Questions by Maryland I (team name forthcoming) 1. This American poet and dramatist wrote _Distressing Dialogues_ under the pseudonym Nancy Boyd. Her other works include _Make Bright the Arrow_, and _Aria da Capo_, which was produced by the Provincetown Players. FTP, name this author of _Renascence_ and _A Few Figs from Thistles_? Answer: Edna St. Vincent _MILLAY_ 2. This phylum is sometimes considered to be in their own separate subkingdom, Parazoa, and its classes include Calcarea (Cal-care- e-ah) and Hexactinellida (Hexa-tin-al-eeda). Reproducing asexually, some freshwater varieties form specialized gemmules that can survive harsh conditions. FTP, what is this phylum of sessile animals whose bodies are composed of spicules or spongin (sponge-in)? Answer: _PORIFERA_ 3. After studying law and medicine at the University of Krakow, he took up his duties as canon of a cathedral in Frauenberg, East Prussia in 1512. In 1530, in an unpublished manuscript "Commentariolus", he first stated a theory which would later be published in his _De revolutionibus orbium coelestium_. FTP, name this Polish astronomer. Answer: Nicholas _COPERNICUS_ 4. He began his career in 1925 with the New York Yankees and ended it 48 years later as manager of the Houston Astros. In between, he managed the Cubs and Dodgers, started at shortstop for the "Gashouse Gang" Cardinals, and managed the Giants from 1948 to 1955. FTP, name this man, who is most famous for saying that the Giants were nice guys, but they would finish last. Answer: Leo _DUROCHER_ 5. This play ends with the announcement of the wedding of Valere to the granddaughter of Madame Pernelle and the title character's arrest. Containing the characters Cleante, Dorine, Orgon, and Marianne, the Catholic Church forced Louis XIV to ban this play. FTP, name this Moliere comedy about a religious hypocrite. Answer: _TARTUFFE_ 6. From the Persian for "beggar", a form of Sufism is the basis for these sects. They do not take vows and are never cloistered like their Western counterparts, but certain groups are characterized by their practices, such as howling. FTP, name this monks of Islam, whose name has become the word for a spinning, destructive force. Answer: _DERVISH_ 7. He failed in his attempt to free Greece from Macedon, fled, and took poison to avoid capture by Antipater. Earlier, he had been exiled for his involvement in an obscure affair involving money taken from a lieutenant of Alexander the Great. FTP, name this man, whose _On the False Legation_, _On the Peace_, _Olynthiacs_, and _Philippics_ are among his greatest orations. Answer: _DEMOSTHENES_ 8. Thought to have migrated from the north, they assimilated with the Yuma and Shoshone, but remained a distinct social group with over 50 clans. The second-largest tribe in the U.S. in 1990, they founded the first Native American-operated college in the U.S. FTP, name this tribe, subdued in 1864 by Kit Carson and given a 16-million-acre reservation in Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico. Answer: _NAVAHO_ 9. For a random variable X, it is defined as the expected value of the square of the quantity of X minus the expected value of X, but it is easier to calculate as the expected value of X squared minus the square of the expected value of X. FTP, name this quantity, also the square of the standard deviation. Answer: _VARIANCE_ 10. Warren Christopher recently criticized Jonas Savimbi when he failed to meet with Christopher in the capital of this nation, where Savimbi opposes the government of Jose Eduardo dos Santos as the leader of UNITA. FTP, name this African country, where Christopher and Savimbi were scheduled to meet in Luanda. Answer: _ANGOLA_ 11. This novelist was an apprentice stonecutter and jazz musician before becoming a speechwriter from Willy Brandt, whose campaign served as the background for _From the Diary of a Snail_. FTP, who is this German whose "Danzig" trilogy is composed of _Cat and Mouse_, _Dog Years_, and _The Tin Drum_? Answer: Gunter Wilhelm _GRASS_ 12. A clocksmith and saddler, this artist traded a saddle for art lessons from John Hesselius. A renowned portraitist, his subjects include _The Edward Lloyd Family_ and _General George Washington before Princeton_. Also a naturalist, he founded a museum of natural history and technology and painted works like _Exhuming the Mastodon_. FTP, who is this painter, whose _Staircase Group_ shows his sons Raphaelle and Titian? Answer: Charles Willson _PEALE_ 13. He died soon after being named president of the College of New Jersey, now Princeton. At Stockbridge, Massachusetts, he completed his masterpiece, _The Freedom of the Will_, after being dismissed from his congregation in Northampton. FTP, name this minister, most famous for his sermon _Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God_. Answer: Jonathan _EDWARDS_ 14. This country contains the western part of the Ustyurt Plateau, most of the course of the Syr Darya River, and Lake Balkash. Its major cities include Shymkent and Qaraghandy, and it shares the Aral Sea with Uzbekistan. FTP, name this former Soviet republic whose capital is Almaty. Answer: _KAZAKHSTAN_ 15. His early works include _Amorous Fiametta_, a psychological romance; the allegorical _Amorosa visione_, imitative of Dante; _Filocolo_, a vernacular prose romance; and _Filostrato_, a poem infusing the Troilus and Cressida legend with a Neapolitan court atmosphere. FTP, name this man who met Petrarch in 1341 and is best known for the _Decameron_. Answer: Giovanni _BOCCACIO_ 16. His actions led to the formation of the Everlasting League among the forest cantons of Uri, Schwyz, and Unterwalden. A native of Uri, he killed Gessler, an Austrian bailiff, in revenge, setting off the revolt that ousted the bailiffs in 1308. FTP, name this subject of a Schiller drama and a Rossini opera, a legendary Swiss archer. Answer: William _TELL_ 17. The grandson of Solkar and son of Skon, his career included the treaty of Alpha Cygnus IX and the Coridan admission to the Federation. At the end of his career, he negotiated a historic treaty with the Legarans despite suffering from Bendii Syndrome, which necessitated a mind-meld with Jean-Luc Picard. FTP, name this father of Spock. Answer: _SAREK_ 18. In his _Chemical Observations and Experiments on Heat, Light and Fire_, he gave the first accurate description of hydrogen sulfide. He also discovered hydrofluoric and prussic acid, isolated glycerin, and discovered nitrogen independently of Daniel Rutherford. FTP, who was this Swedish chemist who isolated oxygen independently of Priestly? Answer: Carl Wilhelm _SCHELLE_ 19. After teaching at a theological school in Qom, he was arrested in 1963 and exiled to Turkey and Iraq before moving to Paris in 1978. Born Ruhollah Hendi, he returned to his country in triumph after the revolution that deposed Muhammed Reza Shah Pahlevi. FTP, name this religious leader, who declared Iran an Islamic republic in 1979. Answer: Ruhollah _KHOMEINI_ 20. Examples include Honegger's _King David_, Schoenberg's _Gurrelieder_, Beethoven's _Christ on the Mount of Olives_, Mendelssohn's _Elijah_, and Haydn's _The Creation_. Originally performed at the Church of St. Philip Neri in Rome, it is the sacred analogue of opera. FTP, what is this musical form, of which the most outstanding examples were composed by George Frideric Handel? Answer: _ORATORIO_ 21. _Rhapsody in August_, _Dersu Uzala_, _Kagemusha_, _Ikiru_, and _Yojimbo_ are among the films of this director known for his adaptations of such Western authors as Gorky, Dostoyevksy, and Shakespeare. FTP, name this director better known for _Ran_ and _Rashomon_. Answer: _KUROSAWA_ Akira 22. The appointment of conservative justices in the 1920ís created a majority on the Supreme Court that FDR felt was too restrictive in its view of regulatory power. FTP, name this plan of Rooseveltís that called for the addition of one Supreme Court justice for every one over the age of seventy, resulting in a bitterest struggle between the Judiciary and presidency. Answer: _COURT PACKING PLAN_ Boni 1. Identify the following about the life of Perseus for the stated number of points. a. For fifteen, which king of Seriphos and brother of Dictys ordered Perseus to bring him the head of a Gorgon as a wedding present? b. For 5 points, name the princess of Ethiopia Perseus rescued and married. c. For ten points, Perseus rescued Andromeda from what sea monster, whose name is Greek for "whale"? Answer: a) _POLYDECTES_ b) _ANDROMEDA_ c) _CETO_ 2. Given the real name of an entertainer, give his or her better known name FTP each. a. Stevland Morris b. Kathie Epstein c. Eugene Orowitz Answer: a) Stevie _WONDER_ b) Kathie Lee _GIFFORD_ c) Michael _LANDON_ 3. 30-20-10, Name the author from works. 30: _The Lost Galleon and Other Tales_ 20: _Plain Language from Truthful James_ 10: _The Luck of Roaring Camp_ Answer: Francis Bret _HARTE_ 4. Identify these "P" terms from biology FTP each. a. The shrinking or wilting of a cell from low turgor pressure. b. Condition in which cells contain multiple, complete sets of chromosomes c. One of the square body sections produced by tapeworms. Answer: a) _PLASMOLYSIS_ b) _POLYPLOIDY_ c) _PROGLOTTID_ 5. Identify these Supreme court cases from the 1960's FTP each. a. 1964, Prohibited a confession from being used as evidence if the accused person has been denied permission to see a lawyer b. 1962, The Court ruled a non-denominational prayer by the New York Board of Regents to be unconstitutional c. 1964, Extended coverage of the 14th amendment to impoverished defendants for court-appointed counsel. Answer: a) _ESCOBEDO_ V. _ILLINOIS_ b) _ENGEL V. VITALE_ c) _GIDEON_ V. _WAINWRIGHT_ 6. Given a city, give the name by which it is known in its country. For example, if I said Rome, you would say Roma. 5 points each and a 5-point bonus for all 5. a. Florence b. Moscow c. Cologne d. Venice e. Prague Answer: a) _FIRENZE_ b) _MOSKVA_ c) _KOLN_ d) _VENEZIA_ e) _PRAHA_ 7. The name comes from an English missionary nun who aided St. Boniface in Germany. a. First FTP name this feast day on May 1 that is a witch's Sabbath. b. FTP Walpurgis Night is held on the Brocken, the highest peak in what mountain range? c. FTP Walpurgis is featured as a background for the realm of Mephistopheles in what 1808 work? Answer: a) _WALPURGIS NIGHT_ b) _HARZ_ mountains c) _FAUST_, Part I 8. For the stated number of points, name the following classes of numbers. a. For 5 pts: This name describes numbers in a sequence where each term is the sum of the preceding two terms. b. For 10 pts: If x is a root of a monic polynomial with rational coefficients, x is said to be this. c. For 15 pts: Numbers of the form N * (N-1) / 2 are referred to as this kind of numbers Answer: a) _FIBONACCI_ numbers b) _ALGEBRAIC_ c) _TRIANGULAR_ numbers 9. Give the narrators of the following novels for the stated number of points. a. For 5 pts: _The Great Gatsby_ b. For 10 pts: _All the King's Men_ c. For 15 pts: _Daisy Miller_ Answer: a) Nick _CARRAWAY_ b) Jack _BURDEN_ c) Frederick _WINTERBOURNE_ 10. FTP each, answer the following concerning English kings named George. a. Name George I's great-grandfather, who ruled England from 1603 to 1625. b. George II became the last English monarch to lead his troops in battle during what war? c. George VI had two children with his wife, Elizabeth. One was Elizabeth II. Who was the other? Answer: a) _JAMES I_ (accept James VI of Scotland) b) _WAR OF THE AUSTRIAN SUCCESSION_ c) Princess _MARGARET_ 11. FTP each, name the artists who recorded the following hits of the 1950s. a. "Splish Splash" b. "Chantilly Lace" c. "Charlie Brown" Answer: a) Bobby _DARIN_ b) The _BIG BOPPER_ (accept whatever his real name is) c) The _COASTERS_ 12. 30-20-10, give the common name. 30. The name usually given to the last wife of Bluebeard; and a female hermit in the _Arabian Nights_ who was murdered by the African magician as a part of his schemes against Aladdin. 20. The first name of Largo's henchbabe, played by Barbara Carrera, in "Never Say Never Again". 10. According to the _Koran_, the daughter of Muhammed, and one of the four perfect women. Answer: _FATIMA_ 13. FTP each, name these artistic families of the Italian Renaissance. a. Nicola sculpted the pulpit for the Baptistry in Florence; his son Giovanni sculpted the _Madonna_ of the Prato Cathedral. b. Gentile painted _Procession of the Relic of the True Cross_; Giovanni painted _St. Francis in Ecstasy_. c. The most famous of this family was Annibale, who painted the ceiling frescos for the Palazzo Farnese, Rome, and _Landscape With the Flight to Egypt_. Answer: a) _PISANO_ b) _BELLINI_ c) _CARRACCI_ 14. Given a United States Senator, for ten points identify the other Senator from that state. If you need the name of the state you will earn five points. a. 10 pts: J. James Exon 5 pts: Nebraska b. 10 pts: Larry Pressler 5 pts: South Dakota c. 10 pts: Frank Lautenburg 5 pts: New Jersey Answer: a) Bob _KERREY_ b) Tom _DASCHLE_ c) Bill _BRADLEY_ 15. Remember way back in the day when there were cool cartoons for kids to watch, instead of crap like Barney and the Power Rangers. Given the villain or villains, name the cartoon show from the 80s for 5 points each and a 5 point bonus for all correct. a. King Zarkon, Prince Lotor, the Robeasts b. Shadow, Venger, Tiamat c. Evilyn, Beastman, Trapjaw d. Venom, Mayhem, Sly Rax e. Breetai of the Zentraedi Race, Exedore, Khyron Answer: a) _VOLTRON_ b) _DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS_ c) _HE-MAN_and the Masters of the Universe d) _M.A.S.K._ e) _ROBOTECH_ 16. For fifteen points each, identify these two former Air Force Chiefs of Staff. p. Made Chief of the Strategic Air Command in 1948, he was the basis for the General Jack D. Ripper in the film Dr. Strangelove. He was also the running mate of George Wallace in 1968. q. Made a five-star general in 1944, he became the first Chief of Staff when the Air Force was made a separate branch from the Army. Answer: a) Curtis _LEMAY_ b) Henry "Hap" _ARNOLD_ 17. FTP each, name the composers of the following pieces inspired by Spain. q. _Bolero_ r. _El Salon Mexico_ s. _Espana_ [ess-SPAHN-ya] Answer: a) Maurice _RAVEL_ b) Aaron _COPLAND_ c) Emanuel _CHABRIER_ 18. FTP identify these German philosophers. a. He expanded on Kant in his _Foundation of the Complete Theory of Knowledge_; he maintained that the essence of the universe is ego, which interacts with the world through productive imagination. b. In works such as _The Philosophy of Right_, he presents history in terms of the dialectic. c. He said, "I teach you the Superman. Man is something to be surpassed." Answer: a) Johann Gottlieb _FICHTE_ b) Georg Friedrich Wilhelm _HEGEL_ c) Friedrich _NIETZSCHE_ 19. FTP each, given the monarch and the country, identify the royal house to which he belongs. s. Prince Rainier of Monaco t. King Juan Carlos of Spain u. King Albert of Belgium Answer: a) _GRIMALDI_ b) _BOURBON_ c) _SAXE-COBURG_ 20. The New York Times has been involved in several landmark cases before the Supreme Court. For the stated number of points, answer these questions about two important Vietnam War era cases involving the Times. t. First, for five points, the New York Times was a defendant in a 1971 case against the United States because they published what secret documents? u. Secondly, for ten points, who leaked the Pentagon Papers to the New York Times? v. Finally, for fifteen points, the New York Times was a defendant in which case, which held that damages for libel could not be collected unless malice against the defamed party could be proven. Answer: a) _PENTAGON PAPERS_ b) Daniel _ELLSWORTH_ c) _NEW YORK TIMES vs. SULLIVAN_ 21. Its that fall movie time of year again, and tons of stars have come out with tons of hopefully blockbuster hits. Given the stars, name the movie that they just released on a 10-5 basis. u. 10: Aidan Quinn and Stephen Rea 5: Liam Neeson and Julia Roberts b. 10: Tom Everett Scott, Ethan Embry, and Steve Zahn 5: Liv Tyler and Tom Hanks c. 10: Bruno Kirby and Dustin Hoffman 5: Brad Pitt and Robert De Niro Answer: a) _MICHAEL COLLINS_ b) _THAT THING YOU DO_ c) _SLEEPERS_ 22. Name the speaker of the historical speech from the quotes for ten points each. v. ěThe third question which Mr. Lincoln presented is, if the Supreme Court of the United States shall decide that a state of this Union cannot exclude slavery from its own limits, will I allow it?î w. ěThe mystic chords of memory , stretching from every battlefield and patriot grave to every living heart and hearthstone all over this broad land, will yet swell the corus of the Union, when again touched, as they surely will be, by the better angels of our nature.î x. ěI have already intimated to you the danger of parties in the State, with particular reference to the founding of them on georgraphical discriminations.î Answer: a) Stephen _DOUGLAS_ (Freeport Debate, August 1858) b) Abraham _LINCOLN_ (First inaugural address, March 1861) c) George _WASHINGTON_ (Farewell Address)