WB Animation Packet


1. At 7:30pm (8:30 Eastern and Pacific) on a Friday night one September, CBS aired the first episode of a series that would begin its regular run the following Monday. In syndication. Few people other than Steven Spielberg could ever get one of the big three networks to promote, for ten points, what first stab at an animated series?
ANS: Steven Spielberg Presents Tiny Toon Adventures [Prompt on "The Looney Beginning"]

2. She has trouble saying it in "Cutie and the Beast", requiring several takes, though it seemed to present no problem in "Taming of the Screwy" or any of its other earlier appearances. For ten points, what is the longer full name of Dot Warner?
ANS: Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fana Bo Besca the Third [Prompt on an early answer of Dot Warner or on any partial answer]

3. Someone sure liked this character voiced by Cree Summer. First came the two attempts at a pilot for a spin-off. Then came appearances on Animaniacs, including her own short with the Warners. And finally, in 1998, she got a series with her name in the title. For ten points, name the obnoxious girl who came between Pinky and the Brain.
ANS: Elmyra Duff

4. One year was more than long enough to endure Norman Lear's Umptee-3 and reruns of Captain Planet. So Kids' WB talked to Animaniacs producer Tom Ruegger about creating an alternative answer to the FCC's mandate on educational television. The result was, for ten points, what show with Father Time and Big Fat Baby?
ANS: Histeria! [If someone puts Steven Spielberg's name in the answer, thwap 'em with a rolled-up newspaper and count them wrong.]

5. He began his career as a comedy writer for the radio and as a writer and performer for the ACME Comedy Group, a sketch comedy troupe in Southern California. He then joined the staff of "Animaniacs", writing such episodes and shorts as "De-Zanitized" and "Cookies for Einstein" and providing occasional voices, including that of Mr. Director. For ten points, name the actor who went on to play Freakazoid?
ANS: Paul Rugg

6. Many factors can prevent a movie or TV shoot from going on as scheduled. But when an actor has given up the chance to be in Forrest II: Electric Gumpaloo so he'd be available for your project, he needs to be compensated. Hence he'd have, for ten points, what sort of clause ensuring he gets his money even if nothing's filmed, something the Warners claim to have in the opening credits of Animaniacs?
ANS: Pay or Play [If anyone answers "Pay for Play", thwap 'em with a rolled-up newspaper and count 'em wrong, wrong, wrong.]

7. He's the cousin to the sister of son's niece's brother of the uncle's daughter's father of the nephew's sister's mother and his grandpa's only cousin was the King's daughter's sibling, but they're all gone, and that is why, for ten points, Anvilania now has what ruler?
ANS: King Yakko (the First, presumably) [Prompt on an answer with only part of the underlined portion]

8. Your response must be phrased in the form a question. Pantyhose are so uncomfortable in the summertime. Three round meals a day wouldn't be as hard to swallow. Tuesday Weld isn't a complete sentence. If we didn't have ears, we'd look like weasels. And, of course, we're already naked. These are just some of the many apparent non-sequitur replies Pinky gives, for ten points, to what common query?
ANS: "Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?" [If anyone gives the correct answer but puts "What is..." or something like that in front of it, scream "'Are you pondering what I'm pondering?' is already a question!" and thwap 'em on each word. Then give them the ten points.]

9. On Histeria!, this famous American was voiced as an impression of Jack Benny, who also played the violin. So it was fitting that a sketch about his best-known achievement was done in the style of an episode of The Jack Benny Show, complete with impressions of Eddie "Rochester" Anderson as printer John Dunlap and George Burns as John Adams. For ten points, name the farmer, inventor and statesman who probably didn't pinch any pens when he wrote the Declaration of Independence.
ANS: Thomas Jefferson

10. He's seen Dracula, shot baloney out his nose, and eaten his brother's scab collection. For ten points name the boy who's never been seen but whose exploits have been chronicled by his pal Colin on Animaniacs.
ANS: Randy Beaman [Prompt on partial]

11. [Moderator: If you can, read the quoted part in the style of Paul Harvey. If you can't, don't.] His real name was Jubal Nixon, and he once worked at the Jonnee Cat factory in his hometown of Odessa, Texas, before getting his tractor-trailer Bessie Mae and turning to a life of crime. For ten points, "Who is this bovine boy with horns on his head and a ring through his nose?"
ANS: Longhorn

12. For a quick ten points, why would I want fries with popcorn? [Moderator: wait a moment before continuing.] Ummmmmm... okay. Well then, if you only have "large", "Super Chubby", and "Double Super Chubby", then isn't a "large" a small?
ANS: "Uh, I'll have to ask my manager." [If they give the answer but don't even attempt to imitate a surfer dude, only give them five points, but still give them the bonus as normal.]

13. As a youth, he was easily amused. Now he has a Bill Grates suit. His life was changed when he was caught in the explosion of Dr. Mordough's Bagel Warmer and Gene Splicer, turning him evil. For ten points, name the hamster voiced by the late Roddy McDowell, the archnemesis of the Brain.
ANS: Snowball

14. Tiny Toon Adventures was truly a pioneer. It was not only Steven Spielberg's first stab at a cartoon and a first great attempt at returning respectability to children's cartoons, but it boasted another first as well. Before Disney did it for Aladdin and The Lion King and even before it was done again and again for The Land Before Time, Tiny Toons had a made-for-video animated movie. For ten points, name the movie in which Babs and Buster travel down a river while Plucky and Hamton go to Happy Fun Land.
ANS: Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation

15. The lead was first offered to Tom Hanks, who threw a fit and turned it down. So did Bruce Willis, Bea Arthur, Whoopi Goldberg, Jaleel White, and Vanilla Ice. Don Most accepted but, umm, no. It was their loss, as this touching story became one of the most affecting tearjerkers of all time. For ten points, what was this tale of Brain Piccadilly, whose stomach cramps forced him to give up his beloved sport of football?
ANS: Brain's Song

16. He never finishes novels, and his musical hero is Leo Sayer. He loves a good pimento loaf and mayo sandwich, and he once owned a cat. He prefers mauve or mustard yellow to red, and his pastime is relaxing. And though he doesn't mention it, he sounds an awful lot like Ben Stein. For ten points, name this man who once told the Warners all about the time he met Bob Barker.
ANS: Francis Pumphandle [Accept Pip]

17. Number Four is "Alone Time." Seven is "Staring at the Camera." Two is "Volunteerism." And Nine is "The Dollar Store." Compiled by noted filmmaker Pomme de Terre, these are just some of, for ten points, what collection of brief looks at the perennial middle child?
ANS: "Ten Short Films About Wakko Warner"

18. "Bobbie's Sister", she is an "Extremely Confused" "Dallas Cowboys Fan" who is "Scared of Internet" and has been "Held for Ransom". She seems to enjoy animals, having worked with sharks, pit bulls, moose, ferrets, lemmings, and many more. For ten points, name the "Animaniacs" staffer who's also been a "Party Clown", "Rug Merchant", "Diplomat", "Leggy Supermodel", and several different types of "Circus Performer".
ANS: Kathryn Page [Prompt on a partial answer]

19. We know his real first name -- It's Nigel -- but not his last. We know he's married, and it seems his mother-in-law lives with them. He can certainly fly and claims to be impervious to pain. For ten points, what was the original name of the British hero Lord Smoked Meats and Fishes?
ANS: Lord Bravery [If someone answers early with "Lord Smoked Meats and Fishes", thwap 'em with the newspaper, then prompt.]

20. First came "The Scoring Session." Last came Richard Stone's "Animaniacs Suite." But, in between them, came this tale of an evil plot to drain the universe's comedy and of the two robots -- or is that one robot and one trash can? Or is it a vacuum or maybe a mini-fridge? -- who get caught up in the fight to stop it. For ten points, name the cartoon starring Brain-2-Me-2 and 3-Pinky-O which formed the bulk of the last episode of Animaniacs.
ANS: "Star Warners" [Prompt on an early answer of "A99" or other reference to the final Animaniacs episode.]

Bonus Questions

1. As Tiny Toon Adventures began winding down and preparations were made for Animaniacs, two of Tiny Toons's main voiceover artists were told they would not be making the transition.
a. For ten points each, name these two men, who voiced Buster Bunny and Plucky Duck.
ANS: Charlie Adler and Joe Alaskey
b. In the fallout of the announcement, Adler and the producers parted company, and someone else had to fill in as Buster Bunny for the final episodes. For ten points, name the man who got a chance as Buster to parody his most famous character, the Cryptkeeper.
ANS: John Kassir

2. For ten points each, given the title of an Animaniacs short starring Chicken Boo, give the name Boo uses.
a. "The Chicken Who Loved Me"
ANS: Boo, James Boo, Grade AA7
b. "Yabba Dabba Boo"
ANS: Larry Gelboo
c. "The Good, the Boo, and the Ugly"
ANS: The Man with no Personality

3. Probably the best-known song from Animaniacs is "Yakko's World". For ten points each, given a short line from the song, identify the next country named. If you need the country's capital, you get five.
a. (For 10) "United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama..."
(For 5) Port-au-Prince
ANS: Haiti
b. (For 10) "Portugal, France, England, Denmark and..."
(For 5) Madrid
ANS: Spain
c. (For 10) "Malta and Palestine, Fiji, Australia..."
(For 5) Khartoum
ANS: Sudan

4. For the stated number of points, identify the following aliases used by the Brain in his attempts to take over the world.
a. For five points: Back in his Animaniacs days, the Brain ran for president under what name?
ANS: John Brain
b. For fifteen points: Brain claimed on more than one occasion to be this fictional prime minister of Brainania.
ANS: Ned Limpopo
c. For ten points: After moving in with Elmyra, Brain's main alias became this rather large "little girl".
ANS: Patty Ann

5. Of course, many songs on the respective series use the tunes of other songs with new lyrics. For ten points each, given a song, name the source of the music. If you need a second clue, you'll get five.
a. (For 10) "Brainstem" from Pinky and the Brain
(For 5) Pinky sings of the title body part where the original had "Doo Dah".
ANS: "Camptown Races"
b. (For 10) "Hurtin' Our Feet" from Animaniacs
(For 5) The Warners sang this during an escape in the 1970's.
ANS: "Staying Alive"
c. (For 10) "United States" from Histeria!
(For 5) It is sung by the Presidential People, who are really four former chief execs in weird costumes.

6. Given the start of one of the masterworks from "Dot's Poetry Corner", finish it, for ten points each. [If they add "Thank you" to the end to any of these, that's perfectly acceptable, but not necessary.]
a. "Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear./ Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair./ Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't fuzzy..."
ANS: "...So he changed his name to Ed Asner."
b. "Mary had a little lamb..."
ANS: "...With mint jelly."
c. "Beans, beans, the musical fruit/ The more you eat, the more..."
ANS: "...They kick you off the air if you finish this poem."

7. Many of the characters on Histeria! have their own catchphrases, including the occasional historical figure. For five points each, with a bonus five points for getting all five, identify the regular or recurring character associated with it.
a. [Moderator: Yell this one.] "WHAT A GROUCH!"
ANS: Loud Kiddington
b. "I'm not happy."
ANS: Charity Bazaar
c. "Shut up!"
ANS: Nostradamus
d. "Yes now!"
ANS: Lucky Bob
e. "Got water?"
ANS: Molly Pitcher [If they answer "Montezuma" or, in answering or conferring suggest that there are two answers, tell them you're looking for a woman.]

8. Now you get a choice. For five points each, name the Goodfeathers. Or, for ten points each, name their gal pals, the Girlfeathers.
ANS: Goodfeathers: Bobby, Pesto, Squit
Girlfeathers: Kiki, Lana, Sasha

9. Now for a bonus on the short "You Said a Mouseful" from Pinky and the Brain. You can get up to fifteen points each for answering the following questions. [Moderator: If they give the answer quickly and clearly without ever flubbing it, give them the full fifteen. If they have trouble saying it or say it slowly, give them ten. If they get it wrong, try to tell the answer quickly and clearly. If you flub, give them five.]
a. What building do the mice infiltrate by pretending to be Japanese businessmen?
ANS: The Hackensack Socko Kicky Sack Sack Kicker factory
b. How did the factory manager handle an attitude problem on the assembly line?
ANS: He sacked the cocky khaki Kicky Sack sock plucker [Note: It was the second cocky khaki Kicky Sack sock plucker they'd sacked since the sixth sitting sheet slitter got sick.]

10. It's time for another "Good Idea, Bad Idea". Given the Good Idea, tell what the Bad Idea is for ten points each.
a. "Doing your own yard work."
ANS: "Doing your own dental work."
b. "Having breakfast served to you in bed."
ANS: "Having tennis balls served to you in bed."
c. "Finding Easter eggs on Easter morning."
ANS: "Finding Easter eggs on Christmas morning."

11. Like Thomas Jefferson, most of the other historical figures on Histeria! are also done as celebrity impressions. So, consider the following famous figures: Johnny Carson, the Tasmanian Devil, Frank Sinatra, Herve Villechaize, Christopher Walken, Adam West, and Father Guido Sarducci. Now, for five points each, given a person from history, tell which of those celebrities their Histeria! character sounds like.
a. Julius Caesar
ANS: Frank Sinatra
b. Ernest Hemingway
ANS: Adam West
c. Nicola Tesla
ANS: Christopher Walken
d. Atilla the Hun
ANS: The Tasmanian Devil [Accept Taz]
e. Abraham Lincoln
ANS: Johnny Carson
f. Leonardo deVinci
ANS: Father Guido Sarducci
[Moderator: Once the bonus is done, mention to the players that the Herve Villechaize impression is used for Napoleon. Also, the Hemingway and daVinci voices weren't really impressions. Adam West and Don Novello (the man who plays Father Guido) actually provided the voices for those characters.]

12. For ten points each, name the following nemeses of Freakazoid.
a. This brainy villain, who made more appearances than any other, was a favorite customer at the Washington Gardens.
ANS: The Lobe
b. This former head of Apex Microchips was so evil he made Dexter's family watch Marty Ingels and created a Freakaclone to terrorize the populace. He also sounds like Ricardo Montalban.
ANS: Armondo Guitierrez
c. This villainous mistress of disguise only had a non-cameo appearance in one episode and was voiced by Bebe Neuwirth.
ANS: Deadpan

13. Cartoon episodes are written and voiced many months in advance. This explains the embarrassing mistakes in the references to the movies of the past summer. For ten points each, answer the following about such goofs.
a. In the early Animaniacs short "Video Revue", the Warners sing that they can always rent what blockbuster, which wouldn't actually be released until long after the episode aired?
ANS: Jurassic Park
b. Though not a factual error, it still had to be considered a major mistake when Plucky Duck spent an entire episode of Tiny Toon Adventures as a parody of the title character from what Bruce Willis disaster?
ANS: Hudson Hawk
c. Similar was a scene in Freakazoid! in which the characters went to a screening of what film and debated which apes were real and which were men in suits?
ANS: Congo

14. Randy Beaman hasn't been the only subject of Colin's tales; some centered on his friends and family instead. For the stated number of points, answer the following about these stories.
a. For five points, all or nothing, what two items caused the head of Randy's younger brother to explode?
ANS: Pop Rocks and soda [Accept equivalents for soda]
b. For ten, what bizarre incident happened to the feet of Randy's aunt?
ANS: They were licked by a crazy guy who did that a lot. [Accept equivalents]
c. For fifteen, what fate befell Randy's mom's best friend, Linda, at the tanning salon?
ANS: She stayed in too long and boiled her guts [Accept equivalents]

15. Freakazoid's adventures often had to be put on hold as the hero ran off with his buddy Cosgrove. For ten points each, answer the following about some of these side trips.
a. Freakazoid and Cosgrove admired an exhibit on Egyptian architecture at the Great Hall of what substance?
ANS: Spackle
b. Another time, they went to what park dedicated to an Italian dessert?
ANS: Spumoniland
c. Freakazoid, Cosgrove, and Roddy McStew all went to Webby's Vest World to see the world's largest example of what type of vest?
ANS: Cowboy fringe [Prompt on partial]

16. Even before Histeria!, the WB animators were putting their characters in historical settings. For five points each, and an extra five for getting them all, state whether the following were settings for Animaniacs shorts featuring Slappy Squirrel, Pinky and the Brain, the Warners, or Rita and Runt.
a. St. Petersburg, Russia, in 1916
ANS: The Warners [Accept equivalents]
b. St. Petersburg, Russia, in 1904
ANS: Pinky and the Brain
c. A farm in upstate New York in 1969
ANS: Slappy Squirrel
d. California in 1849
ANS: The Warners [Accept equivalents]
e. Poland in 1939
ANS: Rita and Runt

[Note: This bonus was added for a tournament that allowed teams to "lame" or skip a bonus.]
16a. Often, an obscure bit of info from one show will take on new significance later. Identify the following references from WB cartoons for fifteen points each or from a later source for five.
a. (For 15) As seen in the short "Katie Ka-Boo" and others, this is the name of Katie's hometown.
(For 5) A different town with the same name was the title locale of a 1998 film starring William H. Macy and Reese Witherspoon.
ANS: Pleasantville
b. (For 15) When battling the villainous Invisibo, Freakazoid referred to this hypothetical relative's flying poodles.
(For 5) Stan Marsh's relative with this name doesn't, as far as we know, have any flying poodles, though he does have an old war buddy named Ned.
ANS: Uncle Jimbo [Prompt on partial]

17. For the stated number of points, identify these people who played themselves or versions of themselves on Tiny Toon Adventures.
a. For five points: In "Buster and Babs Go Hawaiian", best known as the episode written by those teenage girls, this person is credited as playing himself.
ANS: Steven Spielberg
b. For ten points: This late comedian played himself as a chicken in the episode named for him.
ANS: Henny Youngman
c. For fifteen points: These three singing sisters appeared as three singing bugs in "New Character Day" but never returned.
ANS: The Roches

18. In addition to Don Novello, Histeria! and Saturday Night Live have two regular performers in common.
a. For five points for one or fifteen for both, name these two women, one a member of SNL's original troupe and the other a member of the popular late '80's cast.
ANS: Laraine Newman and Nora Dunn
b. For five points for one or fifteen for both, name Newman and Dunn's primary Histeria! characters, a mixed-up tour guide and an empty-voiced network censor.
ANS: Miss Information and Lydia Karaoke [Prompt on a partial answer of either.]

19. It's time for the Wheel of Morality. For the stated number of points, answer these questions about the Wheel and its wonderful moral lessons.
a. For five, Wakko and Dot hate the Wheel until they're told it was whose idea?
ANS: Executives at the Fox Kids Network [If they say it was Steven Spielberg, thwap 'em again with that rolled-up newspaper.]
b. For ten, one of the morals said that the answer was blowing in the wind everywhere but in what state, where what was blowing in the wind smelled funny?
ANS: New Jersey
c. For five, another moral suggested doing what early and often?
ANS: Vote
d. For ten, instead of a moral, one lucky space on the wheel won the trio a trip to where?
ANS: Tahiti

20. Let's end at the ending. In this case, the end credits of Pinky and the Brain and the vocabulary items presented in them. So now consider these terms: Bolus, Capitose, Enatic, Nothosonomia, Oobar, Sinciput, and Yerk. Now, for five points each, and a bonus five for all correct, state which term is defined as the following.
a. "The forehead"
ANS: Sinciput
b. "Having a large head"
ANS: Capitose
c. "To beat someone vigorously"
ANS: Yerk
d. "Related on the mother's side"
ANS: Enatic
e. "A chewed-up bunch of food"
ANS: Bolus
[Moderator: An oobar is a dry fog of the upper Nile. Nothosonomia was never mentioned on Pinky and the Brain.]

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