novel was the first of a projected trilogy on the American wheat business. The novel depicts the struggle for power between Califronia wheat farmers and the railroad. FTP, name this novel written by Frank Norris which shares its name with a certain cephalopod. Answer: The _OCTOPUS_ 3. On October 3rd, 1996 Yugoslavia and Bosnia agreed to exchange ambassadors. Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic and Bosnian Leader, Alija Izetbegovic met in Paris to agree to open embassies in each otherís capital, fulfilling the final requirement of an accord made during 1995. FTP, name this peace accord that required an exchange of ambassadors of the two countries which shares its name with a Ohio city. Answer: _DAYTON ACCORDS_ 4. Sydney Andrews, Kymberly Mancini, Valerie Malone, Dana Scully, and Peg Bundy all share a common trait besides being women. FTP, what is it? Answer: theyíre all _REDHEADS_ on Fox 5. He became king when he was sixteen, replacing his father Amaziah. He was considered a good king, refortifying the city of Jerusalem. However, 2 Chromicles writes that he became prideful, which ultimately led to his downfall. FTP, name this king of Judah, who was struck with leprosy when he entered the temple and burned incense, against Jewish law. Answer: _UZZIAH_ 6. In his 1950 play "La Lecon", a professor and his student attempt to communicate through an arbitrary yet absurdly logical language which the professor wields as an instrument of power with which to dominate and finally rape and kill the student. FTP, name this Theatre of the Absurd dramatist whose first play, ìThe Bald Sopranoî also was published that year. Answer: Eugene _IONESCO_ 7. This native of Patavium began his great work about 26 B.C. , but did not publish his first 21 books until A.D. 14. He wished to recall to his countrymen the glories of thier ancestors, and to urge them to abandon decadent ways. FTP, name this Roman historian who wrote "Ab Urbe Condita Libri" which is translated as "The History of Rome from the Founding of the City". Answer: _LIVY_ 8. After learning woodwork and metalwork in Minneapolis, he opened his own handicraft store in Cedar Rapids, Minnesota. In the 1930s, he settled in Connecticut working extensively for the Federal Arts project, and producing murals in Washington D.C and Iowa State College. FTP, name this painter who is more well known for ìDaughters of the Revolution" and "American Gothic". Answer: Grant _WOOD_ 9. This disease is caused by Plasmodium falciparum which resides within an erythrocyte during much of its 48 hour life cycle. The organism ultimately causes erythrocytes to be lodged in a vital organ such as the brain. FTP, name the disease, which is usually transmitted through the Anopheles Mosquito and to which people heterozygous for the trait sickle-cell anemia are immune. Answer: _MALARIA_ 10. This influential composer and conductor was a student of Julius Epstein, Robert Fuchs, and Franz Krenn at the Vienna Conservatory. In Kassel, he had an unhappy affair with one of the singers which lead to his composition of the cycle, "Songs of a Warefarer". FTP, name this Austrian composer of the "Resurrection Symphony" and "Symphony of a Thousand". Answer: Gustav _MAHLER_ 11. It was the meeting of the main council of the Holy Roman Empire in 1521, and was the site where the famous words, ìHere I stand, I can do no other,î were spoken. FTP, name this meeting, where Martin Luther refused to repudiate his 95 theses, making him a hero to the Germans. Answer: _DIET OF WORMS_ 12. This physicists and electrical engineer emigrated to the U.S. in 1884 and worked at Edison Works. He later left Edison Works to concentrate on his own inventions which included improved dynamos and electric bulbs. FTP name this physicist who has a unit of magnetic induction and a high frequency coil named after him. Answer: Nikola _TESLA_ 13. Silvia, Julia, and the Duke of Thurio, are various characters in this Shakespearean comedy. It was based on Jorge de Montemayor's "Diana", and its form was based mostly on the early Italian comedies. FTP, name this play whoses main protagonists were the rivals Valentine and Proteus. Answer: _TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA_ 14. "Newsies", "A League of Their Own", "The Favor", "Singles", "Malice", "Sommersby", "Ruthless People", "The Last Seduction", "Sibling Rivalry", and "Casper" were some of the movies that this actor was in. FTP name this actor, who is more well known for "Mr Wrong", "Space Balls", and "While You Were Sleeping". Answer: Bill _PULLMAN_ 15. To deliver her native city from the onslaught of Nebuchadnezzar, this woman entered the Assyrian camp and killed Holofernes in his drunken sleep. She later showed Holofernes's head to her countrymen inciting her people to victory. FTP, name this legendary Jewish heroine of Bethulia whose story is told in the Apocryphal book bearing her name. Answer: _JUDITH_ 16. "Full many a flower is born to blush unseen and waste its sweetness on the desert air" The paths of glory lead to but the grave," and " Far from the maddening crowd's ignoble strife/ their sober wishes never learned to stray." are several lines from FTP, which great elegy by Thomas Gray. Answer: _ELEGY WRITTEN IN A COUNTRY COURTYARD_ 17. This country's population in 1994 was 263,599. Its total area is 36,768 square miles. Its monetary unit is the Krona. Its prime minister is David Oddsson and its president is Vigdis Finnbogadottir. FTP, name this country whose capital is Reykjavik. Answer: _ICELAND_ 18. Roy Sievers was the first to win it in 1949, and future big league managers such as Mike Hargrove and Lou Piniella have won the award. In the mid-80ís, Oakland seemed to have a grip on the award when Jose Canseco, Mark McGwire, and Walt Weiss won the award three years in a row. FTP, name this award, which both Eddie Murray and Cal Ripken have won. Answer: _AMERICAN LEAGUE ROOKIE OF THE YEAR_ 19. This scholar and philosopher was born in 1466. He called his religious outlook, " The Philosopher of Christ", yet his thought was influenced by varied tendencies, some Christian and some secular. He was affected by the German religious tradition, which stressed personal piety in religious tradition. FTP, name this Dutch scholar, noted for his "Praise of Folly". Answer: Desiderius _ERASMUS_ 20. This statesman was minister of foreign affairs from 1797 to 1807, opposed Napoleon's Russian and Spanish policies and helped to restore the Bourbons to power. FTP, name this French statesman who represented France at the Congress of Vienna and who, in 1830, became ambassador to Great Britain and later formed the Triple Alliance. Answer: Charles Maurice de _TALLEYRAND_ -Perigord 21. These proteins are divided into alpha and beta versions. Mammals usually possess the alpha version, while birds and reptiles possess the beta version. FTP name this principle component of the outer epidermal layer and related appendages such as hair, horn, nails, and feathers. Answer: _KERATIN_ 22. Romola, Felix Holt, The Radical, and Daniel Deronda were various novels written by this author. This author's fiction usually focused on the internal reasons for the choices made by her characters in their struggles. FTP, name this author whose masterpiece is ìMiddlemarchî. Answer: George _ELIOT_ Bonuses 1. Given a line from a famous poem, give the poet for ten points each. a. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may / Old Time is still a flying b. In Flanders Fields, the poppies blow / Between the crosses, row by row / That marks our place c. Ships that pass in the night, and speak / Each other in passing, only a signal shown / and a Distant Voice in the Darkness... Answer: a) Robert _HERRICK_ b) John _MCCRAE_ c) Henry Wadsworth _LONGFELLOW_ 2. Given characters in an opera, give the composer for ten points each. You will get only five points if you also need the title as well. b. For 10 - Lenora, Manrico, Price Urgel For 5 - Il Travatore b. For 10 - Elsa, Titurel, Amfortus For 5 - Parsifal c. For 10 - Tetrach, Narraboth, Jokanaan For 5 - Salome Answer: a) Giuseppe _VERDI_ b) Richard _WAGNER_ c) Richard _STRAUSS_ 3. Given a ruling from a Supreme Court case, give the case for the stated number of points each. a. First, for five - courts can exercise the Right of Judicial Review. b. Secondly, for ten - prayer in public schools was considered inconsistent with the establishment clause. c. Finally, for fifteen - the Clear and Present Danger test could used to determine the limits of the First Amendment's protection of political speech. Answers: a) _MARBURY VS MADISON_ b) _ENGEL VS VITALE_ c) _SCHENK VS U.S._ 4. Given clues about a disease, identify the followinf diseases for ten points each. a. Caused by the organism Rickettsia rickettsii, it now only occurs in the Southeastern Atlantic and South central states. It is primarily caused by wood ticks, deer ticks, and dog ticks. b. Caused by the organism of the Bordetella family, it is also called pertusis. c. A nonsuppurative compication of Group A Streptococcal disease, this disease is characterized by inflammatory changes of the heart, joints, blood vessels, and subcutaneous tissues. Answers: a) _ROCKY MOUNTAIN SPOTTED FEVER_ b) _WHOOPING COUGH_ c) _RHEUMATIC FEVER_ 5. Many artists base their paintings on religious ideas. Given a religious work, name the painter for five points each and a five point bonus if all are correct. a. The Vision of the Sermon: Jacob Wrestling the Angel b. Madonna del Passegio c. The Conversion of St Paul d. The Mystic Nativity e. Madonna of the Long Neck Answers: a) Paul _GAUGAIN_ b) _RAPHAEL_ c) _CARAVAGGIO_ d) _BOTTICELLI_ e) _PARMIGIANINO_ 6. Let's see if you have your English houses in order. Given a ruler of England, give the house that they belong to for five points each and five more for all correct. a. Anne b. Edward VII c. George V d. Henry V e. Richard III Answers: a) _STUART_ b) _SAXE-COBURG_ c) _WINDSOR_ d) _LANCASTER_ e) _YORK_ 7. Now itís time for a bonus about baseball's spitting incident. Answer the following questions about Roberto Alomar's spitting incident for the stated number of points. a. First, for five, who did Alomar spit in the face? b. Secondly, for ten, who imposed only a five regular season suspension on Alomar? c. Finally, for fifteen, which Playerís Association chief stated that umpires should honor their contract and work and to get over the incident? Answer: a) John _HIRSCHBECK_ b) Gene _BUDIG_ c) Donald _FEHR_ 8. How well do you know your European currencies? Given a currency, give the country that uses it for five points each, five more for all correct a. Escudo b. Guilder c. Forint d. Markkaa e. Zlotti Answer: a) _PORTUGAL_ b) _NETHERLANDS_ or _HOLLAND_ c) _HUNGARY_ d) _FINLAND_ e) _POLAND_ 9. A 100 kg cart traveling at 60 meters per second collides with a 50 kg stationary cart. Answer the following questions for ten points each. a. If the calls hook together, what can collision is this? b. What is the total momentum of the first cart? c. What is the speed of the two carts after the collision when they stick together. Answer: a) _INELASTIC COLLISION_ b) _6000 kg m/s_ c) _40 m/s_ 10. 30-20-10, name the year 30: Albert Einhorn synthesizes novocaine 20: The decision in Lochner vs New York decision was handed down annulling labor laws. 10: President Theodore Roosevelt mediates Treaty of Portsmouth, thereby ending the Russo-Japanese War. Answer: _1905_ 11. The Superbowl takes place in various stadiums from year to year. Given a Super Bowl and the teams who played in it, name the stadium where the Super Bowl took place for five points each and five more for all correct. a. Superbowl 30: Dallas vs. Pittsburgh b. Superbowl 29: San Francisco vs. San Diego c. Superbowl 28: Dallas vs. Buffalo d. Superbowl 26: Washington vs. Buffalo e. Superbowl 25: New York Giants vs. Buffalo Answer: a) _SUN DEVIL STADIUM_ b) _JOE ROBBIE STADIUM_ c) _GEORGIA DOME_ d) H.H.H. _METRODOME_ e) _TAMPA STADIUM_ 12. For five points each, given a title of a work of literature, give the American author who wrote it. a. Breakfast at Tiffany's b. Alexander's Bridge c. Pale Horse Pale Rider d. The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon e. Hospital Sketches Answer: a) Truman _CAPOTE_ b) Willa _CATHER_ c) Katherine Anne_PORTER_ d) Washington _IRVING_ e) Louisa May _ALCOTT_ 13. Jacob's name means "One Who Grabs". Given the meaning of a name in the Bible, give the name for ten points each. If you need an additional clue, you will only get five points. a. 10: "Covered With Hair" 5: He was the twin brother of Jacob b. 10: "One Who Has Been Strong Against God" 5: The other name of Jacob c. 10: "May God Hear" 5: Abrahamís firstborn son Answer: a) _ESAU_ b) _ISRAEL_ c) _ISHMAEL_ 14. Identify the following defense mechanisms for fifteen points each. a. You believe that she desires you but in reality, it is you that desries her. b. The dangerous memories are allowed back in consciousness. People who were rape victims can describe their experiences but are unable to recall the emotions that accompanied them. Answers: a) _PROJECTION_ b) _ISOLATION_ 15. Given a battle, give the year that it took place for five points each and five points extra for all correct. a. Battle of Hastings b. Battle of the Bulge c. Battle of Trafalgar d. Battle of Waterloo e. Battle of Bunker Hill Answer: a) _1066_ b) _1944_ c) _1805_ d) _1815_ e) _1775_ 16. The Rockets and the Bulls have won last six NBA championships. a. First, for five points each, name the other four teams which the Chicago Bulls beat to win the championship. b. Secondly, for five points each, name the two teams which the Houston Rockets beat to win the NBA championship. Answer: a) _SEATTLE SUPERSONICS_, _PHOENIX SUNS_, _PORTLAND TRAILBLAZERS_, _LOS ANGELES LAKERS_ b) _ORLANDO MAGIC_, _NEW YORK KNICKS_ 17. Identify the name of the following groups of animals for five points each and five points more for all correct. a. Lions b. Larks c. Whales d. Manatees e. Rhinoceri Answers: a) _PRIDE_ b) _BEVY_ c) _PODS_ d) _HERD_ e) _CRASH_ 18. Have you ever played with nitrogen containing compounds? Theyíre really cool, especially when you blow things up with them. Answer these questions about nitrogen contaiing compounds for the stated number of points. a. For five points - it is a colourless, fuming, and highly corrosive liquid with formula HNO3 b. For five points - itís N2O - laughing gas. c. For ten points - its colourless and oily having a sweet burning taste. Its detonation wave moves at 17000 miles per hour d. For ten points - you can make this yourself! Just add cotton to nitric acid, and you get this - exploding cotton. Give the general name for guncotton and its relatives. Answer: a) _NITRIC ACID_ b) _NITROUS OXIDE_ c) _NITROGLYCERIN_ d) _NITROCELLULOSE_ 19. Given a vice president, name the president for five points each and a five bonus if all are correct. a. Chester A. Arthur b. Charles G. Dawes c. Charles E. Curtis d. Levi P.Morton e. Henry Wilson Answer: a) James A _GARFIELD_ b) Calvin _COOLIDGE_ c) Herbert E. _HOOVER_ d) Benjamin _HARRISON_ e) Ulysses S. _GRANT_ 20. For ten points each, given three cities with populations over 50,000, name the U.S. state they reside in. a. Denton, Midland, and Tyler b. Joplin, Raytown, and St. Joseph c. Bettendorf, Davenport, and Waterloo Answer: a) _TEXAS_ b) _MISSOURI_ c) _IOWA_ 21. For ten points each, given a classical work of literature, name the writer on a 10-5 basis. a. 10: Plutus 5: The Clouds b. 10: Rhesus, and The Baccantes 5: Andromache, and Electra c. 10: Ion, and Symposium 5: Phaedras, and Critias Answer: a) _ARISTOPHANES_ b) _EURIPIDIES_ c) _AESCHYLUS_ 22. For five points each and a five points bonus if all correct, tell me what types of rocks are the following. a. Limestone b. Granite c. Slate d. Marble e. Shale Answer: a) _SEDIMENTARY_ b) _IGNEOUS_ c) _METAMORPHIC_ d) _METAMORPHIC_ e) _SEDIMENTARY_