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1. This co-founder of the Rape and Incest National Hotline was born in North Carolina to a Methodist minister. She was playing Gershwin at gay bars in and around Washington D.C. by age 11. Her a capella number "Me and a Gun" inspired a torrent of letters from fellow survivors. For ten points, what redhead recorded most of her latest album in an Irish country church?

Answer: Tori _Amos_

2. On February 22, 1946, he wrote what became known as the "Long Telegram," in which he laid out the intellectual foundations for the policy of Communist "containment. For ten points, name this U.S. Ambassador to Moscow.

Answer: George F. _Kennan_

3. In a 1994 BBC interview this evolutionary biologist and noted atheist compared the phenomenon of wearing baseball hats backwards to a smallpox epidemic. He apologizes for including a glossary in _The Extended Phenotype_, concerned that if his work is too easy to understand then scientists will not take it seriously. For ten points, what author of _The Selfish Gene_ and _River Out of Eden_ cointed the term 'meme'?

Answer: Richard _Dawkins_

4. "Love seeketh not itself to please / Nor for itself hath any care / But for another gives its ease / And builds a Heaven in Hell's despair." "I went to the Garden of Love / And saw what I never had seen: / A Chapel was built in the midst / Where I used to play on the green." For ten points, what book of Blake poems also asks "What immortal hand or eye / Could frame thy fearful symmetry?"

Answer: Songs of Innocence and _Songs of Experience_ (the full title is acceptable because they were published together; prompt if "Blake" is answered on an early buzz)

5. In India, followers of this religious figure, called "Parsees", leave the bodies of their dead out in the open to be "cleansed" by vultures. Often regarded as the first prophet of a major monotheistic religion, he is referred to in the title of a Strauss composition and a Nietzsche book of the same name. For ten points, who is he?

Answer: _Zarathustra_ (accept also _Zoroaster_)

6. Late in life he developed such an intense hatred of the color green that he would go out of his way to avoid trees, and even painted the leaf of an artificial tulip in his studio white. He preferred black, white, and primary colors, though after he moved to New York in 1940 he refused to use the color black. "Broadway Boogie-Woogie" is the work of, for ten points, what Dutchman famous for square patterns?

Answer: Piet _Mondrian_

7. The course of this river was first plotted by Zebulon Pike in 1811. The fourth longest river in the United States, its source is near Leadville, Colorado. Tributaries include the Cimarron, Canadian, Neosho and White Rivers. For ten points, what flows through Pueblo, Dodge City, Tulsa, Little Rock, and Pine Bluff?

Answer: the _Arkansas_ River

8. This famous introduction focuses on the author's inferiority to his ancestors, the shallow, doddering old men who hold political patronage jobs with him, the decay of Salem, and the fact that his politically- motivated firing shocked his creative sense out of a stupor. For ten points, in what essay does Nathaniel Hawthorne justify a subsequent work by describing the scarlet letter that he found in an old attic?

Answer: The _Custom-House_

9. An indirect result of his invasions was the founding of Venice by refugees. By 432 his tribe had so much power that his uncle, Rugilas, received annual tribute from Rome. In 436 he murdered his brother; in 451 he invaded Gaul in alliance with the Vandal king Gaiseric, but the Roman general Flavius Aetius defeated him on the Catalaunian Plain. For ten points name this "scourge of God."

Answer: _Attila_ the Hun

10. According to this law, if the refractive indices of the two media are denoted by n1 and n2, then n1 times the sine of the angle of incidence equals n2 times the sine of the angle of reflection. For ten points, name this law of optics.

Answer: _Snell's_ Law

11. The 100th anniversary of this Swiss-born psychologist is to be celebrated on August 9 of this year. A "genetic epistemologist," he made a lasting impact with his theories on the developmental construction of knowledge. For ten points, who used the key terms "equilibration" and "assimilation and accomodation" in his ideas on child development?

Answer: Jean _Piaget_

12. It secured Transylvania, Croatia, Slavonia, and other territories to the Hapsburgs, and left for the Turks only the Hungarian Banat, a region they lost 19 years later. For ten points, what 1699 treaty marked the beginning of the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire and the division of the Balkans?

Answer: the Treaty of _Karlowitz_

13. He composed a Polonia Overture, a Faust Overture, the Grosser Festmarch, the Rule Britannia Overture, and even a wedding march, but he is much better known for his operas. For ten points, who composed Tannhauser, Tristan und Isolde, Der Fliegende Hollander, and the Ring cycle?

Answer: Richard _Wagner_

14. Elphin was trying to catch some when he found the Irish folk hero Taliesin [tally-ESS-in]. Finn acquired great wisdom when he burned his thumb cooking one, though he could only use this wisdom when he bit his thumb. They also play a minor role in the origin of the Shannon river, as they lived in Connla's well and ate the hazel nuts that would drop into it. For ten points, what fish symbolize knowledge in Irish lore?

Answer: _salmon_

15. When in an excited state, this element concentrates in abnormal heart tissue, permitting nuclear medical analysis. It was first produced in 1937 when high-energy deuterons were directed at a molybdenum source. For ten points, what lightest manmade element has atomic number 43?

Answer: _Technetium_


1. Identify the book of the Bible from the clue for five points each:

A. Last book of the Old Testament. Answer: _Malachi_
B. Book by a prophet who married a prostitute for metaphorical reasons. Answer: _Hoshea_
C. Penultimate book of the new testament. Answer: _Jude_
D. Book containing the verse often translated as "The wages of sin is death.: Answer: _Romans_
E. Book which contains the story of Samson and Delilah. Answer: _Judges_
F. Book which begins by tracing Jesus' ancestors back to David. Answer: _Matthew_

2. Identify the composer from the work on a 10-5 basis.

A. 10 pts: Music for Marcel Duchamp for Prepared Piano
5 pts: 4'33"

Answer: John _Cage_

B. 10 pts: Gurrleider
5 pts: Moses und Aron

Answer: Arnold _Schoenberg_

C. 10 pts: Robert Browning Overture
5 pts: Concord Sonata

Answer: Charles _Ives_

3. Given the year and the Presidential candidate, name his running mate for the stated number of points.

A. 5 pts: 1964, Lyndon Johnson

Answer: Hubert _Humphrey_

B. 10 pts: 1960, Richard Nixon

Answer: Henry Cabot _Lodge_

C. 15 pts: 1964, Barry Goldwater

Answer: Marvin _Miller_

4. Linguistic determination is the argument that language directly affects the way that people think about and see the world. This theory is often named after two prominent linguists, one of whom provided as an example the number of distinct Eskimo words for snow. For fifteen points each, name these two linguists.

Answer: Edward _Sapir_ and Benjamin Lee _Whorf_

5. For the stated number of points name these laws of physics from the description.

5 pts: Force is proportional to the product of the absolute value of the charge of two particles divided by the square of the distance.

Answer: _Coulomb's Law_

10pts: The total outward electric flux over any closed surface is equal to the free charge enclosed by that surface.

Answer: _Gauss's_ Law

15 pts: Del of X and E equals minus d-B over d-T. One of Maxwell's equations, in static fields it simply stats that the curl of a static electric field is equal to 0.

Answer: _Faraday's_ Law

6. Identify the following from _O Pioneers_ for the stated number of points.

 A. For five points, the author.

Answer: Willa _Cather_

B. For five points each, any three of the four Bergson siblings, upon whom the plot centers.

Answers: _Catherine_; _Oscar_; _Lou_; _Emil_

C. For an additional five points each, the young beauty with whom Emil has an affair, and the jealous husband who kills them both.

Answers: _Marie_ Shabata and _Frank_ Tovesky (accept surnames for either, but prompt if "Tovesky" is given for Marie)

7. For five points each plus a five-point bonus for all correct, expand these abbreviations from the theory of computing.


Answer: _Deterministic Finite Automaton_

B. PDA    

Answer: _Pushdown Automaton_

C. TM    

Answer: _Turing Machine_

D. NP    

Answer: _Non-Deterministic Polynomial_


Answer: _Context-Free Grammar_

8. How well do you remember the Revolt of Paris?

A. When John the Good was captured, Charles V summoned the three estates to his palace. But the bishop of Laon and a partisan of Charles the Bad demand the liberation of his partron. For fifteen points name the bishop.

Answer: Robert _Le Coq_

B. A prosperous clothier from an established family of Parisan bourgeoisie took charge of defending the city. He organized the city on the Flemish model, and his partisans rallied around a red and blue hood. Popular at first, he was eventually assassinated at the Porte Saint-Martin. For fifteen more points name this merchant.

Answer: Etienne _Marcel_

9. How well do you know Austria? Whatever passing knowledge you have may be surprisingly helpful here. Austria is divided into nine states. For ten points each, name any three of them.

Answers: _Burgenland_; _Karnten_; _Niederoesterreich_; _Oberoesterreich_; _Salzburg_; _Steiermark_; _Tirol_; _Voralberg_; _Wien_

10. Given a list of characters, name the play for the stated point value.

5pt: Professor Higgins, Eliza Doolittle

Answer: _Pygmalion_

10pt: Lady Bracknell, Jack, Chasuble, Miss Prism

Answer: _The Importance of Being Earnest_

15pt: Helena, Diana, Parolles, Lafeu, the Countess

Answer: _All's Well That Ends Well_

11. Identify these scientists involved in the discovery of DNA structure for fifteen points each.

A. Using X-ray crystallography, she was the first to discover that the sugar phosphate backbone of DNA lies on the outside of the molecule, and elucidated the basic helical structure of the molecule, but died of cancer at age 37.

Answer: _R_osalind _Franklin_

B. He provided Franklin's research to James Watson, stimulated Watson to direct his research towards the chemical structure of nucleic acids and proteins, and shared the 1962 Nobel Prize with Watson and Crick.

Answer: Maurice _Wilkins_

12. Identify the author, 30-20-10.

30  At age 7 he was blinded in one eye by his brother's errant bow-and-arrow shot.

20  His short stories include "Interview with a Lemming" and "The Unicorn in the Garden."

10  His articles and cartoons graced The New Yorker from 1927 until his death in 1961.

Answer: James _Thurber_

13. Identify these gods on a 15-5 basis.

A. 15pt clue: He is represented with four faces, one facing each direction of space.
5pt clue: He is the Hindu god of creation.

Answer: _Brahma_

B. 15pt clue: He is associated with the planet Venus, the wind of breath the discovery of corn, the arts, and birth and renewal.
5pt clue: Mesoamericans know him as the plumed serpent.

Answer: _Quetzalcoatl_

14. Give the common names of these psychoactive substances for the stated number of points.

5pts: Fluoxetine

Answer: _Prozac_

5pts: Diazepam

Answer: _Valium_

10pts: Chlorpromazine

Answer: _Thorazine_

10pts: Methylphenidate

Answer: _Ritalin_

15. If you're paranoid, everything's a plot, but for the stated number of points who hatched the following plots.

5pts: The celebrated mastermind of the Gunpower Plot.

Answer: Guy _Fawkes_

10pts: On July 20, 1944, he tried to kill Hitler.

Answer: Claus von _Stauffenberg_

15pts: He fabricated the Popish Plot in 1678.

Answer: Titus _Oates_