Questions by George Washington Edited by George Huang and Joseph Wu 1. A stage in the development of an embryo after the early phase of cell division where cells form a hollow ball can be characterized by this cellular stage. The various organs, such as the gut, nervous system, and appendages eventually evolve form, FTP, cells of this stage. Answer: _BLASTULA_ 2. He was probably the most successful craftsman of the American theatre between World Wars I and II, though he only wrote one play alone, The Butter and Egg Man in 1925. His writing collaborators included Marc Connelly, Edna Ferber, and the Gershwins. Name, for 10 points, this coauthor of two Pulitzer Prize-winning plays, Of Thee I Sing and You Can't Take It With You. Answer: George S. _KAUFMANN_ 3. Christy Brinkley, Pete Sampras, Steve Young, Spike Lee, Tyra Banks, Joan Lunden, Danny Devito and Rhea Perlman, Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow and even Tony Bennett are just a few stars to sport, FTP, moustaches for this beverage. Answer: _MILK_ (it does a body good) 4. In 1955, this man became an American citizen in a quiet ceremony in Huntsville, Alabama at the age of 43. When he first came to America, he had wrtten a novel called "Mars Project". FTP, name this German, famous for developing V-2 rockets used by German in WWII. Answer: Werner _VON BRAUN_ 5. Originally, after the first coat of arriccio (arreechio) had dried, the design was brushed in with ocher and charcoal. During the Renaissance, the design was pricked with holes and transfered to the wet surface by dusting with chalk. These steps characterized the procedure of, FTP, which type of painting, the best examples of which are Giottoís Arena Chapel and Michaelangeloís Sistene Chapel. Answer: _FRESCO_ 6. This compact, pear shaped island nation the size of West Virginia is located just 22 miles across the Palk Strait. It is the the fourth independent state to emerge from the British sphere of influence in South Asia. FTP, name this island that has been coping with civil war since 1978 between its Tamil minority and Sinhalese majority. Answer: _SRI LANKA_ 7. The Greatest American Hero, Hardcastle & McCormick, Riptide, Hunter, Wiseguy, The Rockford Files, and the A-Team are all TV series for which this Hollywood mogul has produced and written episodes. FTP, name this producer who appeared sitting in front of a typewriter as part of his production company's closing credits. Answer: Stephen J. _CANNELL_ 8. It's a common organic molecule structure consisting of a 6 carbon atom ring with an equal number of attached hydrogen atoms. Many organic chemicasl such as toluene and xylene act as variations of the structure. FTP, name it. Answer: _BENZENE RING_ 9. His early works satirized the pretentiousness of the English literary and intellectual elite of his day and featured a deep distrust of the 20th Century's modern advances. His later literary preoccupations included Hindu mysticism in The Perennial Philosophy and his experience with mescaline in The Doors of Perception. For 10 points, name this author of Crome Yellow and Brave New World. Answer: Aldous _HUXLEY_ 10. At the end of WWII, the Organization of European Economic Community (OEEC) was established. By 1961, the program was so successful it was converted to the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Headquartered in Paris, give the better known name of this program created to administer U.S. economic assistance in the European Recovery Program. Answer: _MARSHALL PLAN_ 11. Although most famous as a sociologist, he took an active part in the campaign to exonerate Alfred Dreyfus. He sought to avoid social disconnectedness caused by weak norms for conduct, a condition he referred to as "anomie." For 10 points, name this founder of the French school of sociology and author of The Division of Labor in Society and Suicide. Answer: Emile _DURKHEIM_ 12. It is a Sanskrit poem that is part of the Indian epic known as the Mahabharata. It describes the Hindu path to spiritual wisdom and the unity with God that can be achieved through karma, bhakti, and jnana. FTP, name this holy book, probably written between 200 B.C. and A.D. 200. Answer: _BHAGAVAD GITA_ 13. This American classical composer was born in Maine. A professor at Harvard, he was a neoclassical composer of orchestral works, string quartetes,sonatas, chamber music, and the ballet "The Incredible Flautist" (1938). FTP, name this Pulitzer Prize winner in 1948 for his Symphony No.3 and in 1961 for his Symphony No.7. Answer: Walter _PISTON_ 14. The Republic of California's bear flag is first raised, Elias Howe invents the sewing machine, the northern boundary of Oregon is set by treaty, the Mormons leave Illinois for points westward, and the U.S. declares war on Mexico, all occur in for 10 points, in what year? Answer: _1846_ 15. This kingdom consists of about 2700 distinct species. The mode of nutrition is generally heterotrophic but some groups are autotrophic. Reproduction is primarily asexual and motile forms move by flagella. FTP, name this kingdom whose cells lack a nuclear envelope, chloroplasts and mitocondria. Answer: _MONERA_ 16. This Indiana native pitched for eight different teams over his fourteen-year career, had a losing record of 81- 91, and his ERA was a modest 3.78, but he managed to hit 14 home runs and had a career average of .242. He's also the only holder of a World Series record that may never be repeated. FTP, name this pitcher who set down 27 straight Dodgers on October 8, 1956, Game 5 of the '56 World Series. Answer: Don _LARSEN_ 17. This word refers to an official or leader who maintains full control by holding several offices at the same time, although today it is mistakenly used to refer to any leader whose rule is not questioned. It comes from the name of a Gilbert & Sullivan character who held every position except Executioner. FTP, give this word, the name of Titipu's Lord High Everything Else. Answer: _POOH-BAH_ 18. This religious group, founded in 1876 by Felix Adler in New York City, has only 7000 members worldwide and stresses the importance of ethics and morality in human interaction, although it offers no system of ethics or religious belief of its own. FTP, name this group which joined other humanist organizations in 1952. Answer: _ETHICAL CULTURE_ 19. His was elected to the House of Representatives from Nebraska in 1890, but lost a bid for a Senate seat four years later. In the meantime, he spent two years as editor of the Omaha World-Herald before undertaking his first of three unsuccessful runs at the White House. FTP, name this Secretary of State under Wilson who refused to let the Republicans ìcrucify mankind on a cross of gold." Answer: William Jennings _BRYAN_ 20. The action of water draining through soil layers carrying dissolved minerals or organic matter from the upper layers. FTP, name this movement of water that tends to remove alkaline substances causing the soil to become acidic. Answer: _LEACHING_ 21. Born in 1925, he didn't start writing until after serving in World War II, and his first novel, Williwaw, was based on his wartime experience. He switched to writing for TV, movies, and the theater in the late 1950s, penning works such as The Best Man and Visit to a Small Planet. For 10 points, name this writer, author of 1876, Burr, and Lincoln. Answer: Gore _VIDAL_ 22. This Silicon Valley toy company was started by Donald Kingsborough, a former executive at Atari. Its first two products, introduced in 1985 and 1986, were the best-selling toys for each year. By 1987, the firm had declared bankruptcy; sales dropped dramatically as other toy companies' talking toys muscled in on its turf. FTP, name this company, the creator of Lazer Tag and Teddy Ruxpin. Answer: _WORLDS OF WONDER_ Bonuses 1. Answer the questions on endocytosis baesd on their brief descriptions FTP each. a. cell eating b. cell drinking c. cell membrane receivers Answer: a) _PHAGOCYTOSIS_ b) _PINOCYTOSIS_ c) _RECEPTOR MEDIATED_ endocytosis 2. Through no prize, these islands are a source of bitter conflict for two nations after WWII. These islands are comprised of Habomai, Shikotau, Kunashiri and Etorofu. For 10 points each, name the 2 countries and the island chain that has been a source of conflict as a result of a peace treaty never signed at the end of WWII. Answer: _RUSSIA_, _JAPAN_, _KURILE ISLANDS_ 3. 30-20-10 name the classical composer: 30. Born in 1881, this Hungarian pianist emigrated to the United States in 1940. 20. He developed a musical styel that emphasized energetic rhythm, folk song scales, dissonance, and highly personal forms. 10. His principal works include the opera "Duke Bluebeard's Castle" and the ballet "The Wooden Prince". Answer: Bela _BARTOK_ 4. Baseball is one of the few sports where the fans have a good chance of directly affecting the course of gameplay. The Baltimore Orioles recently learned this the hard way. Answer these questions about the infamous disputed home run for the stated number of points. a. For 5 points, name the 12-year-old New Jersey native who stuck his mitt out and aided the ball over the Yankee Stadium wall. b. For 10 points, name the Baltimore right fielder who vehemently argued the home run call. c. For 15 points, name the American League umpire who ruled the hit a home run and later admitted it was the wrong call. Answer: a) Jeff _MAIER_ b) Tony _TARASCO_ c) Rich _GARCIA_ 5. I'll give you 5 religious holidays, you tell me the month they occur in with a 5 point bonus for getting all 5 correct. Note: if the holiday can appear in more than one month, either month is acceptable. a. Sukkoth b. Pentecost c. Santa Lucia Day d. Candlemas e. Shavuot Answer: a) _SEPTEMBER_ or _OCTOBER_ b) _MAY_ or _JUNE_ c) _DECEMBER_ d) _FEBRUARY_ e) _MAY_ or _JUNE_ 6. I'll give you 5 natural lakes. For 5 points each and a 5 point bonus for getting all 5 correct, list them in order from largest to smallest. The lakes are: Lake Baykul, Lake Maracaibo, Aral Sea, Lake Tanganyika, Lake Erie. Answer: 1) _ARAL_ Sea 2) Lake _TANGANYIKA_ 3) Lake _BAYKUL_ 4) Lake _ERIE_ 5) Lake _MARACAIBO_ 7. 30-20-10 Name the disease: 30. This genetic disorder is one of the best student examples inherited as a Mendelian recessive allele. 20. It is caused by a recessive allele in the homogenous state affecting 1 in 15000 infants born in the US. 10. Individuals with this disorder lack an enzyme that normally converts phenylalanine to tyrosine. Answer: _PKU_ or _PHENYLKENOTURIA_ 8. Name the work of an Irish playwright described after one clue for 10 points; if you need the author, you'll get 5 points. a. 10: A peasant boy becomes a hero in a strange village when he boasts of having just killed his father. But his father later turns up alive. 05: John Synge b. 10: The play's hero, Jack Tanner, flees the determined marital pursuit of the play's heroine, Ann Whitefield, in order to pursue his own spiritual development. 05: George Bernard Shaw c. 10: The play describes the dissolution of the relation between a master, Hamm, and his servant, Clov. 05: Samuel Beckett Answer: a) _PLAYBOY OF THE WESTERN WORLD_ b) _MAN AND SUPERMAN_ c) _ENDGAME_ 9. During the height of the cold war, an American pilot was shot down over the Soviet Union on May Day, 1960. Answer questions about the U-2 affair for the stated number of points. a. For 5 points, name the pilot of the downed U-2 who was sentenced by the Soviets to 10 years' confinement. b. For 10 points, name the Soviet spy who was returned to the USSR in exchange for Powers' release. c. For 15 points, name the Ukranian city where Powers was shot down. Answer: a) Francis Gary _POWERS_ b) Rudolf _ABEL_ c)_SVERDLOVSK_ or _YEKATERINBURG_ or _EKATERINBURG_ 10. A 6 year old has recently been accused of an unusual crime for a first grader. For 10 points each, name this boy, his home state and his alleged crime. Answer: Jonathan _PREVETTE_, _NORTH CAROLINA_ and _SEXUAL HARASSMENT_ or _KISSING A GIRL_ (accept variations) 11. The person momst influential to Darwin was this geologist. On the basis of his observations, which Darwin was influenced by, this man opposed the Theory of Catastrophe. Instead, he supported the idea of gradualism. For 15 points each, name this geologist and his book. Answer: Charles _LYELL_ and _PRINCIPLES OF GEOLOGY_ 12. Around the time of his death in 1994, John Candy was unfortunately involved in a lot of forgettable films. Name them based on clues for 10 points each. a. His last released film, in which he plays a Niagara Falls sheriff who leads a misguided invasion of Canada, was written and directed by Michael Moore. b. Candy died during the making of this movie, in which he plays the leader of a group of disappointed western settlers who want to escape the dangers of the Old West. c. Dan Ackroyd directed this 1991 clunker about two big city types who run a stop sign in the middle of nowhere and try to escape from the town's mad judge and his bizarre family. Candy plays two roles. Answer: a) _CANADIAN BACON_ b) _WAGONS EAST!_ c)_NOTHING BUT TROUBLE_ 13. 30-20-10, Name the author based on works. 30: Rhoda Fleming, Emilia in England 20: The Shaving of Shagpat: An Arabian Entertainment 10: The Ordeal of Richard Feveral, The Egoist Answer: George _MEREDITH_ 14. As Major League Soccer finishes its first season, league officials are worried about how to overcome low attendance and the sport's lackluster image. Are you one of the people who follow the league? You'll get 5 points apiece and 5 more for all correct for giving the franchise name of the following MLS teams: a. San Jose b. Tampa Bay c. Dallas d. New England e. Colorado Answer: a) _CLASH_ b) _MUTINY_ c) _BURN_ d) _REVOLUTION_ e) _RAPIDS_ 15. 30-20-10 name the art movement 30. This art movement began in the years following WWII when a small group of American painters living in New York grabbed the international spotlight. 20. These artists challenged the aesthetic establishment and emphasized freedom and spontaneity. 10. Among these rebel painters of the 1950s were de Koonig, Guston, Pollock, Rothko, and Gottlieb. Answer: _ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONISM_ 16. Roy Rogers had Trigger and The Lone Ranger had Silver. Civil War generals had famous horses, too. Name the war hero associated with the following horses, for the stated number of points. a. For 5 points - Traveller b. For ten points - Old Sorrel, also known as Little Sorrel c. For 15 points - Cincinnati Answer: a) Robert E._LEE_ b) Thomas "Stonewall" _JACKSON_ c) Ulysses S. _GRANT_ 17. Given the 3-letter abbreviation of an American airport, name the city it serves for 10 points each. a. CMH b. IAD c. PDX Answer: a) _COLUMBUS_, Ohio b) _DULLES_ (prompt on WASHINGTON) c) _PORTLAND_, Oregon 18. The environment is a big issue in the presidential campaign and we thought weíd make it a big deal here. Answer these questions about environmental issues FTP each. a. First, he was the captain of the Exxon Valdez when it spilled oil in Prince William Sound b. This 1992 Supreme Court case ruled that third party suits must show a direct injury to the environment would be likely to occur. Harm because one might not be able to see endangered animals on a trip does not count. c. Finally, his advocacy of forest conservation led to the establishment of the National Park System in 1890. One park named after him is located in Marin County, CA. Answer: a) Joseph _HAZELWOOD_ b) _LUJAN vs. DEFENDERS OF WILDLIFE_ c) John _MUIR_ 19. JHU College Bowlís beloved secretary, Joseph Wu, has lived in 3 states, Oklahoma, Kentucky, and Alabama. Name these other lesser known people from these states for the stated number of points. a. First, for five points, this Kentucky man served as vice president under Truman b. Secondly, this Alabama composer wrote ìSt. Louis Bluesî and was has a festival dedicated to him every August in Florence, Alabama. c. This former Oklahoma quarterback and representative from Josephís birthplace, Norman, Oklahoma, spoke at the Republican National Convention. Answer: a) Alben _BARKLEY_ b) W.C. _HANDY_ c) J.C. _WATTS_ 20. Some companies have suffered incredible losses due to actions of one of their employees. FTP, Iíll describe the loss, you name the employee responsible. a. Drexel Burnham Lambert filed for bankruptcy after this ìjunk bond kingî was indicted on fraud charges in 1989. b. Baringís went bankrupt after he lost 860 million pounds on Singaporeís stock exchange. He was recently profiled on 60 Minutes. c. He lost $2 billion for Sumitomo Corp. in the copper market over the past decade. Answer: a) Michael _MILKEN_ b) Nick _LEESON_ c) Yasuo _HAMANAKA_ 21. Another one of Georgeís ridiculously hard Mormon questions. Presidents of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints include Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, and the current president, Gordon B. Hinckley. FTP each, name any 3 of the other 10 presidents not named Smith. Answer: (accept any of the three) John _TAYLOR_, Wilford _WOODRUFF_, Lorenzo _SNOW_, Heber J. _GRANT_, David O. _McKAY_, Harold B. _LEE_, Spencer W. _KIMBALL_, Ezra Taft _BENSON_, Howard _HUNTER_ 22. Given the Caribbean nation, give its capital for five points each and five more for all correct. a. Jamaica b. Grenada c. Haiti d. Dominica e. Dominican Republic Answer: a) _KINGSTON_ b) _ST. GEORGEíS_ c) _PORT AU PRINCE_ d) _ROSEAU_ e) _SANTO DOMINGO_