The Doctor Who College Bowl Packet

This is a College Bowl-style question packet centered around the long-running British SF series Doctor Who.


1. "There are worlds out there where the sky is burning, and the sea's asleep, and the rivers dream. People made of smoke and cities made of song. Somewhere there's danger, somewhere there's injustice, somewhere else the tea's getting cold. Come on Ace, we've got work to do." For ten points, this is the Doctor's final line in which story?
ANS: Survival

2. These aliens, who only appeared in one television story, had a feudal patriarchy and strong sense of personal honour. These, as well as their dress sense, gave them more than a slight resemblance to medieval Japan, despite the fact that they controlled an interstellar empire and were reptilian. For ten points, name these aliens who had made the Doctor a noble of their world 500 years prior to Frontier in Space.
ANS: Draconians

3. "The Nightmare Begins", "Day of Armageddon", "Devil's Planet", "The Traitors", "Counter Plot", "Coronas of the Sun", "The Feast of Steven", "The Volcano", "Golden Death", "Escape Switch", "The Abandoned Planet", and "The Destruction of Time" are the twelve episodes of, for ten points, which story featuring the First Doctor?
ANS: The Daleks' Masterplan

4. This actor first worked as a stuntman in three stories of the eighth season, and as a photographer in one, The Mind of Evil. He also took on minor and alien roles in the ninth through sixteenth and eighteenth through twentieth seasons. For ten points name this man who was a stunt Sontaran in both of Tom Baker's encounters with the race as well as the body of Alpha Centauri in the two Peladon adventures.
ANS: Stuart Fell

5. The Doctor has had three of these, though two were identical, and the third disappeared until it was time for it to sacrifice itself. Not that the first two were much luckier, getting blown apart, waterlogged, or simply stranded in the Tardis on numerous occasions. For ten points, what term could be used to describe the perennially abused K9 and Kamelion?
ANS: Robot Companions [Accept equivalents]

6. Its crew included Cass, Borg, Chub, Zilda, Poul, Toos, Commander Uvanov, and Dask, who turned out to be the evil Taren Capel. That, of course, does not include the Dum, Voc, and Supervoc androids handling many of its functions. For ten points, name this vehicle in which the Doctor and Leela encounter The Robots of Death.
ANS: The Sandminer [Accept Storm Mine Four]

7. History was a weak area for her, but she was very adept at mathematics, and she worked as an astrophysicist and astrometricist as well as a librarian. She received her education at the Earth School of Parapsychology, where her photographic memory was developed, before moving to the Wheel in Space where she met the Second Doctor and Jamie. For ten points, name this companion who stayed with them through The War Games.
ANS: Zoe Heriot

8. This actor originated the role of the brothel keeper Lycus in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum and played the part on both the London and Broadway stage, but he was given only a bit part in the film when the more famous American Phil Silvers was picked as Lycus. He almost got to play the part anyway when Silvers refused to come to the set, but the mere mention of this man's name changed the American's mind. For ten points, who was this actor who also acted in three Carry On films before taking the role of the Doctor?
ANS: Jon Pertwee

9. Writers David Halliwell, Jack Trevor Story, Christopher Bidmead, and P.J. Hammond each wrote contributions for this, but these were rejected by script editor Eric Saward, who later withdrew his own submission after a split with the producer. For ten points, what is the on-screen title of this epic which comprised the whole of the 23rd season?
ANS: Trial of a Time Lord [Prompt on an early answer of Season 23.]

10. In An Unearthly Child, it was the name of the bandleader of the Common Men. It next appears in The Wheel in Space after Jamie sees it on a label, and again in The War Games before becoming the Doctor's "official" pseudonym in Spearhead from Space. For ten points, what is this name used by the Doctor during his tenure with UNIT?
ANS: John Smith [Prompt on Smith]

11. Kalid, Adjudicator Martin Jurgens, Emil Keller, Sir Gilles Estram, Professor Thascales, the Portreeve, and the Reverend Magister are some of the aliases used, for ten points, by which renegade Time Lord and nemesis of the Doctor?
ANS: The Master

12. The fourth episode of The Invasion aired on this date in 1968. In 1987, the first episode of Dragonfire aired, and Silver Nemesis began on it one year later. For ten points, what is this date, better known for the first telecast of An Unearthly Child in 1963?
ANS: 23rd of November

13. Now known for his role as a British film icon, this man almost took a television icon, namely the Doctor, to the big screen. He was the front-runner for the lead in the film later titled The Jewels of Time, but it never got off the ground. For ten points, name this man who recently took over the duties of Agent 007.
ANS: Pierce Brosnan

14. She was originally created as a one-off character for her debut story, then brought back for the next with the intent that she would only be around for one more. Pressure from one of the other actors convinced producers to keep this companion, who outlasted one of her fellow companions when she stayed for ten more stories, finally leaving in Terminus. For ten points, name this Trakenite companion of the Fourth and Fifth Doctors.
ANS: Nyssa

15. It was only mentioned once during the TV run but has been given a complete history in the New and Missing Adventures. It began on Earth as a compilation of rare and forbidden books and was known in the 19th and 20th centuries as the Library of St. John the Beheaded. Later, it expanded the variety of items contained and took on the last name of its founder, a Time Lord named Irving. For ten points, name this archive which the Fourth Doctor compared unfavourably with the Louvre.
ANS: The Braxiatel Collection

16. The Second Doctor faced them most often, with four encounters during the series, and he stopped them by adjusting the gravity, by refreezing them, by blowing them up and by driving them mad. Once before, they'd been destroyed by radiation, but their greatest weakness wasn't revealed until they faced the Fourth Doctor, who used gold to clog their filters. For ten points, name the once-powerful race which could later be killed by a well-shot coin.
ANS: Cybermen

17. George Gallaccio, Robert Holmes, Graeme Harper, Douglas Camfield, Philip Hinchcliff, Christopher Baker, and Robert Banks Stewart, or rather their faces, are the source of much controversy. This is because their appearance in this story seems to some to contradict more explicit statements in several others. For ten points, name this story which some say shows proof of pre-Hartnell Doctors.
ANS: The Brain of Morbius

18. He first worked on Planet of Giants, then on that season's The Crusade and The Chase. During later seasons, he worked on even more stories, eventually doing all of the eighth and tenth seasons, and every story from The Masque of Mandragora through his last, The Horns of Nimon. For ten points, name the composer who's probably contributed to more episodes of Doctor Who than any other individual.
ANS: Dudley Simpson

19. This room was only seen once during the series, in Logopolis, where its function seemed to be nothing more than a place to relax and keep a bell. It took on far more importance in the 1996 film, though, when it was revealed that the link to the Eye of Harmony was here. For ten points, name this Tardis room where the final battle of Enemy Within was fought.
ANS: The Cloister Room

20. He neither appears nor is mentioned in any of the first nine, and he is killed off in his first appearance. His popularity, however, causes his return from the grave for each of the next four stories about his creations. For ten points, name the scientist responsible for the Genesis of the Daleks.
ANS: Davros

Bonus Questions

(Each of these is worth 30 total points)

1. There have been three companions born on Earth prior to the twentieth century. For ten points each, name them.
ANS: Katarina, Jamie McCrimmon, Victoria Waterfield

2. (30-20-10) Name the one-time Doctor Who guest star from a list of credits for 30 points after the first clue, twenty after a second, or ten for all three.
For 30: The film Rosie Dixon - Night Nurse and the TV film "Put on by Cunning"
For 20: The films Inspector Clouseau and No Sex, Please - We're British
For 10: The Killing of Sister George and the story "Earthshock"
ANS: Beryl Reid

3. All but five of the television stories have been novelised. For five points each, name them.
ANS: The Pirate Planet; City of Death; Shada; Ressurection of the Daleks; and Revelation of the Daleks
One man wrote or co-wrote three of the five. For a further five points, name him.
ANS: Douglas Adams [Note: He did the first three.]

4. Like The Daleks' Masterplan, all the early stories had individual episode titles instead of a single overarching one. For five points each, given a pair of episode titles, name the story.
a. "The Singing Sands" and "Five Hundred Eyes"
ANS: Marco Polo
b. "A Race Against Death" and "Kidnap"
ANS: The Sensorites
c. "The Powerful Enemy" and "Desperate Measures"
ANS: The Rescue
d. "Invasion" and "The Centre"
ANS: The Web Planet
e. "Four Hundred Dawns" and "Trap of Steel"
ANS: Galaxy Four
f. "The Return" and "The Bomb"
ANS: The Ark

5. It is a College Bowl tradition to write bonus questions about hybrid titles, which combine two or more of the ordinary kind, like D. H. Lawrence's novel made into a Fred MacMurray series, My Three Sons and Lovers. For ten points each, identify these titles which combine a Who story with one from someplace else.
a. This song by Huey Lewis and the News expressed a strange desire to return to Karfel.
ANS: (I Gotta Get) Back in Timelash
b. In this film, Kevin Costner built a baseball diamond, bringing back the spirits of Shoeless Joe Jackson, Morgaine, Mordred, and Ancelyn.
ANS: Battlefield of Dreams
c. This MGM musical about the life of composer Sigmund Romberg was set in a gas refinery menaced by seaweed and Victoria's screaming.
ANS: Fury from the Deep in My Heart

6. After the television series ended, Doctor Who continued as a series of New Adventures, which introduced many interesting characters. For the stated number of points, identify the following characters from the New Adventures.
a. For five points, she was the first companion created in the NA's, and she will take over the series when the Doctor leaves.
ANS: Bernice Summerfield [Accept Benny]
b. For ten points, this woman descended from a TV character was created as a weapon and later developed her own time-travel equipment.
ANS: Kadiatu Lethbridge-Stewart [Prompt on Lethbridge-Stewart]
c. For fifteen, this shapeshifter for whom an award is named first appeared in Sky Pirates!
ANS: Sgloomi Po

7. Filming for Doctor Who left Britain four times, all between 1979 and 1985. For ten points each name any three of the four stories which were filmed elsewhere.
ANS: City of Death (in Paris); Arc of Infinity (in Amsterdam); Planet of Fire (in Lanzarote); and The Two Doctors (in Seville)

8. Only three Companions have died in on-screen adventures with the Doctor. For ten points each, name them.
ANS: Katarina; Sara Kingdom; and Adric

9. Some adversaries made multiple appearances on the television show, but only against one Doctor. Indeed, only two Doctors did not have such enemies. For five points each given an enemy, name the Doctor (either by number or actor's name) who faced them.
a. The Autons
ANS: Third Doctor OR Jon Pertwee
b. Sil
ANS: Sixth Doctor OR Colin Baker
c. The Great Intelligence
ANS: Second Doctor OR Patrick Troughton
d. The Mara
ANS: Fifth Doctor OR Peter Davison
e. The Ogrons
ANS: Third Doctor OR Jon Pertwee
f. The Monk
ANS: First Doctor OR William Hartnell

10. For five points each, what do the four letters in UNIT represent?
ANS: United Nations Intelligence Taskforce
Now, for five points each, identify the two brigadiers other than Lethbridge-Stewart to head the British division of UNIT.
ANS: Charles Crichton and Winifred Bambera

11. In The Mysterious Planet, the first segment of Trial of a Time Lord, the residents of the old Marble Arch station had three Books of Knowledge. For five points each for title and credited author, what are the three books?
ANS: Moby Dick by Herman Melville; Water Babies by Charles Kingsley; and UK Habitats of the Canadian Goose by H.M. Stationery Office

12. For ten points each, identify the Missing Adventure from the quote provided on the back cover. You can get five points if you also need the names of the two televised stories between which it fits.
a. For 10: "I'm a Time Lord, not a bank manager. When I invested in this place, I had no idea that it would succeed. I mean -- a time travelling restaurant?"
For 5: Between The King's Demons and The Five Doctors
ANS: The Crystal Bucephalus
b. For 10: "In less than 25 years the Romans have invented electricity generation, airships, radio, and who knows what else. Is that reasonable?"
For 5: Between Revelation of the Daleks and Trial of a Time Lord
ANS: State of Change
c. For 10: "If anyone tries to interrupt this opening of Parliament, there'll be fireworks!"
For 5: Between The Space Museum and The Chase
ANS: The Plotters

13. For the stated number of points, answer these questions about rooms in the Tardis.
a. For five, which room, described as 'isolated' and matching one under the Senate blocks on Gallifrey had to be jettisoned (to escape Event One) shortly after it became necessary?
ANS: The Zero Room
b. For ten, what did the Tardis once eject because it was leaking?
ANS: The Swimming Pool
c. For fifteen, the ancillary power station resembled what?
ANS: An Art Exhibition [Accept Museum or other equivalent]

14. The program has often been used by other shows for humour. For ten points each, answer the following questions about Doctor Who and The Simpsons.
a. What title was given to the group which included the Fourth Doctor and which met when Sideshow Bob threatened to blow up Springfield?
ANS: The Representatives of Television
b. What food item was the Comic Store Guy shown buying before a Doctor Who marathon?
ANS: Tacos [He got 100 for $100.]
c. Displays at the Miscellaneous, Etc. store in Springfield Mall resembled what Doctor Who icon?
ANS: The Tardis Console

15. Twice during the series did every story of the season take place in large part on Earth (A few minutes in Episode 1, five and a half episodes away, and a few more minutes at the end don't count.). For five points for one or fifteen for both, which two seasons were these?
ANS: Season 7 and Season 26
The longest the Doctor went without spending any onscreen part of any story on Earth is five stories. For five points each name one story from each run of five. Note: You don't get more points for naming other stories within the same group.
ANS: Five for one of: The Sunmakers; Underworld; The Invasion of Time; The Ribos Operation; and The Pirate Planet. Five for one of: Meglos; Full Circle; State of Decay; Warriors' Gate; and The Keeper of Traken. Five for one of: Mindwarp; Terror of the Vervoids; The Ultimate Foe; Time and the Rani; and Paradise Towers.

16. While actors who've played the Doctor have made numerous other shows in Britain, it is less common for them to appear on US television. For ten points each, given a brief description, identify the show.
a. Peter Davison once appeared on this detective series in an episode entitled "Deja Vu".
ANS: Magnum, P.I.
b. Tom Baker once appeared on this American series as renegade Interpol officer Blaylock.
ANS: Remington Steele
c. Two Doctors have been on this show. Colin Baker was first, in an episode set in Istanbul which has never aired in the US, and Jon Pertwee was later in a two-hour movie as a German WWI officer.
ANS: The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles

17. No "Companion", not even Ace, has been through as much in the New Adventures as the Tardis. For ten points each, identify the books in which the following trials were forced on the old girl.
a. The Tardis gets pulled inside out after running into an early-Gallifreyan time-travel test.
ANS: Cat's Cradle: Time's Crucible
b. The Tardis is abandoned at the bottom of a tar pit when the Doctor takes the one left by an alternate Third Doctor.
ANS: Blood Heat
c. The Tardis comes apart at the seams with the help of a Gynoid.
ANS: Christmas on a Rational Planet

18. For all but two regenerations, the Doctor was accompanied by companions who continued travelling with the new version. For the stated number of points, answer the following questions about them.
a. For five points each, name the first two companions to witness a regeneration.
ANS: Ben and Polly
b. For five points each, name the story which ended with this regeneration and the one which picked up with the aftermath.
ANS: The Tenth Planet and The Power of the Daleks
c. For ten points, why did the Second Doctor's companions Jamie and Zoe miss his next regeneration?
ANS: They'd been returned to their own times [Accept equivalents]

19. Besides the New and Missing Adventures, there have also been a series of Decalogs, each of which included at least one short story with each Doctor. For ten points each, given a pair of story titles, give the number of the Doctor who appears in them.
a. "The Trials of Tara" and "Continuity Errors"
ANS: Seventh Doctor
b. "The Book of Shadows" and "The Nine Day Queen"
ANS: First Doctor [Accept: One]
c. "The Scarab of Death" and "UNITed We Fall"
ANS: Fourth Doctor

20. Even bigger than the NA's and MA's was the TV Movie, dubbed Enemy Within which introduced the Eighth Doctor. For the stated number of points, answer the following questions about this movie.
a. For five points, what was the name of the ambulance driver taken over by the Master?
ANS: Bruce
b. For five, what was Grace's medical specialty?
ANS: Cardiology
c. For ten, name the morgue attendant who was the first to see the new Doctor.
ANS: Pete
d. For a final ten, name the professor whose clock the Doctor vandalised.
ANS: Professor Wagg

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