These sample questions are taken from Harvard packs submitted to the 1996 invitationals Terrier Tussle 5 and Questions on the Crum. **YOU MAY NOT MAKE COMMERCIAL USE OF THESE.** If you are interested in buying or trading for T5 or QOTC questions, contact the Boston University club or the Swarthmore club. Question style and distribution adheres to the Stanford Guidelines.


At the age of 14 he became a cigarmaker in New York City and joined the Cigarmakers' Union. By 1886 he had his own union. Somewhat conservative, he sought better wages, hours, and working conditions rather than political reform. For ten points, who founded the American Federation of Labor?

Answer: Samuel _GOMPERS_


The first phase of this form of schizophrenia is a stupor, in which patients are unresponsive to external stimuli, though they seem to be aware of what is going on; they demonstrate extreme compliance, holding postures for a long time. The second, called cerea flexibilitas, is marked by hyperactivity. For ten points, name it.



Despite his reputation for conservative offense, his teams had not had a 1000-yard rusher since 1978. Art Modell once said that "Vince Lombardi wrote the book on coaching, but" this man "edited it." In Buffalo on December 30, that wasn't enough. For ten points, name the recently- retired all-time NFL leader in coaching wins.

Answer: Don _SHULA_ [source for stat & quote: SportsCenter, January 4, 11pm EST]

TOSSUP 4 This city had 236 homicides in 1995, more than thrice as many as the previous year, but investigators are not worried about a trend; 169 of these happened on the same day, a statistical blip that also inflates the rate of apprehended suspects. For ten points, what city had just 67 murders on days other than April 19?

Answer: _OKLAHOMA CITY_ [source for #s: The Daily Oklahoman; January 1, 1996]

TOSSUP 5 A scenic region of roughly 2000 square miles, it is characterized by tall, red sandstone buttes, mesas, and arches. Part of the Navajo reservation, it is close to the Rainbow Bridge and Natural Bridges national monuments. For ten points, name this region of northeast Arizona and southeast Utah.



Contrary to urban legend, they really do exist; they are small game birds belonging to the sandpiper family, 11 inches long with brown and white plumage and long, straight bills. If you've ever hunted them, however, chances are someone tricked you. For ten points, name these birds.

Answer: _SNIPE_


There is a schism between the Digambara and Svetambara sects: While the Svetambaras wear white clothes, the Digambaras traditionally go naked. Both count Mahavira as the last of 24 founders, and both insist on noninjury to all forms of life. For ten points, name this Indian religion. Answer: _JAIN_ism TOSSUP 8 In this book, Buchanan is a racist. Not populist Pat, but rather a man of Old Money who clings to the scientific theories that claim blacks are biologically inferior. Tom Buchanan is also married to the first love of, for ten points, what F. Scott Fitzgerald title character?

Answer: The _GREAT GATSBY_

TOSSUP 9 Their uniform consisted of a short jacket called a dolman, and a cylindrical cloth hat, or busby. They originated in 15th-century Hungary. Later other European armies formed similar light horse corps, used mainly to scout. From a Hungarian word meaning "freebooter" came the name of, for ten points, what?

Answer: _HUSSAR_s


He worked as a law clerk until 1891, when he began study under Adolphe William Bourgereau at the Academie Julian. Paintings of his include The Dance; The Moroccans; The Piano Lesson; and Woman With a Hat. For ten points, name this Fauvist leader.

Answer: Henri _MATISSE_


Senior citizens often get discounts at movie theaters. Box seats usually cost more than bleacher seats. Auto insurance companies will charge a higher rate to teenage males than to 40-year-old women. These are all examples of, for ten points, what economic phenomenon?



Few would have predicted from his days with The Hassles or his first solo album that he'd eventually sell more albums than anyone except the Beatles. For ten points, whose stint playing piano at the Executive Lounge under the name Bill Martin inspired him to write "Piano Man"?

Answer: Billy _JOEL_


In act one, the tree on stage is bare; in act two, it has leaves. Characters include two tramps; a blind master; and a dumb slave. For ten points, name this Samuel Beckett play.



National Review endorsed him in its first issue to reach subscribers following the Iowa caucus, claiming that he was the best conservative candidate in the race. One problem: He'd dropped out as they went to press. For ten points, name this Texas senator.

Answer: Phil _GRAMM_


BONUS 1 (25 points) Identify these Welsh writers from their works for the stated number of points.

1. For ten points, A Child's Christmas in Wales

Answer: Dylan _THOMAS_

2. For fifteen points, How Green Was My Valley

Answer: Richard _LLEWELLYN_

BONUS 2 (30 points)

MOSFETs are one of the two major types of FETs -- a transistor category in the field of semiconductors; which are unipolar devices because they operate with only majority carriers. For 5 points per word, what does MOSFET stand for?


BONUS 3 (20 points)

On March 5, 1946, Winston Churchill gave his famous "Iron Curtain" speech. For ten points each, name the Missouri city in which he spoke and the former world leader who spoke there on the future of NATO almost exactly 50 years later.

Answers: _FULTON_ and Margaret _THATCHER_

BONUS 4 (25 points)

Justinian built a temple for his wife; for ten points for one or 25 for both, name the temple and the wife.


BONUS 5 (20 points)

For five points each plus a bonus for all correct, following Atlanta, which cities will host the Olympics in 1998, 2000, and 2002?

Answers: _NAGANO_, Japan; _SYDNEY_, Australia; _SALT LAKE CITY_, Utah

BONUS 6 (30 points)

Identify these basic microeconomic tools for fifteen points each.

1. This box presents the possible distributions of goods to people, and the utility levels derived from them.

Answer: _EDGEWORTH_ Box

2. This subset of an Edgeworth Box contains all points at which nobody can gain utility unless someone else loses utility.


BONUS 7 (20 points)

Not counting interphase, list the four main stages of mitosis for five points each. Answers: _ANAPHASE_; _METAPHASE_; _PROPHASE_; _TELOPHASE_

BONUS 8 (30 points)

In the King James Bible, Psalms is one of seven Old Testament books have 40 or more chapters. Name the other six for five points each.


BONUS 9 (30 points)

Don McLean's song American Pie repeatedly mentions "the day the music died," which refers to the day that a plane crash killed three rock-and-roll legends.

1. For five points each name them. Answer: Buddy _HOLLY_ Richie _VALENS_ J.P. _RICHARDSON_ (accept also "The _BIG BOPPER_")

2. For five points each give the day, month, and year, that the music died.

Answers: _FEBRUARY THIRD (3rd), 1959_

BONUS 10 (30 points)

The computer lanuage C is a Unix staple.

1. For ten points each, who created it, and what research company was he working for at the time?

Answers: Dennis _RITCHIE_; _BELL_ Labs

2. For ten points if exact, or five points if within five years, in what year was it created?

Answer: _1972_ (5-point credit for 1967-1977)

BONUS 11 (30 points)

From _Pride and Prejudice_, for five points each plus a bonus for all correct, name the Bennett sisters.


BONUS 12 (25 points)

Name the composer from the works, 25-10.

<25-point clue> Songs on the Deaths of Children; Das Klagenda Lied

<10-point clue> Das Lied von der Erde

Answer: Gustav _MAHLER_

BONUS 13 (25 points)

He shared the 1974 Nobel Prize in economics with Friedrich Hayek; she won the Nobel Peace Prize eight years later. Give this couple's surname for twenty points and their home country for five more.

Answers: (Gunnar and Alva) _MYRDAL_; _SWEDEN_

BONUS 14 (30 points)

Jack Nicklaus won the PGA championship in 1971, 1973, 1975, and 1980. Six other golfers won it in the years in between. Name any three of them for ten points apiece.

Answers: Gary _PLAYER_; Lee _TREVINO_; Dave _STOCKTON_; Lanny _WADKINS_; John _MAHAFFEY_; David _GRAHAM_

BONUS 15 (25 points)

For fifteen points, what Mesoamerican god is associated with the planet Venus, the discovery of corn, the arts, and birth and renewal?


2. Now, for ten points, spell Quetzalcoatl ("kwet-zul-coh-AH-tuhl")

Answer: _Q-U-E-T-Z-A-L-C-O-A-T-L_