Dork Bowl I: Dorkier Than Thou Round University of Memphis TOSSUPS 1. In Switzerland, psychiatrist Dick Diver meets Nicole Warren, who was hospitalized after an incestuous encounter with her father. Eventually Dick and Nicole marry, but the marriage deteriorates due to his alcoholism and affairs, including one with actress Rosemary Hoyt. Nicole seeks comfort in the arms of war hero Tommy Barban. FTP, name this 1934 novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Answer: _Tender is the Night_ 2. Born John Rowlands in England in 1841, he emigrated to America and eventually fought for both armies during the Civil War. He later earned fame as an explorer, and he was knighted for being the first European to trace the Congo to its source. FTP name this man, presumably most famous for travelling to Africa for the New York Herald to find Dr. David Livingstone. Answer: Sir Henry _Stanley_ 3. Discovered in 1817 by Johan Arfwedson, this element constitutes .002 percent of the earth's crust and is the lightest of the solid elements. Characterized by the crimson flame it produces, it is soft and malleable and various compounds of it are used commercially in alkaline batteries, glasses, and in industrial coolants. FTP name this metal perhaps best known for its use in the treatment of psychological disorders. Answer: _Lithium_ 4. In exchange for saving his life from a serpent, the Egyptian prince Tamino promises the Queen of Night that he will rescue her daughter Pamine from the sorceror Sarastro. Accompanied by Papageno, Tamino finds the girl and falls in love with her, and they eventually marry . FTP name this Mozart opera, named for Tamino's enchanted musical instrument. Answer: _The Magic Flute_ (Die Zauberfloete) 5. In 1950, this football franchise came into existence as the New York Yankees before relocating, first to Boston and then to Dallas, where they became the Dallas Texans. They had little success, but after another move they fared much better with the likes of Art Donovan, Raymond Berry, and Johnny Unitas. FTP name this team, formerly located in Maryland, whose current players include Marshall Faulk. Answer: The Indianapolis _Colts_ 6. In preparation for an attack on Corinth, Mississippi, Grant had been ordered to stop just north of the city to wait for reinforcements from General Buell. Sensing an opportunity, Confederate forces under Johnston launched a surprise attack whose initial success was reversed by Buell's arrival and the death of Johnston himself. FTP name this bloody 1862 battle in southwest Tennessee. Answer: _Shiloh_ (accept Pittsburgh Landing) 7. (Two Answers Required) A Roman legend states that they fought for Rome at the battle of Lake Regilus in 496 B.C. Among their other exploits are rescuing Helen from Theseus, who had kidnapped her, helping in the Calydonian Boar Hunt before one of them died at the hands of Idas and Lyncaeus. FTP brothers of Helen and Clytemnestra, ultimately transformed into the constellation Gemini. Answer: _Castor_ and _Pollux_ (accept Polydeuces for Pollux) (prompt on Dioscuri or early buzz with Gemini) 8. Major tributaries include the Monocacy, Rappahannock, and Shenandoah rivers. Rising in the Allegheny Mountains near Tucker County, West Virginia, it meanders 287 miles through Maryland and Virginia before emptying into the Chesapeake. FTP name this river which flows through such historical sites as Harper's Ferry, Mount Vernon, and, of course, Washington, D.C. Answer: _Potomac_ 9. In this poem, a guest is taken to the top of a steep staircase where the narrarator uncovers a painting by Fra Pandolf. The painting portrays a smiling woman whose smiles have been "stopped" by the narrator's order. Its subtitle, "Ferrara", is perhaps a clue to the identity of its narrarator. FTP name this poem about a Duke who jealously has his wife murdered, the most famous of Robert Browning. Answer: _"My Last Duchess"_ 10. This 1914 graduate of the University of Coimbra school of law initially earned acclaim as an economist, but he later ventured into politics as head of the Catholic Center Party, which resulted in his election to the parliament of Portugal. In 1928 he was made Minister of Finance, and in 1932 he was appointed Prime Minister. FTP name this man, who ruled Portugal until his death in 1968. Answer: Antonio de _Salazar_ 11. In 1924 this man proposed a fourth quantum number of positive or negative one-half to represent the spin of an electron. In 1930 his study of apparent energy loss in the decay of beta particles led him to predict a particle which was later discovered in 1953 by Reives. FTP, name this 1945 Nobel Prize winner, best known for asserting that no two electrons in an atom can exist in the same state at the same time. Answer: Wolfgang _Pauli_ 12. Kambei and Schichiroji are two old battle-worn friends; Katsushiro is Kambei's apprentice; Gororubei is a kindhearted man who hopes to befriend Kambei; Heihachi is notable for his sense of humor; Kyozu is a master swordsman; and Kikuchiyo is a farmer who comes along for the ride. These men are hired to save a village from bandits in, FTP, what 1954 film, the most famous of Akira Kurosawa? Answer: The _Seven Samurai_ (_Shichinin no Samurai_) 13. Among her problems are the late arrival of an expected piece of luggage, not receiving Wednesday's newspaper, and runs in her pantyhose. She escapes these troubles by retreating to her bedroom to listen to music in her head. We, like her creator Paul McCartney, might wonder how she will feed her other children besides the one she can to breastfeed. FTP name this subject of a well-known Beatles song. Answer: _Lady Madonna_ 14. Born Naftali Reyes in 1904, he adopted his more famous name in honor of a favorite Czech author. In his early life he was taught by Gabriele Mistral. His own first poetical work was _Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair_ and later works such as _Residence on Earth_ and _General Song_ would earn him the 1953 Nobel Prize. FTP name this poet, whose exile from Chile was dramatized in _Il Postino_. Answer: Pablo _Neruda_ 15. After graduating from Williams in 1856 this man taught Classical languages at the Eclectic Institute in Ohio and briefly practiced law before joining the Union Army in 1860. By 1863 he was a Major General and he was still in uniform when elected to the House of Representatives, where he served until the election of 1880. FTP name this man, who became the 20th President before being shot by Charles Guiteau. Answer: James A. _Garfield_ 16. Also known as Paralysis Agitans, its causes are unknown, but it appears to be related to a dysfunction of the basal ganglia. It usually afflicts people over 50, gradually producing symptoms which include muscular rigidity, a fixation of facial expression, stooped posture, and characteristic tremors of extremities. FTP name this illness, whose victims may include Janet Reno and Pope John Paul II, as well as Hitler. Answer: _Parkinson's Disease_ (Syndrome) 17. In the distant background cliffs lead into the sea on whose shore is a round, egg-shaped object. To the left is a plateau on which lies a tree and a watch-shaped piece of amber with ants trapped inside, while the middle shows a ridge over which melts a flesh-colored object resembling a nose and an eye. These are all details of, FTP, what painting, also containing three melted clocks, the most famous of Salidor Dali? Answer: _The Persistence of Memory_ 18. His experiences during WWII inspired a trilogy, while his devotion to Catholicism is reflected in _Helena_, a fictional biography of the mother of Constantine the Great. Among his early works are such light-hearted satires as _Scoop_, _Black Mischief_, and _Decline and Fall_, as well as more serious works such as _A Handful of Dust_. FTP name this author, most famous for _Brideshead Revisited_. Answer: Evelyn _Waugh_ 19. It consists of three islands, Gozo, Comino, and the main island. Its language, a dialect of Arabic written with a latin script, reflects the many occupations it has endured, and, though its economy now depends on tourism and foreign aid, in the past it was coveted for its strategic position in the Mediterranean. FTP name this island nation, long a member of the British Commonwealth, whose capital is Valetta. Answer: _Malta_ 20. He entered the Dominican Order in 1223, and in 1248 he began teaching in Cologne, where one of his pupils was Thomas Aquinas. Appointed Bishop of Regensburg in 1260, he produced commentaries on Aristotle and conducted massive inquiries into the natural sciences, for which he was later named the Patron Saint of scientists. FTP name this medieval scholar, also famous for discovering Arsenic. Answer: _Albertus Magnus_ (Albert the Great) 21. Originally a faith healer and miracle worker from Samaria, one early Christian tradition attributes the founding of Gnosticism to him. In another he is killed when Saint Peter exorcises the demons which enable him to fly, which contradicts yet another legend in which he is Baptised by Phillip the Deacon. FTP name this figure of Christian folklore most famous for offering to purchase the ability to transmit the Holy Spirit. Answer: _Simon Magus_ or _Simon the Sorceror_ 22. Discovered by Berzelius, it shows increased conductivity when its metallic form is exposed to light and can convert light directly into electricity, making it ideal for use in photoelectric, solar, and photograhic cells. It can transform alternating to direct current, enabling it to be used commercially in rectifiers, and it is widely used in glasses and enamels for its red color. FTP name this element with atomic number 34. Answer: _Selenium_ 23. In 278 B.C. this people migrated from central Europe and attacked the city-states of Macedonia and Pergamum, eventually settling down in Asia Minor and establishing Galatia They are, however, more famous for their conflicts with Rome, which they sacked in 386 B.C. before being driven off by Camillus. FTP name this barbarian people, finally conquered by Caesar in 51 B.C. Answer: _Gauls_ 24. Evidence suggests that this city flourished in Greece around 1,500 to 1,400 B.C. before its destruction by the Dorians around 1300. Founded, according to legend, by Perseus, it figured prominently in the _Iliad_ as the chief city in the Greek alliance against Troy, and it remained unexcavated until it was rediscovered in by Heinrich Schliemann. FTP name this ancient city, mythological home to Agamemnon. Answer: _Mycenae_ Memphis Bonuses 1. Name the following actors for ten points each. a) This actor has starred in such films as _The Color Purple_, _What's Love Got to Do With It?_, _Othello_, and _Fled_ Answer: Lawrence _Fishburne_ b) This actor has starred in such films as _The Godfather_, _Something to Talk About_, _The Scarlet Letter_, and _Phenomenon_ Answer: Robert _Duvall_ 5. This actor has starred in such films as _The American President_, _Gettysburg_, _Firestarter_, and _Wall Street_. Answer: _Martin Sheen_ 2. Given a description of a physics effect, name it, FTP each. a) This effect is an increase in the wavelength ox X-rays and other electromagnetic radiation that has been elastically scattered by electrons. Answer: _Compton_ Effect b) This effect describes the emission of light waves by electrons or other charged particles when they move in a medium at a speed greater than the light in the medium. Answer: _Cherenkov_ Effect c) This effect describes the scattering of light by large particles and dust in its path; it explains why the sky is plus. Answer: _Tyndall_ Effect 3. Given a description, identify the Mexican War battle, FTP. a) In this April 18, 1847 battle General Winfield Scott defeated Santa Anna near the National Highway due to Scott's superior artillery tactics and the excellent reconnaisance of Captain Robert E. Lee. Answer: _Cerro Gordo_ b). In this February 23, 1847 battle General Zachary Taylor defeated Santa Anna despite being outnumbered nearly two to one. Answer: _Buena Vista_ c) This was the first major joint-service amphibious operation in United States Military History. Scott and Commodore Matthew Perry captured an important coastal town near Mexico City. Answer: _Veracruz_ 4. Identify the following characters from the _Aeneid_ FTP each. a) He was Aeneas' faithful friend and companion. Answer: _Achates_ b) En route to Italy, Aeneas stops at Epirus and finds Andromache there in the care of this man, the sole surviving son of Priam, who reprovisions the crew and gives Aeneas a useful prophecy. Answer: _Helenus_ c) When Aeneas finally arrives in Italy he has to fight against the Rutulians led by this prince, whom Aeneas kills in single combat. Answer: _Turnus_ 5. Given the colonial name of an African nation, give the current name of the nation it once described, FTP. a) Upper Volta Answer: _Burkina Faso_ b) Basutoland Answer: _Lesotho_ c) Gold Coast Answer: Ghana 6. Several Bristish authors have at one point in their lives been members of British intelligence. Given a description, name the author/agent, for the stated number of points. 5 pts: As an internal intelligence agent for Queen Anne, he gathered material for such works as _Moll Flanders_ and _Robinson Crusoe_. Answer: Daniel _Defoe_ 10 pts: In 1917 Great Britain sent this author to Russia on a mission to support the Mencheviks and try to keep Russia from falling to the Bolsheviks. He authored such works as _Cakes and Ale_ and _The Moon and Sixpence_. Answer: W. Somerset _Maugham_ 15 pts: In the 1660's the governement of Charles II sent this woman to Holland to obtain information on the Dutch military plans during the Anglo-Dutch war. She authored such plays as _Oroonooko_ and _The Rover_. Answer: Aphra _Behn_ 7. Given a description, identify the dinosaur, FTP. 1. This lizard, about 25 feet long and covered in an armored shell from which spikes protruded, had a bony club on the end of its tail. Answer: _Ankylosaurus_ 2. Originating in the Jurassic, this dinosaur is famous for its tiny, walnut sized brain and for the bony plates which protruded from its back and spiked tail. Answer: _Stegosaurus_ 3. Also of the Jurassic, these dinosaurs were over 70 feet long and may have weighed up to 50 tons. Scientists at one time thought these plant-eaters to be marsh-dwellers, but now paleontologists have begun to suggest that they lived on dry land in herds. Answer: _Brontosaurus_ (accept Apatosaurus, Brachiosaurus) 8. Given a brief description of a Persian War battle, name it on a 5-10-15 basis. 5 pts: In this 490 B.C. battle the Athenians under Miltiades defeated a Persian force almost 10 times larger. Answer: _Marathon_ 10 pts: In this 480 B.C. battle the Greek navy under the command of Themistocles defeated a much larger Persian fleet. Answer: _Salamis_ 15 pts: In this final battle Aristides defeated a much larger Persian army in a town just outside Athens in 479 B.C. Answer: _Plataea_ 9. Recently two former Republican Senators, one from Kansas and one from Tennessee, made news by getting married. 1. First, FTP: name the newlyweds. Answer: Nancy _Kassebaum_ and _Howard Baker_ 2. For a final 10 points: Nancy Kassebaum is the daughter of what famous Presidential hopeful? Answer: Alf _Landon_ 10. Given a brief plot summary of an August Strindberg play, identify it, for fifteen points each. 1. In this play an old man named Hummel confronts a group of people he claims has wronged him and commits suicide when his own past misdeeds are revealed, while a student named Arkenholtz, a "Sunday child", attempts to woo Hummel's daughter. Answer: _Ghost Sonata_ 2. This play deals with a disastrous sexual encounter between a countess and her valet, which leads to her suicide. Answer: _Miss Julie_ 11. For five points each and a bonus five for all correct answer the following questions: a) The theory of Continental Drift states that at one time all the continents were one great continent, surrounded by one great Ocean. Identify both the continent and the ocean. Answer: _Pangaea_ and _Panthallassa_ b) Into what two parts did Pangaea split? Answer: _Laurasia_ and _Gondwanaland_ c) This branch of Panthallassa covered much of what is now eastern Europe and Asia, and has been used to explain the large amount of marine fossil-bearing sedimentary rock in the Carpathians. Name this body of ancient water, named after the mythological bride of Oceanus. Answer: _Tethys_ Sea 12. Given a brief synopsis, identify the Wagner opera, FTP. Note: none are in the _Ring_ cycle. a) Set during the reign of Henry the Fowler of Germany, in this opera a mysterious knight comes to the rescue of Elsa, a woman falsely accused of withcraft, and offers to marry her provided she will not ask him either his name or his birthplace. Answer:_Lohengrin_ b) Set in 13th century Germany, this tells of the internal struggle of a Christian knight torn between the temptations of Venusberg, a pagan hall of pleasure, and his saintly betrothed Elisabeth. Answer: _Tannhauser_ c) In this opera a simple knight heals the wounds of Amfortas, King of the Grail Knights, and brings redemption both to him and to the sorceress-with-the-heart-of gold Kundry. Answer: _Parzifal_ 13. The Conn-Smythe trophy is given to hockey players who have contributed the most to the success of the team in the Stanley Cup playoffs. In the history of the award five men have won it twice; of this five, three are still playing. a) First, for five points each, name these three active multiple winners. Answer: Wayne _Gretzky_, _Mario Lemieux_, Patrick _Roy_ b) Roy and Gretzky have since departed from Montreal and Edmonton, respectively, and each plays for a different team. For five points each, with what teams do these men now play? Answer: Colorado _Avalanche_ (Patrick Roy) and New York _Rangers_ (Wayne Gretzky) c) For a final five points, name either of the other two men to win the Conn-Smythe twice. Answer: Bernie _Parent_ or Bobby _Orr_ 14. Identify the following twentieth century authors who wrote in German from works, FTP each; if you need another clue, you only get 5 points. 10 pts: The epic poem _Till Eulenspiegel_ and the plays _Beaver Coat_ and _The Sunken Bell_ 5 pts: The plays _Before Sunrise_ and _The Weavers_ Answer: Gerhard _Hauptmann_ 10 pts: The novels _The Confessions of Felix Krull, Confidence Man_, _Joseph and His Brothers_, and _Transposed Heads_ 5 pts: The novels _Buddenbrooks and _Death in Venice_ Answer: Thomas _Mann_ 10 points: The novels _Hunger Artist_ and _The Trial_. 5 pts: The novels _Amerika_ and _Metamorphosis_ Answer: Franz _Kafka_ 15. Answer the following relating to the rule of Charlemagne FTP each. 10 pts: For ten points, name the pope who crowned. Answer: _Leo III_ 10 pts: At this 775 battle Charlemagne defeated the Basques, though according to legend he did so at the expense of his rear guard, which was guarded by Roland. FTP, name the battle. Answer: _Roncesvalles_ (Roncesvaux) 10 pts: Charlemagne gathered around him many of the greatest minds of his day, including this English monk, who endeavored mightily to teach him to write. Name this man, who also helped quell the Adoptionist heresy. Answer: _Alcuin_ of York 16. Identify the scientist from clues on a 30-20-10 basis. 30 pts: When he was knighted in 1947 for his contributions to physics he chose as his symbol the yin-yang, which he explained as illustrating his Principle of Complementarity. 20 pts: Though he assisted in the Los Alamos bomb project, he later advocated arms control, for which he won the first Atoms for Peace Award in 1957. 10 pts: This Danish Physicist was the winner of the 1922 Nobel Prize for Physics for his development of quantum physics. Answer: Niels _Bohr_ 17. Given a significant archaeological discovery, identify the man who discovered it, FTP each. 1. The Incan city Macchu Pichu Answer: Hiram _Bingham_ 2. Tutankhamon's tomb Answer: Howard _Carter_ 3. The palace of Knossos on Crete Answer: Arthur _Evans_ 18. Given the following world capitals, identify the major river which flows through it, 10 points each. a) Kiev Answer: _Dneiper_ b) Khartoum Answer: _Nile_ c) Brazzaville Answer: _Congo_ 19. Given a list of people used by Shakespeare as characters, identify the historical play of Shakespeare from which they are taken, FTP each. 1. Faulconbridge, Cardinal Pandulph, Prince Arthur Answer: King _John_ 2. Mortimer, Owen Glendower, Henry Hotspur Answer: _Henry IV part I_ 3. Archbishop Cranmer, Cardinal Wolsey, Katharine of Aragon Answer: _Henry VIII_ 20. For assistance in the war against the allied Greek city states, Trojan King Priam had the help of several non-Trojan allies. Given a brief description, identify the ally, FTP each. 1. This Ethiopian prince, the son of Eos and Tithonus, came to Troy's aid after the death of Hector and killed Archilochus, son of aged Pylian king Nestor. He was killed by Achilles. Answer: _Memnon_ 2. This Lycian prince, son of Zeus and Europa, was the mightiest warrior on the Trojan side besides Hector; he was finally slain by Patroclus. Answer: _Sarpedon_ 3. When this Thracian king heard a prophecy stating that Troy would never fall if his horses drank from the river Xanthus, he rushed to the aid of the Trojans but was ambushed and murdered by Diomedes and Odysseus before his horses could drink. Answer: _Rhesus_ 21. In 1640 Charles I of England summoned Parliament twice to ask for funds for the second Bishop's War. Answer the following about those Parliaments for ten points each. 1.) What was the name given to the first parliament summoned that year which lasted from April 13 until its dissolution by charles on May 5? Answer: _Short_Parliament 2.) What was the name given to the Parliament summoned in November of 1640 which lasted until its dissolution in 1660? Answer: _Long_ parliament 3.) What was the name given to the Long Parliament after 121 members were expelled by the rebels in 1648? Answer: _Rump_ parliament